Stanley Cup Betting: Top Sportsbooks & Odds to Win Stanley Cup

Viewership and betting both shoot up during the NHL’s Stanley Cup playoffs, so if you want to have some success with a bet on the Stanley Cup playoffs, it’s important to ensure you’re putting your wagers down on the best Stanley Cup betting sites the internet has to offer.

In this guide, we’ll break down all of the top Stanley Cup betting options as well as some helpful insights into how to find success with your Stanley Cup betting!

Best Stanley Cup Betting Sites

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Stanley Cup Odds 2023

The NHL has 16 teams make the playoffs, eight from the Eastern Conference and eight from the Western Conference. Below you can find the outright odds for each team to go all the way and win the Stanley Cup. This can be a great way to do your Stanley Cup betting if you’ve got a bit of foresight or you’ve got a hunch about any remaining team. Since they’re outright odds with the result a long ways away, all 16 teams are offering decent Stanley Cup odds here.

Understanding the Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup Betting

The Stanley Cup playoffs are structured in a classic bracket format. The top eight teams in the Eastern Conference compete in their bracket while the top eight teams in the Western Conference compete in another bracket. The best playoff teams play the worst playoff teams in each conference in a best-of-seven series where the winning team needs to win four games to advance.

The East and West sides of the bracket start at eight teams apiece, and are then whittled down to four and two before the winners of the East and West brackets meet in the Stanley Cup Finals to determine the champions of the 2023 NHL season.

How to Bet on the Stanley Cup?

To ensure that no one reading this is led astray, we’ve put together an in-depth look at the step by step process you must generally follow to successfully make and win bets on the Stanley Cup playoffs. 

  • Sign Up → The first thing you need to do is decide on which Stanley Cup betting site you want to bet with. Ensure that you sign up with a few different ones that tickle your fancy so that you can take full advantage of as many betting bonuses or promotions as you can, which allows you to play with a lot of ‘house money’ in the form of bet credits that you can turn into cold hard cash.
  • Deposit Funds → Once you’re all signed up, proceed to the deposit stage where you can put as much money as you’d like in your account—but ensure you don’t put in more money than you’re willing to lose. Obviously also make sure that your sportsbook of choice accepts your preferred banking methods for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Find the Hockey Section → Once your account is funded, surf over to the sportsbook’s hockey betting section, which is usually denoted by a hockey stick or puck logo.
  • Place Your Bet → Once you’ve gotten to the NHL section, it’s time to decide on which betting markets are offering the most value in your eyes based on the research you’ve done. Once you’ve decided on that, figure out how much you’d like to generally put down on your bets. Being consistent and using the same amount for each bet, which becomes what is called a unit, is a good way to keep track of your betting wins and losses.
  • Be Decisive → This is true for any bet but especially when participating in live or in-play betting, where the odds can change second to second. You never know when a piece of news might come down the pipeline and change the odds on your selection, so make sure to be decisive and trust yourself and your gut when you’re betting on the NHL.

Top Stanley Cup Betting Sites

One of the most important aspects of a successful Stanley Cup betting run is to ensure that you’re choosing the sportsbook that works best for your needs and preferences. There are literally hundreds of options out there though, so it can be overwhelming searching for where to bet on Stanley Cup games.

To give you a jump start in your search, we’ve put together a list of our most highly rated and recommended online sportsbooks operating legally in Canada.

Sports Interaction - Best Deposit Features

Sports Interaction

Canadians will like that this is a locally-operated sportsbook but it also has everything else you’re looking. They’ve got a litany of NHL betting options on each game, they have live betting and early cashout, and they’ve got a nice variety of deposit and withdrawal options. The only drawback here is that they don’t yet have a working mobile app.

Sports Interaction Review
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Bet99 - Canadian-Focused

With spokespeople like Georges St-Pierre and Auston Matthews, this is definitely a sportsbook that is safe to bet with and focused on its Canadian target audience. That means that they are really hockey-focused come NHL playoff time because we all know how Canadians love us some hockey.

Bet99 Review
100% Matching Deposit Up To $500

888Sport - Most NHL Betting Markets

Live streaming sports can be a tough task sometimes, but when you’ve got a sportsbook that provides you with live streaming it makes it a lot easier. On top of their surprisingly wide variety of live streams, they’ve also got arguably the largest library of NHL betting options available online today.

888sport Review
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Betway - Biggest Range Of Prop Bets

Armed with an elite mobile betting app, a really well-designed platform both visually and practically, and the widest range of prop bets you’re likely to find while Stanley Cup betting, Betway is always a good shout for NHL bettors. They also provide live streaming, live betting, early cashout, and excellent in-play betting options.

Betway Review
100% Deposit Bonus Up To $300

Bodog - Best For Live Betting

Bodog Canada

Live betting is a huge deal in the sports betting industry now, and Bodog identified that feature as one of the most important. That’s why their live betting feature is better and faster than nearly all their competitors. They are also targeted at Canadians, which is a positive, and their lineup of player prop bets is one of the richest on the internet.

Bodog Review
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Fezbet - Most Stanley Cup Betting Markets

Fezbet review

This sportsbook has a seemingly endless line of hockey betting markets, especially during the Stanley Cup playoffs, which makes it ideal for those looking to bet on the NHL. Their registration, deposit, and withdrawal systems are all very easy to use, and their bonus and promotion offerings are elite as well. 

Fezbet Review
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Powbet - Most NHL Bonuses

Another great spot to get your Stanley Cup betting done is Powbet, which has been operating in Canada since 2020. Unfortunately, they do not have a mobile app, but they make up for it with a litany of great bonus offers, especially as related to the NHL. They also provide live betting and early cash out features for bettors as well.

Powbet Review
100% Up To $150

Betsafe - Best For Live Streaming

Betsafe has hundreds of different sports that you can live stream on their sports betting site. The only caveat is that you need to bet on a game to access the live stream. They’ve also got solid live betting and early cashout features as well as an impressive lineup of over 2,000 casino games as well.

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LeoVegas - Best Mobile App


If you like to bet on the go while you’re out and about, at work, or during your commute, LeoVegas is the ideal sportsbook to go with. They also offer their award-winning mobile app in both French and English, which allows more Canadians to enjoy this Stanley Cup betting site. They also offer both live betting and live streaming for select sports.

LeoVegas Review
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BetVictor - Best For Newcomers

If you are a beginner sports bettor, this is probably the smartest sports betting choice you can make. The layout of the desktop site and the mobile app are top of the line, and the processes for withdrawing money, depositing money, signing up, and getting customer support are all very streamlined and simple.

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Stanley Cup Live Betting

One of the biggest advents in sports betting in recent years was the creation of live or in-play betting. This type of betting allows you to make wagers on a game that is currently in progress. It’s a great way for people watching the game to take advantage of patterns they’re seeing in the game, or bet on momentum, or bet on a mid-game hunch. Any Stanley Cup betting site worth its salt will offer at least some live betting markets during the NHL postseason.

If you enjoy Stanley Cup live betting or the idea of live betting, the best way to go about it is by using mobile betting apps. That way, you can get your live bets in no matter where you are, whether you’re at home on the coach or in transit on the way back from work or a social event.

Live betting odds can change in the blink of an eye, however, so it’s important to make your play at exactly the right time in the game. Odds for different markets will change from minute to minute, shift to shift, period to period, so the odds you see for something during the first period are likely to be very different by the time the third period comes around. 

The flow of the game, the momentum, and what has already happened are all taken into account by oddsmakers when creating and updating live odds for Stanley Cup playoff games. If you want to have success with live betting, be sure to use a mobile app, don’t overbet, don’t chase losses if a pregame bet is not going your way, and never hesitate when you want to lock one in because those odds could be vastly different a minute later.

Sports Interaction
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2023 Stanley Cup Betting Favorites

While there are 16 teams that make the Stanley Cup playoffs, outright bets on most of those squads are not recommended. Every team that makes the postseason is a good team, but that doesn’t mean that every team in the tournament has realistic championship hopes. Below is our list of the top five Stanley Cup betting favorites for the 2023 NHL Playoffs.

  • Boston Bruins - Sports Interaction/Betway odds: +245/+250

As you can see from the massive spike in outright odds after the Bruins, most of the hockey world is on the Boston bandwagon this season. They are the massive favorite to win Stanley Cup 2023 and had by far the best record in the regular season. This is probably the safest outright bet you can make during the NHL postseason.

  • Colorado Avalanche - Sports Interaction/Betway odds: +604/+600

The defending champs have had another stellar campaign with guys like forward Nathan MacKinnon and defenseman Cale Makar still leading the charge for them. They were tied for the second-most regular season points in the Western Conference and are seemingly primed for a Finals matchup with Boston.

  • Toronto Maple Leafs - Sports Interaction/Betway odds: +714/+600

It’s the hope that kills you. Every year the Maple Leafs have an exciting group of young talent and every year they let everyone down in the first round. Well, maybe not every year, but every year for the past six years. The Leafs are up early in their first round series, but they’ve given up bigger leads before. The large discrepancy in Maple Leafs odds is notable, however, so if you must bet on the Leafs to win their first Cup since the 1960s, do it on Sports interaction where there’s a ton of value rather than Betway.

  • Edmonton Oilers - Sports Interaction/Betway odds: +874/+750

When you’ve got a juggernaut like Connor McDavid on your team, you’re always in the mix. While it can be a one man show sometimes, the Oilers have tons of quality around him to make some noise in these playoffs. Leon Draisaitl and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins are both very dangerous attacking players as well, with both having topped 100 points this season.

  • Carolina Hurricanes - Sports Interaction/Betway odds: +911/+800

The best team in the Metropolitan Division is no slouch either. They played great in the first round against the New York Islanders and are primed for a deep playoff run. They don’t score a ton of goals but they defend their net like nobody’s business as evidenced by their 215 goals against in the regular season, second-fewest in the league.

Stanley Cup Betting Bonuses & Promotions

Betting bonuses and promotions are a great way to make the most of your Stanley Cup betting experience. During times of increased betting like the NHL playoffs, most sportsbooks are looking to attract both experienced and new bettors with valuable bonuses and promotions that can come in many different forms.

One of the most popular types of betting bonuses with Stanley Cup betting sites is the first deposit or welcome bonus. These types of bonuses are directly targeting new users and bettors and are often worth the price of admission. Generally they are structured so that either your first bet or first deposit will be matched by the sportsbook, giving you the same amount in betting credits. Some sportsbooks offer 50 percent of your first deposit in bet credits, some will offer 100 percent, and some will offer to match your first bet stake in bet credits.

Other common betting bonuses include the no sweat first bet, which allows a bettor to make their first bet with a new sportsbook up to a certain amount, and if they lose the sportsbook will give you a refund. There are also odds boosts which increase the odds of certain markets to add value for the bettor, and referral bonuses for when you use a friend’s referral code to join a sportsbook, resulting in both you and the person who referred you receiving free bet credits.

Previous Stanley Cup Winners

To give you a bit of context into the recent history of the Stanley Cup playoffs, we’ve put together a short list of the most recent NHL champions and who they beat in the Finals to earn the right to lift Lord Stanley’s Cup. The last 10 winners have been split evenly between the Eastern and Western Conferences, with six of the last ten series going for exactly six games.

2022: Colorado Avalanche defeat Tampa Bay Lightning 4-2 (MVP: Cale Makar)

2021: Tampa Bay Lightning defeat Montreal Canadiens 4-1 (MVP: Andrei Vasilevskiy

2020: Tampa Bay Lightning defeat Dallas Stars 4-2 (MVP: Victor Hedman)

2019: St. Louis Blues defeat Boston Bruins 4-3 (MVP: Ryan O’Reilly)

2018: Washington Capitals defeat Vegas Golden Knights 4-1 (MVP: Alex Ovechkin)

2017: Pittsburgh Penguins defeat Nashville Predators 4-2 (MVP: Sidney Crosby)

2016: Pittsburgh Penguins defeat San Jose Sharks 4-2 (MVP: Sidney Crosby)

2015: Chicago Blackhawks defeat Tampa Bay Lightning 4-2 (MVP: Duncan Keith)

2014: Los Angeles Kings defeat New York Rangers 4-1 (MVP: Justin Williams)

2013: Chicago Blackhawks defeat Boston Bruins 4-2 (MVP: Patrick Kane)

Stanley Cup Playoffs Dates

The Stanley Cup playoffs started on April 17th and will run for about two months depending on how quickly teams beat one another in their best-of-seven series. The Stanley Cup Finals generally start in mid to late June and run for about two and a half weeks.

Games during the Stanley Cup playoffs are played at the arenas of the teams competing in that series, with the higher-seeded team playing at home in Games 1, 2, 5, and 7 while the lower-seeded teams play at home in Games 3, 4, and 6.

In Canada, you can watch the Stanley Cup playoffs on regular cable or stream them through Sportsnet NOW and the CBC Sports website or app. In the U.S. fans and bettors can watch the action through ESPN+, and those in countries apart from Canada and the U.S. can watch the games via NHL.TV.


We’ve covered nearly all of the information you need to make a smart, winning bet on the Stanley Cup playoffs, but to ensure we’re covering all the ice we need to here, we’ve put together a list of common questions bettors have had about Stanley Cup betting.

What are NHL Stanley Cup odds?

Stanley Cup odds are the odds or implied probability for each team in the playoffs to win the Stanley Cup Final.

Where can you bet on the Stanley Cup playoffs?

You can get your Stanley Cup betting done on any licensed sportsbook, but we would highly recommend taking a look at the sports betting sites we’ve listed in our guide as a starting point for choosing the right sportsbook for you.

When is the Stanley Cup Final?

The Stanley Cup playoffs begin in late April and the dates for the Stanley Cup Final depend on how long it takes to complete the first three rounds of the playoffs. The Final will usually run for about two and a half weeks mid to late June.

Do Stanley Cup playoff odds change?

Like the odds for any bet, yes the odds for the Stanley Cup are subject to changes. The odds will either go up or down for various teams depending on how they’ve fared in the playoffs to that point.

When can you bet on Stanley Cup winner odds?

You can bet on Stanley Cup odds starting a few days after the previous year’s Stanley Cup Finals finish, during the regular season, and throughout the playoffs, though the odds for each team will change significantly over such a long period.

Can I bet on the Stanley Cup playoffs on my mobile device?

As long as you’re betting with licensed Stanley Cup betting sites or sports betting apps, you can make all the bets you want on the NHL playoffs from your preferred mobile device from anywhere you might be.

What are the best Stanley Cup bets to make?

There are many different types of bets you can make during the run to the Stanley Cup. The most popular is the outright Stanley Cup winner market where you simply bet on who will lift the trophy in the end, but you can also bet on single games and series as well.


Hopefully you now feel fully prepared to go out to one of our top-rated Stanley Cup betting sites and put down some winning wagers during the NHL playoffs. You should now know everything there is to know about Stanley Cup betting from the top Stanley Cup sportsbooks, to the top teams in the NHL, to the best types of bets to make on the Stanley Cup playoffs. Good luck out there on the ice!