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Online sports and casino betting is beloved by millions of people around the world, and you can count the MyBetting Canada team as some of the biggest sports betting fanatics around. We love the game, and we want to help share that love with others. 

We are a group of experienced bettors that have been frequenting some of the biggest, best, and most underrated sportsbooks and virtual casinos in Canada and around the world, and we are using the knowledge we’ve acquired to help other sports betters, whether they seasoned experts or new to the game. 

How do we help sports bettors? Glad you asked! We've made it our mission to become one of the top resources for bettors to find unbiased, educational information on virtual betting sites from around the world. We'll look at every aspect of these operators, from their bonuses and promotions to their mobile options and features, and give users an open, clear, and honest breakdown of what we've found.

We don't get paid by operators to post our reviews; they are the product of research, experience, and our genuine opinion. Our goal is to give you not just the pros to the sportsbooks but the cons as well, to paint a clear picture of what you can find on your favorite, or least favorite, online sportsbooks, and casinos.

What Can You Get from Us?

If you’re wondering what you get out of all this, it’s simple! Information is one of the biggest assets you can have in sports betting, and we are a top-notch source of impartial, researched info.

We provide comprehensive, in-depth reviews that offer readers insights into some need-to-know details. This includes things like bonus information, deposit methods, whether they have an app, and much more.

If you’re curious about a sportsbook or casino, check with us first, and you can gain insight into whether it’s a fit for you.

How Do We Do It?

Our reviews are written by our team of writers that double as experienced bettors. We’ll try websites for ourselves, engaging with key aspects like the banking systems and customer support and doing first-hand research into how the operators work.

We’ll place bets, play games, explore the website, then offer our reviews. All the content is based on our experience and opinions.


Who We Are and Aren’t

We are not a betting site or operator. We are an informative website that provides info on sport, betting, betting sites, and more, using odds from third-party companies. We are not responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect information provided by them.

The User

Users are responsible for checking local laws and acting accordingly. The user is responsible for the risk of betting and can’t make us responsible for any of the outcomes of their own actions. By clicking an affiliate or referral link, the user must be aware they are leaving our website.


While our primary goal is to entertain, we must inform you that some pages include paid advertisements and sponsored posts. Some posts may have a referral or affiliate links which earn us a commission if used. However, this doesn’t result in any cost for our users, and we don’t let it influence our content. Our goal is transparency and honesty, and we do our best to ensure our content lives up to that.

Our Experts

Allan Asava is a talented writer and a gambling expert. He is an avid sports fan and a skilled bettor with extensive experience in the online gaming industry. In his ten years in the gambling industry, Allan has become a specialist in global betting techniques, betting laws, and is ready to provide you with valuable predictions, tips, and the latest trends and strategies in the gambling scene.

Jake is a freelance journalist who has a passion for fantasy sports and betting. He specializes in Major League Baseball and is currently coaching senior men’s baseball in the Niagara region after playing competitively in Hamilton growing up. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Guelph and was accepted to Centennial College’s graduate Sports Journalism program in Toronto Ontario. If you are a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, you can find Jake on the Bird’s Eye View weekly podcast discussing everything you need to know about the team.

Kahfeel Buchanan was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Buchanan became a journalist because he is a lifelong sports fanatic and loves telling interesting stories. His favorite sport is American football and he hopes to attend a Super Bowl one day.

Quinn is a multi skilled sports journalist with an array of experience in the industry. Quinn is a graduate of the BCIT broadcast journalism program in Vancouver, Canada. He plays men's soccer in his free time and also likes to go on hikes with his dog.

Alex Murray is a lifelong sports fan who has worked writing sports news, betting guides, predictions, and much more for several years at various publications including FantasyPros and FanSided. He's also an avid sports bettor with a wealth of experience that allows him to help punters make smarter & more successful bets.

Cameron Kozinets is a content writer passionate about sports and sports betting. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Cameron started to cover some of his favorite subjects full-time. This includes sports betting, which he’s personally enjoyed for over five years. As a resident of Ontario, Cameron loves covering the new changes to the sports betting world brought on by gambling’s legalization. Cameron enjoys nothing more than playing and watching his favorite sports, which include football, basketball, and hockey.

Patrick has been writing, playing sports and betting for a good chunk of his life. Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, he has a passion for cuisine, walking and hitting dingers at softball

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