Winnipeg Jets Odds

In these guidelines you’ll learn a lot about the Winnipeg Jets as a franchise and the NHL itself. Most importantly, however, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what it takes to have success with your Winnipeg Jets betting.

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Winnipeg Jets OddsBet99
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Winnipeg Jets odds to win Western Conference+1607+1607

How to Bet on Winnipeg Jets?

There are many different components you need to know if you want to find some success while having fun with your Jets betting.

To give you a head start on understanding how those different aspects work, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about Winnipeg Jets and NHL betting in general. For example the different betting types you’ll come across and betting strategies that can give you a leg up on the competition.

Most Popular Betting Types

There is a seemingly endless list of different types of betting types and markets that NHL bettors should be familiar with. And while we can’t cover every single one, we’ve put together a list of the most popular ones you’re likely to come across on your Winnipeg Jets betting journey.

  • Moneyline → The most basic kind of bet you can make on an NHL game is a moneyline bet, which is simply a wager on who you think is going to win that particular game. This is the type of bet that beginners should start with because it’s the easiest to comprehend and requires a little bit less knowledge and research. Be aware that moneyline bets differ from the three-way moneyline for hockey games.

    The standard moneyline bet includes overtime unless otherwise stated. The three-way moneyline or 60-minute line is different in that it disregards anything after the 60 minutes of regulation.

    Meaning that instead of betting only on team A or team B as you do with the standard moneyline, you can also bet on a tie at the end of regulation, with the overtime result being irrelevant. The added option of the tie gives the three-way moneyline an extra element of risk and reward.

  • Puckline → SImilar to the point spread for basketball and football or the run line in baseball, the puckline is a bet on how many goals a team is going to win or lose by. Because of the lack of goals scored in hockey generally, the puck line does not change from game to game like a point spread.

    It is instead set at a standard 1.5, which means that a -1.5 favourite has to win by two or more goals to cashout. An underdog has to win straight up or lose by just one goal for that bet to cashout. A puckline allows bettors to bet on a favourite whose moneyline odds are far too low to be worth betting on while also allowing people to bet on more underdogs with a little extra insurance.

  • Totals → This type of bet, also called an over/under, doesn’t concern itself with the result of the game, but simply the number of goals the two competing teams combine to score. Bookmakers will handicap a game and set a total number of goals for the game, and totals bettors need to decide whether they think the two teams will combine for more goals or fewer goals than the number the bookmakers landed on.

    Like with the puckline, totals are nearly always displayed with a .5 on the end so as to avoid a push, which is basically a tie which voids the bet, leaving both bettor and sportsbook unhappy. For example, if the Winnipeg Jets are playing the Montreal Canadiens and their total is set at 6.5, over bettors will win if there are seven or more goals, while under bettors will reap the rewards if there are six or fewer goals scored.

  • Player Props → This type of bet is growing in popularity quite rapidly because it allows more experienced bettors to really get into the nitty gritty of the game and bet on the performance of just one player rather than a whole team.

    These types of bets can be over/under types such as over/under shots for a player in a game, over/under saves, over/under penalty minutes, over/under points, or over/under shots on target. They can also be yes/no propositions such as will this goalie get a shutout, will this player get an assist, will this player get a goal, etc.

  • Futures → Futures are the way to go if you’re looking for a more long term bet. Instead of betting on a proposition from a single game, futures revolve around an entire season or playoff series. Usually these types of bets offer very lucrative odds at the start of the season even for the top favourites because so much can happen over such a long period of time.

    Examples of common futures bets include which team will win the Stanley Cup, whether a team will make the playoffs, which team will win a playoff series, who will win the end of year individual awards, who will lead the league in various statistical categories, and even over/unders on how many points a team will have throughout a season.

  • Parlays → The bane of the sports bettor’s existence, the parlay is fast becoming the most common way to bet thanks to nonstop marketing and betting offers by sportsbooks. Parlays are basically a wager that has several bets, each called legs, rolled into one.

    Parlays are a real conundrum. On the one hand, they offer very high odds and very high payouts. But on the other hand, they are rarely successful because there’s so much risk involved in relying on more than one proposition for your bet to win. If you have a seven-leg parlay and you hit on six of those seven, you’ve still lost your bet despite getting 86 percent of your choices correct.

    Meanwhile, if you’d put each of those legs into singles bets, you would have come away with a smaller cashout for each individual bet but you would be up overall depending on how much you wagered.

How Do I Read Jets Odds/Lines?

Now that you know a little bit about some of the most popular types of betting markets you can wager on, it’s time to focus on the most important part - the odds. Odds are also known as lines. The Winnipeg Jets betting odds communicate a couple of things: the implied probability of your selection winning and the possible payout for that bet.

There are a few different ways to display odds. The most common in continental Europe and also one that you’re likely to come across often in Canada are decimal odds. These are the simplest kind of odds as they are represented by a single decimal number that is the multiplier on your stake.

The higher the decimal odds you see next to your bet, the higher the payout and the lower the implied probability. For example, if you’re betting $10 on the Winnipeg Jets to win a game against the Montreal Canadiens at 2.5 odds, you can find your total payout including stake by doing $10 x 2.5 = $25.

Fractional odds, which are the go-to for most people from the British Isles, are similarly simple. They are displayed in a fraction next to your bet where the number to the left of the slash is the payout and the number to the right is the stake. For example, if you bet on the Winnipeg Jets to win a game at 5/3 odds, that means for every $3 you bet you would win $5 in profit on top of your original stake.

The most common way to display odds here in North America also just so happens to be the more complicated of the three. These are called American odds, and are represented by a number next to either a (-) minus or a (+) plus sign. The minus denotes a favorite and the plus denotes an underdog when it comes to moneyline and puck line bets.

The higher the number next to the minus sign, the higher your bet’s implied probability of winning and the lower your payout. The higher the number next to the plus sign, the lower your implied probability and the higher your payout.

American odds are the most common in North America. American odds are represented by a number next to either a (-) minus or a (+) plus sign. The minus denotes a favourite and the plus denotes an underdog when it comes to moneyline and puck line bets.

For example, if the Winnipeg Jets odds are -180 and the Montreal Canadiens odds are +140 to win a game, that means that to win $100 on the Jets you would need to stake $180. Meanwhile, a Canadiens bettor would win $140 on a $100 bet.

The odds for the puckline can change pretty drastically because the puck line for NHL games is always set at 1.5 both ways. If the Winnipeg Jets have -150 odds on the standard moneyline to win a game straight up but have +130 odds on their -1.5 puck line, that means that while oddsmakers are expecting the Jets to win the game, they don’t expect them to do it by more than a goal.

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Winnipeg Jets Trophy Watch

Futures bets are great for NHL betting because it generally keeps you in the game for most of the season. All of the top Canadian betting sites have a full section dedicated to the various end of year awards that the NHL hands out  following the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Finals.

These markets are generally open from the day after the previous season’s NHL Awards show and are available until the end of the regular season. Let’s take a look at what the Winnipeg Jets odds of winning one of the major individual awards were in 2023.

  • Hart Trophy → The Jets actually had a few players that put up some impressive numbers during the 2022-23 season. That could have put them in the conversation for the Hart Trophy, which is the NHL’s regular season MVP award, if not for another historic season from Edmonton’s Connor McDavid.

    It would have been a shock if McDavid didn’t win the award. If by some miracle he didn’t, Winnipeg would have had a couple of guys on the fringes of the race. Left winger Kyle Connor, was in the top 30 with 80 points, center Mark Scheifele, was top 10 with 42 goals, and defenseman Josh Morrissey, was top 15 with 60 assists.

  • Norris Trophy → This trophy is awarded to the man who is deemed to be the best defenseman in the NHL that season. This award went to the only defenseman in the league to put up 100+ points, Pittsburgh Penguins’ Erik Karlsson. Morrissey, 60 assists, was definitely a dark horse contender in this conversation.

  • Vezina Trophy → This award is given to the best goalie in the NHL for that season. The Winnipeg Jets odds of winning this award for the 2022-23 season were probably better than for any other end of year award.

    The race was a three man battle between Bruins netminder Linus Ullmark, Islanders goalie Ilya Sorokin, and Winnipeg’s own Connor Hellebyuck. The race was tight all season. But despite Hellebyuck finishing in the top five in save percentage, total saves, and shutouts, Ullmark pulled away from the pack over the final month of the year and won the award.

  • Jack Adams Award → This is the trophy that’s awarded to the man who’s deemed to have done the best coaching job during the season. This award is typically given to the coach of the team with the NHL’s best record or for a coach that engineered a major turnaround for his team. Rick Bowness didn’t do either of those things for his middle of the pack Jets. Winnipeg was not in the conversation for this one.

  • Rocket Richard Trophy → Unlike the other major trophies in the NHL which are handed out based on votes from distinguished media members, the Rocket Richard Trophy is based strictly on stats as it is simply awarded to the player with the most goals that season, which is McDavid for the 2022-23 campaign.

Winnipeg Jets Betting Strategies

If you want to find success with your Winnipeg Jets betting or any kind of hockey or sports betting in general you need to have a plan of action. There are loads of strategies online that claim to have the winning formula, but a lot of them look a little funny when you put them into practice under the light.

To help you start laying out your NHL betting plan of action, we’ve broken down three of our favourite NHL betting strategies that have brought us success in the past.

  • Don’t Bet On Backups → Make sure you keep yourself up-to-date on all the lineup changes around the league, especially as they relate to who the goalie will be. If a starting goalie is announced to be sitting for a game, you can pounce on their opponent’s odds before the market has time to adjust and reduce the value of the bet.
  • Look At Line Matchups → The sport of hockey is based on lines, of which there are four sets of three forwards and three pairs of defensemen on each team. Looking into which lines are going to be matching up in a given game and identifying mismatches or advantages can help you find success with many different types of bets, especially player props.
  • Don’t Force Bets → A wise man once said that when it comes to sports betting, you should treat it like poker. Pick and choose which hands you’re going to play based on the value you see. Be patient and shrewd when choosing which bets to make. You don’t need to bet every time the Winnipeg Jets play. You only need to bet when the Winnipeg Jets odds are offering value that’s worth your time and money.

How Does the NHL Regular Season Work?

The NHL has recently grown to 32 teams with the addition of the Seattle Kraken in 2021 so both the Eastern and Western Conferences have 16 teams apiece. The conferences are further split into two divisions of eight teams each. The Winnipeg Jets play in the Central Division in the Western Conference.

The regular season consists of 82 games for all 32 teams. The standings are decided by a points system. Teams are awarded two points for a win and one point for an overtime loss. The NHL also hosts a midseason NHL All-Star weekend similar to the way it’s done in the NBA.

How Do the Stanley Cup Playoffs Work?

The eight teams with the most points in each conference advance to the playoffs after all 32 teams have completed their 82-game regular season schedule. The playoffs are set up in a bracket style with the strongest team playing the weakest team in each conference, the second strongest playing the second weakest, and so on.

Teams compete to win a best-of-seven series where the first team to four wins advances to the next round. The final two teams in each conference face off in the Conference Finals with a Stanley Cup Finals berth on the line. The winners of each conference then play in the Stanley Cup Finals to determine the season’s champions.

Top Sportsbook to Bet on Winnipeg Jets

Now that you know basically everything there is to know about Winnipeg Jets betting and NHL betting, it’s time to start thinking about where you’re going to be doing your sports betting.

The sports betting site (or sites) you choose will have a major effect on how enjoyable your betting experience is. Let’s take a look at the eight best Canadian betting sites on the market today.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction recently introduced an impressive mobile app for Ontarians. It’s very responsive and intuitive. The app also has strong coverage for the NHL and other hockey leagues.

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Betway sportsbook

Look no further than Betway if you’re looking for brains and beauty. They’ve got a great aesthetic, they’re always available when you need them with 24/7 live customer support and their player prop library is second to none. 

100% Deposit Bonus Up To $300


Bet99 Canada

With Canadian sports legend Georges St-Pierre and longtime Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews among their ambassadors, Bet99 is successfully catering to Canadian bettors. They’ve also got one of the best same game parlay features in Canada as well.

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Another sportsbook with great options for same game parlays is 888Sport. The sportsbook offers one of the best platforms for both live streaming events and live betting on those events.

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Bodog sportsbook has a great variety of NHL betting options, especially in the prop category. They have a solid app and also provide tons of live betting options as well.

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One of the oldest names in North American gambling, BetMGM has now entered the online sportsbook game with the same prowess as they’ve shown in running their world famous casino. They provide a great user experience on their mobile app and have same game parlays as well.

✓ Wide range of betting markets ✓ Competitive odds and features



This is probably our favourite sportsbook for sports betting newcomers. The BetRivers interface is very easy to navigate and they have one of the widest varieties of NHL betting options in Canada.

✓ Many sports betting markets ✓ Intuitive sportsbook features



Depositing and withdrawing are two crucial components of online sports betting. LeoVegas makes both very quick and easy. They also offer live streaming, live betting, and early cashout features.

Up to $1,000 Cash + 100 $1 Free Spins

Most Common Betting Site Features

There are a wide variety of features that can determine how good or bad a sportsbook is or how well it fits with your preferences. To that end, we’ve broken down some of the most popular features so you can understand them and check if the sports betting sites you’re looking at are using them.

  • Live Betting → Convenience is king, so allowing bettors to bet on games even after they have started has become a very popular betting feature that most, if not all, of the top Canadian betting sites are offering nowadays.

    Live betting allows you to react to what you’re seeing in a game and try to parlay what you see into more winnings. It’s especially good for those with a keen eye for the NHL game who can tell how a matchup might progress depending on what occurs early.

  • Early Cashout → This feature allows bettors to cash out on a bet before the event has been completed. The percentage of your total cashout will depend on how the bet is going so far.

    This feature is great for those that have a bet that’s winning but want to make 100 percent certain they get at least something, or for someone whose bet looks like it’s going to lose so they can cut their losses somewhat.

  • Live Streaming → While you won’t see a lot of top sports like the NHL being offered up for live streaming, many sportsbooks offer live streaming for more fringe sports and leagues such as e-sports, horse racing, and more. This allows you to watch the event at the same time as you’re betting on it.

  • Same Game Parlays → Parlays are offered on every sportsbook in the world, but same game parlays are a relatively new addition to the sports betting site arsenal.

    They allow bettors to really create a narrative for the game they’re betting on by putting together a parlay with several bets on the same game. For example, you could combine bets on the moneyline, total, and several player props all from the same game into one single bet.

How we Rank the Sportsbooks?

Now, you might be wondering how we identified the above eight sportsbooks as the best in the business. That's a worthwhile question because everybody puts a different level of importance on the various aspects that make up a good sports betting site.

The first and arguably most important thing to consider are the banking methods that they offer. Sports betting is all about deposits and withdrawals, so if you sign up with a sportsbook that doesn’t accept your preferred banking method, the rest of the factors are kind of a moot point. Also be sure to check on the fees they might charge for different types of banking.

The next thing you want to consider is the Jets and NHL coverage. All sportsbooks offer different types of bets for different sports, and some are more focused on the NHL than others. The Winnipeg Jets odds are also an important piece of the puzzle because some sportsbooks offer much more bettor-friendly odds than others. You’ll definitely want to spend a bit of time researching this.

You’ll also want to have a look at what kinds of bonuses and promotions they’re offering for new members. Some sportsbooks will offer up to $1000 as a first deposit match meaning if you deposit $1000 in your account the sportsbook will give you the equivalent in betting credits. Some sportsbooks will also offer less lucrative but more consistent promotions such as free bets on certain events or odds boosts where they’ll increase your winnings by up to 30 percent.

After that it’s pretty much just about your preference when it comes to things like the layout of their mobile site or app, how user friendly the sportsbook is, which betting features matter to you most, and other soft factors.

How to Open A Betting Account?

To ensure there are no mix ups when it comes to putting everything you’ve learned here into practice, we’ve created a quick fire list of the integral steps you’ll need to take to open a betting account and start making bets.

  • Create your own sportsbook ranking system to find which Winnipeg Jets betting site is the right one for you and surf over to their web page.

  • On their homepage you should find a button that says ‘Sign Up.’ After clicking that button, fill out all the necessary info they ask for such as your address, your email, your full name, your phone number, etc. If you’re wondering why they need your address it’s because most betting accounts will only work in your province of residence.

  •  Once your account is set up it’s time to start depositing so you’ve got some money to play with. Be sure you’re using a banking method that your Winnipeg Jets betting site does not charge any fees and input all of your relevant financial info. Never put money in your account that you actually need, you should be okay with losing however much you put in that account because sports betting can be quite fickle.

  • Explore the sportsbook and find the NHL section where they have all of their hockey betting options available. Choose which market is offering the most value to you based on the knowledge you have and the research you did.

  • Decide how much you’re going to wager on that market. It’s always best to bet the same amount every time, referred to as unit betting, so that you can track your betting progress more easily.
    Input the stake you want, click place bet, and get ready to start winning some money on the Winnipeg Jets!

    Winnipeg Jets Info

    The Winnipeg Jets were founded in 1972 as part of the World Hockey Association (WHA) and were one of four teams to join the NHL from the WHA in the WHA-NHL merger of 1979. They were arguably the best team in the WHA, winning the Avco Cup (the WHA’s version of the Stanley Cup) three times in seven seasons. 

    ConferenceWestern Conference
    DivisionCentral Division
    ArenaCanada Life Centre
    TV CoverageSportsnet, TSN
    General ManagerKevin Cheveldayoff
    Head CoachRick Bowness
    OwnerTrue North Sports & Entertainment
    Division Championships0
    Conference Championships0
    President’s Trophies0
    Stanley Cups0

    Winnipeg Jets Top Current Players

    The Jets were one of the eight best teams in the Western Conference for the 2022-23 season. They finished with 95 points to edge out the rival Calgary Flames for the final playoff spot in the conference. That means they’ve got some talent on the roster right now.

    They were led on offense by left winger Kyle Connor, who had a team-high 80 total points, and center Mark Scheifele, who was tied for 9th in the NHL with 42 goals. Defenseman Josh Morrissey was 14th in the NHL with 60 assists. But the best player for the Jets this season was netminder Connor Hellebuyck.

    The eight-year goalie who has spent his entire pro career in Winnipeg had one of his best seasons in 2022-23, finishing 11th with a 2.49 goals against average, second with 1,807 total saves, fourth with a .920 save percentage, and tied for fifth with four shutouts on the year.

    Winnipeg Jets Betting FAQs

    We’ve covered all of the essential information on how to bet on Jets games so that you can have success with your wagering. Just in case something was glossed over, we’ve put together this short list of commonly asked questions about Winnipeg Jets.

    Is it legal to bet on the NHL in Canada?

    Yes, it has been legal since 2021 when the federal ban on single-game sports betting was lifted. Each province has different rules, regulations, and limitations that sports betting sites must adhere to.

    While it may be easy to find sportsbooks these days, there are still a lot of crooks in the sports betting game, so make sure whoever you’re making your bets with and giving your financial information to is operating in a legal fashion and is licensed and registered with the proper authorities.

    Who has the best Winnipeg Jets odds?

    As we’ve mentioned, there are a wide variety of NHL betting sites ever since the ban was lifted. That has led to a massive spike in business and popularity for online sports betting in Canada.

    To take advantage of several different welcome bonuses as well as give yourself the ability to do some line shopping, we’d recommend finding a few from the list we provided above, and then compare Winnipeg Jets odds on a game-by-game basis to see which ones are offering you the most value on a given night.

    Have the Winnipeg Jets ever won the Stanley Cup?

    Unfortunately, the Winnipeg Jets are one of the 12 teams competing in the NHL that have never lifted the big trophy.

    In fact, neither iteration of the Winnipeg Jets has ever even reached the Stanley Cup Finals. The best odds for the Jets to win the Cup came during the 2018 playoffs when they made a run all the way to the Conference Finals, only to fall to the Vegas Golden Knights 4-1 in that series.

    Is it easy for a beginner to bet on the Winnipeg Jets?

    Yes, the massive amount of sportsbooks online means that any beginner shouldn’t have any problems finding a place where they can put a bet down on the Winnipeg Jets.

    We recommend any of the sportsbooks we’ve listed in our guidelines, all of which have excellent Winnipeg Jets betting lines and a bevy of different betting options.

    Can I bet on the Winnipeg Jets to win the Stanley Cup?

    You can bet on any NHL team to win the Stanley Cup from the day that the odds come out after the previous season ends right up until that team is either eliminated from playoff contention or actually does win the Cup.

    You can also bet on Winnipeg Jets odds to win series in the playoffs when and if they have a playoff matchup announced.

    Who has scored the most points for the Winnipeg Jets?

    This question is tougher to answer for the Winnipeg Jets than it normally would be for other franchises. For the first iteration of the Jets from 1972-1996, the man with the most points to his name was Hall of Fame center Dale Hawerchuk, who racked up 929 points in 713 games, followed by right winger Thomas Steen with 817, and Hall of Famer Bobby Hull with 648.

    The new iteration from 2011 to the present has current Jets right winger Blake Wheeler on top with 812 points followed by another current player, center Mark Scheifele with 645.