Best Football Betting Apps in Canada 2024

This is your guide for learning about the various football betting apps, what they offer, and why you should use them. Read our comprehensive guide and choose a football betting app that fits your needs.

Best Betting Apps for Football

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What Makes a Good Football Betting App?

Before you can worry about choosing the best NFL betting app, it helps to know what sets good football betting apps apart from subpar ones to begin with. There are certain important features and characteristics that the best betting apps for football have that others lack. Read on to find out what makes for a quality app for betting on football.

  • Football Coverage

You can’t talk about the best betting apps for football without talking about the coverage of the game itself. The top betting apps not only have great odds on all the games but should also include previews and analysis of each of the matchups.

When your NFL betting app has all the games and odds you’re looking for, you’re in the best possible position as a bettor. The best betting apps will give you all the information you need to set you up to win and win big whenever you wager.

  • Bonuses and Promotions

Since there are so many betting apps to choose from, the question becomes “which app is the best for NFL games?” One of the things that sets the top NFL betting app apart from the rest is the promotions.

A great sportsbook will offer the kind of promotion that benefits the player from the start. Whether it be a deposit match bonus, free bets, or risk-free first bets, there are so many ways to win when it comes to football betting. 

  • Safety and Security

Of course, if the betting apps you use aren’t secure, then they’re not worth using at all. Security is paramount when choosing NFL betting apps and choosing anything less than the best will leave you vulnerable.

Going with reputable betting apps is the best way to go. Otherwise, there will always be questions about whether you have made the right choice, and whether your money and data is safe.

  • User Experience

With each app comes a different user experience. The best betting apps for football should offer a smooth user experience. Being able to find your bets in a matter of moments can allow you to find exactly what you have been looking for. 

Some of the betting apps that you will find are a little clunky. The smoother the interface, the easier it is to place your bets. And at the end of the day, the better experience that you will have overall.

Best Football Betting Apps

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. The good news is that there are several sportsbooks out there that offer comprehensive NFL coverage. Without further ado, these are the best betting apps for NFL football.

Betting App

Best For


Best for Football Odds


Best for User Experience


Best for Bonuses and Promotions


Best for Features


Best for Super Bowl prop bets



Finding great odds is important and one of the best in the business is 888sport. Odds are the way for the player to gain value in their bets and not all sportsbooks are created the same. Use 888sport today and find out the kind of difference that great odds can make on your next wager.

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BetRivers offers one of the best user experiences in the game. The platform is one of the easiest to navigate that there is, allowing for the smoothest user experience possible. Finding and placing your wagers has never been easier than it is with BetRivers.

✓ Many sports betting markets ✓ Intuitive sportsbook features


Betway sportsbook

Finding the best apps for football is about taking advantage of the top bonuses and promotions around. Betway brings new users the chance to make their first bet a winner with a $250 free bet offer. Should that first bet lose, players get a second chance of up to $250 to make their next one successful

100% Deposit Bonus Up To $300


NeoBet is of the best football betting apps around when it comes to features. The simple layouts not only feature both current and upcoming events right in the middle of the screen but top events displayed on the left-hand side. This is a great way to cover all your favorite sports betting markets without spending hours scrolling.

Welcome Package $400 Bonus



With the Super Bowl coming up, it’s a great idea to find football betting apps that offer a wide range of prop betting options on the Big Game. BetMGM is one of the best in the business when it comes to the Super Bowl, which is always a ton of fun for seasoned and novice bettors alike.

✓ Wide range of betting markets ✓ Competitive odds and features

Promos & Bonuses Available on Football Betting Apps

Without a doubt, one of the most crucial aspects of choosing among the best betting apps is the bonus and promotional offers. This is the chance for new bettors to earn any number of bonuses simply for signing up. Let’s take a look at each of the primary bonus and promotional offerings.

Risk-Free Bet

Everyone hopes to make their first bet a winner. Unfortunately, that can’t always be the case. So, wouldn’t it be great to give your first bet more chances to win? That is what you can get with a risk-free bet from the top betting apps for football.

The risk-free bet is a simple one. Bettors simply need to make their first qualifying wager and hope for a win. Should the bet lose, that user’s account will be refunded with bonus bets totaling the amount lost. This is the one of the best ways to make your first bet at a sportsbook count.

Deposit Match Bonus

Another favorite among NFL betting apps is the deposit match bonus. New players are all looking for one thing when they sign up with a sportsbook: more chances to boost their bankroll. The deposit match bonus from football betting apps can offer just that.

Even better, it works quite simply. When you sign up for a sportsbook, all you need to do is make your first deposit. Some of these offers require a promo code; make sure to apply it where prompted. Within a few minutes, your account will be credited with a deposit match up to 100% and a certain amount. It is a great way to bolster your bankroll before you even make that first bet.

Free Bets

Everyone loves a free bet and it is one of the best things that betting sites have to offer. They vary in different ways but the main part of the offer is simple: make a qualifying wager and get a certain amount back in free bets.

The best betting apps for football are the ones that offer comprehensive bonus bets. With these bonus bets available, players can use them to boost their bankroll within one day of signing up. It is a risk-free method of earning more than you would without those bonus bets.

Banking Methods Available on NFL Betting Apps

As important as bonuses and promotions are to betting apps for the NFL, none of that will matter without quality banking methods. These include options for making deposits as well as withdrawals from your account.

  • Credit Cards

One of the most popular and common methods is using credit cards. For the most part, the best betting apps will have options available through major companies like MasterCard and Visa.

Depending on the sportsbook, there may be other credit card deposit options available. Make sure to check with your credit card company to ensure that they allow deposits for betting sites to be made.

  • Banking

Linking to your bank account is arguably the quickest and most straightforward way of betting on your favorite NFL games. This method includes debit cards, which work basically the same way as credit cards only they are connected to your bank account.

There are also bank transfers available, where you can link your bank account directly to the betting apps . Deposits can be made instantly, allowing you to get back to the betting action in no time.

  • e-Wallets

For those who are not comfortable linking their banking information to their football betting app, there is an alternative. E-Wallets are becoming commonplace, specifically through companies like PayPal.

There are other e-wallets out there to choose from, though you will need to check with your sportsbook of choice to find out if it is accepted. It is yet another great way to connect to the best NFL betting app and place your wagers or make withdrawals.

  • Cryptocurrency

As cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity, it only makes sense to see them appearing as a payment option for football betting apps. Being able to use them for deposits and withdrawals only offers greater flexibility to players on their favorite sportsbooks.

This is something of a new option still, so check your sportsbook first. It is just another means for players to move money in and out of their accounts, providing greater flexibility than ever before.

👉 Learn more about betting sites that accpets Bitcoin & Ethereum 

How to Deposit on NFL Betting Apps?

Making a deposit is simple. When you have chosen a sportsbook, click on the “deposit” button. You will be taken to a screen that will offer you a variety of deposit options. On the same screen, you can choose the amount that you choose to deposit.

Click the “deposit” button when you have made your selection and you’ll have access to the funds as soon as your transaction processes.

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Types of Bets on Football Betting Apps

Another thing to consider is understanding the variety of betting markets available. There are more ways to bet and win when using the best NFL betting app than ever before. Read on to find out about the most popular betting options and how you can place your next bet with that option.

Perhaps the simplest and most common way to use betting apps for the NFL. Bettors need only to choose the winner of the contest with no point spreads or totals involved. Each team comes with specific odds, a minus symbol denoting the favorite with a plus symbol denoting the underdog.

Betting on the favorite may seem like the simplest option, but it isn’t so easy. For one, the favorite is far from a guarantee. For two, the potential winnings on a favorite may not be worth the risk.

Let’s say you were to bet on the Kansas City Chiefs, favored at -250 odds. Betting $100 would only net $40 in winnings, which might not be worth the potential of them losing outright. Money lines are simple but they are anything but a guarantee.

  • Point totals

If you aren’t quite sure who to bet on, the point totals for a particular game can be a great option. Football betting apps offer point totals for each game with the bettor being able to wager whether the total will be over or under the designated amount.

Let’s say that the over/under for the Super Bowl between the Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles is 48.5 Bettors can wager whether the game’s points total will be under that 48.5 mark or over it. It is a great way to ride the action of a game without having to make a specific team choice.

  • Point spread

When there is a clear favorite, the betting odds may not be worth the risk. This is where the point spread comes into play. In the aforementioned Chiefs scenario, let’s say that they are 7-point favorites. By taking the Chiefs, bettors would need them to win by more than seven points to cover.

Taking the spread is a great way to go with your gut on a favorite or underdog without having to face the steep odds of an outright win. All the best football betting apps will offer competitive spreads to make it an intriguing option.

  • Player props

An option that is gaining steam in recent years is the player prop. Why wager on the game when you can go with a player that you are confident in? Football betting apps allow bettors to place wagers on individual stats like passing yards, rushing yards, touchdowns, and so much more.

Individual player odds can make a game more interesting. Combining them into a parlay can give you a chance to grab big winnings. Player props give bettors more options than ever before without having to predict what either team will do on the scoreboard.

Comparing Football Odds

One of the more understated aspects of being successful in betting on NFL games is comparing odds. Odds can change between football betting apps and finding value is important. With so many betting apps to choose from, it takes “odds shopping” to find the best chance to win.

Odds across apps are often close. This means that they are similar in nature with a little swing one way or the other. For the biggest events, like NFL games, the odds tend to be close on major markets like money lines, totals, spreads, and more.

How to Use Football Betting Apps?

When you have finally made a choice and landed on a favorite sportsbook, it then becomes important to know how to use the betting app. The good news is that it is simple to get your wagers in and give yourself a chance to win big.

1. Choose a sportsbook. Before you can do anything, you need to choose among the football betting apps available. We covered what to look for in the space above but promos and bonuses are among the best things to look for. You have to feel comfortable and confident in the sportsbook that you choose, so do your homework and choose wisely.

2. Sign up and make a deposit. After making your choice, it is time to sign up. If any bonus or promo codes are required, this is the time to enter them. You will be required to input basic information like your email, name, phone number, and more.

When you have finished the sign-up process, it is time to make a deposit. With options like a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and e-wallets available, you should see your deposit register within a matter of moments.

3. Place your bets. You are ready to start betting! On the home page of any of the football betting apps, you will likely see the money line, total, and spread for each game. You can select one of those or click on the matchup itself to expand the betting options. Choose your options, either as single bets or as a parlay, and place your stake on the bet slip. Click “submit” and hope for the best!

Tips for Mobile Betting

There are a few things that separate the best betting apps from the rest of the pack. For starters, don’t overlook the value of a user interface. The easier it is to navigate, the quicker you can get to your preferred wagers.

It is always good to start by setting betting limits and keeping your bets small as you get more comfortable. Teams you are more familiar with can give you an edge, allowing you to make more educated bets as well. You should also make sure to go with your gut and not second-guess yourself at every turn.

Advantages of Using Football Betting Apps 

When it comes to making your sports bets, there is nothing quite like using betting apps. When you have the best NFL betting app in your corner, there is no shortage of benefits that can be had. Here are just a few of the best things about using football betting apps.

  • Convenience

There is no need to grab your laptop or head to the computer when you can simply grab your phone and place your bets. It is the simplest way to regularly place wagers, be it on football or any of your favorite sports.

  • Track your bets

Without betting apps, how would you be able to keep track of those bets? If you have something going on that day, the thought of whether your bets were successful or not would fill your head, leaving you distracted. With your phone on you, checking the betting app will allow you to check your bets no matter where you are.

  • Quick deposits and withdrawals

The last thing anyone wants is to have their betting action slowed down because of an inconvenience. The top betting apps will process deposits and withdrawals in no time, allowing you to manage your funds as you see fit. Don’t get stuck waiting with some second-rate app when you can choose a reliable option.

What If the Bookmaker Doesn’t Have an App?

The good news is that most of the major sportsbooks have apps. That said, those who don’t offer a smooth, mobile-friendly website that can be accessed from your mobile device. For desktop bettors, there are even some desktop apps available as well.

The interface on these desktop apps and mobile-friendly sites are similar to the betting apps themselves. That means a smoother user experience, allowing you to place your wagers without any interruption.

While there may not be convenience involved in using your desktop, it doesn’t hurt to be able to fill your screen with more betting options. There are pros and cons to each of these betting methods, giving players many options to choose from.

Betting Apps vs Mobile Desktop Betting

So, what is the difference between betting online with a betting app and using a mobile desktop? For the best football betting apps, the differences are minuscule. In many cases, the user interface is quite similar if not totally the same.

Mobile desktop betting offers the obvious convenience factor. Checking your bets on the go means that you won’t be left in the dark until you can get to a computer. It also means being able to place a bet on the go whenever it suits you.

Online betting does have its advantages, however. For starters, having a larger interface to use can make it far easier on the eyes. You can also fill your screen with more betting options, comparing odds and betting markets with ease.

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Best Features of Football Betting Apps

Let’s take a closer look at the features that will make your betting experience a better one. Keep in mind that this is just a peek into the advantages and that there is a lot more to consider.

  • User Interface

User interface is everything for football betting apps. Making them simple and easy to use is important but they should also be intuitive, learning about user habits and creating better features.

By making a user interface appealing and easy to use, it creates a better overall experience for the end user. That, in turn, creates a much better betting experience overall.

  • Rewards

New player rewards are not the only rewards to take advantage of. There are a plethora of in-app rewards to be taken advantage of, which is a crucial aspect of choosing from among football betting apps. It rewards loyalty and provides returns to users who make regular bets with that sportsbook.

  • Social media

Social media has become more and more popular throughout the years. There are literally billions of users who partake so it only makes sense that Sports betting apps would integrate social media into their design.

Whether it is sharing bets with friends or interacting with other bettors, there is no shortage of options to choose from when using the social media feature.

  • Customization

Why settle for just any old way when you can have things your way? The betting apps allow you to customize your user interface to look and function as you want. If you have your favorite betting markets, wouldn’t you want to see them right there as soon as you log in? That is what superior customization can do to improve your experience every time you log in.

Where to Bet on Football?

Though it may seem simple to find football betting apps and start placing your wagers, there is a lot more than just one league to choose from. As a matter of fact, there are three primary North American football leagues that can provide you with more betting options than you could ever need.


The king of the mountain. When anyone talks about football betting apps, it is safe to assume that it is to wager on the NFL. With 18 weeks during the regular season and four weeks of great playoff action, there are plenty of opportunities to win big whether it be on your favorite team or your favorite underdog.


The Canadian version of the NFL. Though not nearly as big or popular, the CFL has been around for decades. The rules are slightly different, too, which gives players a little twist on the football action that you have come to love.


The USFL is on its second tour of duty. The original goes back to the 1980s when it tried to match the NFL. It is back and looking to carve out a place at the table once again. It fills the need for football that the NFL leaves in the spring and summer.

Key Dates for the 2022/23 Season

There are plenty of chances for bettors to use betting apps to win big.  But what are the biggest dates to look forward to over the course of the calendar season? Here are a few of the most notable events on the calendar.

  • Super Bowl Sunday. The 2022 season is coming to a close as the Super Bowl is coming up on February 13th. It is the biggest sports betting event of the year, perfect for using the best NFL betting app. With a litany of different prop options available throughout the pre-game events and the evening, it is the premier chance for bettors to win big on the NFL.
  • USFL Kickoff. Though they may not have the same mainstream attention that the NFL does, the USFL is going to bring some hot NFL action to the market as well. The USFL has roots back to the 1980s when it looked like they may be a serious threat to the NFL. Now, they will just be looking to provide an entertaining alternative to the biggest sports league on the planet. It also offers a great opportunity to bet on football even during the NFL offseason.
  • NFL Kickoff. For the NFL diehards, the wait between the Super Bowl in February and opening kickoff in the fall is a tough one. When the time comes for opening weekend, it is one of the most exciting times of the sporting season. Football betting apps will become a close friend as all the greatest in football action starts up again.
  • Thanksgiving. With the NFL season in full swing, there is perhaps no better weekend in the NFL season than Thanksgiving. Multiple games that Thursday lead to a weekend of NFL betting action on the top betting apps for the NFL. The wait will feel like a long one but the right betting apps can make that wait worthwhile.


Is it legal to bet on football betting apps?

In states where online sports betting has been legalized, it is 100% legal to use those apps. Generally speaking, football betting apps are only available from sportsbooks that have been licensed for operation in that state.

What leagues can I bet on?

Players can not only place wagers on the NFL but the CFL and USFL as well.

How does a spread work?

A points spread is used to reduce the odds between a favorite and an underdog. For instance, one team may be -7 point favorites. This would mean that anyone betting on that team would need them to win by more than seven points in order to make the bet a win. A win by less than seven or an outright loss would lead to a losing ticket.

What is a player prop?

Player props are bets that focus on the outcome of a specific player. In football, this usually pertains to who will score a touchdown and when or individual stats. For instance, you can bet on a player’s over/under totals for things like passing yards, rushing yards, tackles, and more.

What Super Bowl props are available?

Betting on the Super Bowl is one of the most unique sports betting events going. Bettors can not only wager on the game itself, but individual player props, and special props like Gatorade color, national anthem length, and so much more.

Final Thoughts

Though there is a plethora of football betting apps to choose from, it doesn’t have to be a difficult selection. Choosing among the best promotions and bonuses available is a great place to start, giving new players a leg up when it comes to winning big.

User interface and customer satisfaction are crucial as well. The interface needs to be simple and easy to use, allowing bettors to get their wagers in without having to go through several hoops to get there. Otherwise, it can result in frustration that leads to looking for another sportsbook.

If you are going to get in on all the greatest football betting action, make sure that you have a football betting app that you can depend on. It will create the best experience possible.