Best Sports Betting Apps in Canada (2023)

With so many options for sports betting apps in Canada, it can be difficult to know which is the best app for betting online. Luckily for you, we’ve already tried out all the options. MyBettingCanada has broken down and reviewed each of them to bring you a list of the best sports betting apps now available.

Best Sports Betting Apps

Betting Site
Bet Now

Sports betting is meant to be done on the go. Whether at your favorite bar or a friend’s home or at the stadium, when the time comes to place a bet, you need to be able to do it now. You don’t want to have to run home and fire up your laptop. You want the power to bet in the palm of your hand.

All of Canada’s top betting sites recognize this, and many offer dedicated betting apps for their players. These provide you 24/7 access to all of the features and amenities their main desktop sites offer, but in a well-designed, easy-to-access mobile app. And while some sports books lag behind others by not offering an app (yet), nearly all feature mobile friendly sites, making it just as easy for you to place your bets from a tablet or phone as from your computer.

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Friendly Sites in Canada

What’s the difference between a mobile betting app and a mobile friendly site? It can be subtle, but there are perks to using one over the other.

Betting App 📱Mobile Friendly Site 💻
Can bet from anywhereCan bet from anywhere
Banking options are the same as the desktop siteBanking options are the same as the desktop site
No special bonus for using appSame bonuses as on the desktop site
Requires special download and memory storageAccessed through browser
Faster loading speedsMoves as fast as your browser allows
Can continue to be on in the backgroundMust toggle back and forth to browser while doing other things

Why We Recommend Using a Sports Betting App?

At MyBettingCanada, we do our due diligence to highlight which sports betting sites are the ones we believe to be the top available in Canada. We search each provider to uncover all of their perks and features and bring those to you in our sports book reviews online. Some of the things we consider when recommending a sportsbook to you include the following:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Banking Options
  • Betting Markets
  • Range of Sports Offered
  • Betting Features like Live Betting
  • Customer Service

One of the other things we look at is website design, its ease of use and mobile functionality. This includes whether or not the sports book offers players a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

One of the things we demand is a seamless betting environment. We don’t want any lag or down time, especially if we’re engaging in live sports betting. We find that though mobile friendly sites do work quite well on a tablet or phone, betting through that same provider’s app is a much better experience. That’s why we want to see all of Canada’s best betting sites provide one to its players.

Best Betting Apps - A Closer Look

So, given all we look at when comparing these sports betting sites, you’re probably curious to know which we believe offers the best mobile betting app. These are the three we feel deserve the spotlight for being the best available.


888Sport review

Perhaps the best designed mobile sports betting app on the market, 888Sport delivers an excellent app to users. Downloading it is fast, and the app allows you to log in with touch ID. Once in the app, finding what you need is a snap. Navigation is simple and straightforward, allowing you to quickly find the event you wish to bet on. Placing that bet is just as simple, whether it be pre-game or engaging in live betting. Truly a top-of-the-line app.

  • 📱 Devices: Apple iOS & Android
  • 🏅 Top Features for mobile: Live Betting, Cash Out
  • 👍 Likes:

    - Mobile app promos
    - Easy to navigate
    - Live Betting feature

  • 👎 Dislikes:

    - No live streaming
    - 24/7 help line not available

  • 🏈 Sports they cover: Hockey, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Boxing, MMA, and more.

Shangri La

ShangriLa review

Shangri La delivers an excellent Android app for its players. Unfortunately, no Apple iOS version has become available. But the mobile friendly version of Shangri La’s sports book works wonderfully well on Apple devices. As for the Android app, we found it to be a better all-around experience than the desktop site. All of the core features are available through the app, including live betting and live streaming. With an easy to use interface, plenty of betting markets from which to choose, and a good deal of bonuses and promos, Shangri La brings users a great mobile environment from which to bet.

  • 📱 Devices: Android only
  • 🏅 Top Features for mobile: Live Betting, Live Steaming, Cash Out
  • 👍 Likes:

    - Live Streaming available
    - Live Betting
    - Great user interface

  • 👎Dislikes:

    - No Apple iOS app
    - Android app not available at Google Play store

  • 🏈 Sports they cover: Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Baseball, and more.


Betway Sport review

Betway is unique in that it offers an app, but also has a mobile friendly website. We found that using either works quite well, but the app was generally faster to use. In either case, all of Betway’s best features are available to players, including live betting, cash out, and their boosted odds. The app is very intuitive, making finding everything from games to deposits/withdrawals to customer service simple. It’s an excellent sports betting app and experience. Special note for Android users: the app is not available in the Google Play store, but can be downloaded direct from Betway’s site.

  • 📱 Devices: Apple iOS, Android
  • 🏅 Top Features for mobile: Live Betting, Cash Out, Bet Builder
  • 👍 Likes:

    - Excellent user interface
    - Live betting
    - Good promos offered

  • 👎Dislikes:

    - Limited live streaming
    - Android app not available in Google Play store

  • 🏈 Sports they cover: Football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, MMA and more.

iOS & Android Sports Betting Apps

Most players are either dedicated Apple users or Android users. Rarely does someone access both types of devices. But we took the time to explore the apps offered for both to determine which are the best for Apple and for Android, and delivered reviews of each for you to consider.

iOS Betting Apps

There’s a reason people will line up hours before the release of the latest Apple product. Their exclusive iOS operating system powers all Apple products from their computers to their iPad and iPhone, creating a seamless network for all Apple users.

Sportsbooks have harnessed this power to deliver an array of great betting apps for Apple users. With quick download speeds, the need of limited storage space, and a secure network, iOS betting apps can often be found right in the Apple store. If not due to Apple’s restrictions, those sites with an iOS app will allow you to download their app directly from them through your browser.

Unfortunately, not every sportsbook with a dedicated app offers one for Apple users. Some are Android only. But for those betting sites smart enough to offer an iOS app, the apps featured above are the best we’ve found.

Android Betting Apps

The Android operating system was developed by Google, and is the most popular alternative to Apple’s iOS. There’s good reason for this. The Android system is fast, efficient, and easy to navigate. It also offers users much more freedom, control, and customization.

Sports books have used this to their advantage to release several betting apps to the public. While not all can be accessed via the Google Play store, most can be found for download on each sports book’s desktop site. All of these apps have excellent speed, great functionality, and deliver a solid betting experience in a safe and secure environment.

Android users have more sports betting app options available to them than Apple users. Of the choices offered, these listed above are the top Android apps we used.

Top Betting Apps Features

Let’s face it. Most of us live life with our smartphones in our hands. If you’re a sports bettor, you should make the most of this modern way of life.

While downloading a betting app to your favorite device isn’t a necessity, we still highly recommend it. There are several features and perks to using a sports book’s app over its mobile friendly website. Some of the best features available for app users include:

  • Mobile Betting: The main purpose of having a betting app is to be able to place your bets from anywhere. Whether you’re at work, at the bar, or at the stadium, you don’t want a delay in placing your wager. An app will allow you to quickly make your bet no matter where you are.
  • Bonuses: Some sports betting sites offer special bonuses and promos that are only available for app users. There’s no reason to miss out on these extra offers when they are available.
  • Live Betting: If you plan on engaging in live betting, then you need a fast, efficient app. You need the latest numbers and the ability to place your bet instantaneously. And most importantly, you need it all now. Using an app through your mobile device will give you a leg up on all your live betting needs.
  • Personalization: The great thing about any app is that it’s yours, and you can set it up anyway you like. The best apps remember all of your personal settings, including your login and preferred banking details. All of this makes the betting experience faster and easier for you.

Betting Apps Bonuses 🎁

Sportsbooks are in a battle to entice new players while retaining those that they already have. One of the ways they do this is by offering special sports betting bonuses and promotions to players. You can receive these bonuses both through an app as well as on a desktop site.

The most popular of these is the welcome bonus for new users. Whether you decide to join a betting site through their app or not, their welcome bonus for new customers is usually the same no matter the device used. 

However, sometimes a special mobile bonus will be offered and available only to those using the app. These bonuses often take the form of either a free bet or free spins (if the app offers a casino option as well as a sports book). Both are risk free for the player, but may come with particular terms and conditions attached. 

Each sportsbook will offer players other bonuses and betting promotions as well. These could take the form of boosted odds or special parlays or other specific plays as well. Make sure to search each betting site’s promos to maximize your play.

What You Need to Know Before Downloading a Sports Betting App

It’s easy to jump in and download any sports betting app. But before you do so, always make sure to check the following details so you know what you are getting first:

  • Compatibility: This is more than just making sure you don’t download the Android version of an app for your iPhone. You want to make sure your operating system is up-to-date and capable of working with the specs on the company’s app.
  • Download Speed & Size: Most app download in under a minute, but you’ll want to ensure that the storage space required for the app isn’t excessive or overwhelms your device. The last thing you want is for the latest app to slow your system.
  • Features: You might want to make sure that all of the features you want will be available in the betting site’s app. Most of the time, the full desktop site plus some extra features are included on the app, but take a moment to be certain.

How to Download a Sports Betting App?

Chances are, if you have a tablet or smartphone, you already know how to download an app. But just in case, here’s a brief overview of how to download a betting app for both iOS and Android devices.

One caveat: beware of impostors! Make certain that the app you are downloading and installing is the official app for the betting site, and not a clone. They do exist and can be problematic.

Downloading for iOS:

  • Go to the Apple store
  • Search for the betting site’s app you wish to use
  • Click the download button for that app
  • The app should be installed
  • Create an account or log in if you already have one

Downloading for Android:

  • Go to the Google Play store
  • Search the name of the betting site you want
  • Click the install button for that app
  • The app should automatically install
  • Open the app and log in or create an account

In some cases, either due to Apple’s or Google Play’s restrictions, you might not be able to locate a betting site’s app at these locations. If this is the case, you can often download the app direct from the betting site through your browser. 

In the case of an Android APK (Android Application Package), you can install a file format which is akin to an app. This is completed much like downloading an app. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the betting site via your browser
  • Tap on the three dots in the corner of the browser’s screen
  • Select “Add to home screen”
  • This should download the site to your home screen in an app-like format for fast access

Sports Betting Apps Banking Options 💳

One of the best things about using a sports betting app on your mobile device is that you likely already have several banking options available on your smartphone. Linking the two together is fast and easy, making any deposits or withdrawals simple. These are the most common banking options featured at sports books.

  • Credit Card: Visa and Mastercard are perhaps the leading two methods with which to fund your account. Some sports books will also accept the debit card version of these two options. Be warned, however, that you cannot always withdraw fund back to your credit card account.

  • Interac: Perhaps Canada’s top online payment method, Interac is accepted on nearly all of the best sports betting apps. It is one of the most secure money transfer methods with minimal fees attached to using their services.

  • ecoPayz: Used worldwide to send and receive money, ecoPayz is a popular deposit and withdrawal method for sports betting app users. With a record of over 20 years of safe and secure payments, ecoPayz makes creating an account simple and offers fast and easy methods to fund your account.

  • Skrill: A virtual wallet for all of your financial needs, Skrill is one of the most accepted banking methods on sports betting apps. Creating a Skrill account is free, and they offer both an iOS and Android app.

  • Cryptocurrency: Sports books are helping lead the charge to integrate cryptocurrencies in daily life, and many allow players to make deposits and withdrawal using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. App users may find this to be the fastest way to bank at many sports books. 

Usually, there is a minimum of $20 for both deposits and withdrawals. Deposits using the above methods are usually completed instantly and free of charge, however, most withdrawals can take two or more business days to complete. Check with your favorite sports book to see what their time expectations are to settle any financial transactions. 

Sign up

Before you make your initial deposit, you will need to create an account. This can be done either through the sports book’s site or its app. Creating an account through either option is easy. It takes just a few moments and requires some personal information. Some sites may require a photo ID or some other form of identification to complete the sign-up process. Make sure that when you do create your account, you opt-in for any welcome bonuses that may be offered. This is a necessary step prior to making your first deposit.

How to Make a Deposit on a Sports Betting App

Once you have created an account, you must now fund it. Thankfully, each sports betting app makes depositing money into your account simple. It only requires a few easy steps:

  • Click on your account
  • Select make a deposit
  • Choose your banking option from the list provided
  • Determine the amount of your deposit
  • Check the information is correct
  • Click on the complete transaction button

That all there is to the process. The withdrawal process is often identical. Should you encounter an issue with either, customer service via a FAQ page, live chat or phone should be available to fix any problems.

Betting Apps Testimonials

Everyone has a difference of opinion, especially when it comes to technology, its ease-of-use, and the features available on sports betting apps. So, don’t simply take our word for it when we say, “Sports Book X is the best.” You may not agree. But what we’ve found when reviewing these apps is that all are fast to download, easy to use, and are fully functional for all of your betting needs. A simple search of both the Google Play store and the Apple store will show you the high marks and ratings these sports betting apps receive.

Betting Apps Ratings & Reviews 

Bet365: “Excellent company!” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Great app and very nice people to deal with. Love it. Great to use for all my sports bets.


Betway: “Best in betting!” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Betway Sport review

Great functioning app. I like it a lot. Let the betting begin!

888Sport: “Worth downloading!” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

888Sport review

Enjoy this app immensely. They always pay out and sometimes do so within a day.

BetVictor: “Brilliant app!” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Very responsive with great customer service. Love what I’m seeing here and love that they are fast payers.

Betting Apps Canada FAQs

Are sports betting apps legal?

Yes. They are 100% legal to use in Canada as long as the operator accepts Canadian accounts. All of the sites featured here can be used in Canada.

Can you make live bets through a sports betting app?

Yes. All forms of sports betting are offered on a sports betting app, including live betting. Simply find the “live sports” tab on the app to see which games are currently available.

Do sports betting apps offer the same features as the desktop site?

Yes. While the interface may be different between the main site and the app, all of the features offered on one are available on the other. Apps are just streamlined for mobile devices, often making them easier to use on your phone.

Do sports betting apps accept all payment methods?

Sports betting apps will accept the same payment methods offered on the main site. Not all sports books accept every single form of payment available, but every app should have a banking option you frequently use in order to fund your account.

Are bonuses and promos offer on each sports betting app?

Yes. The same bonuses and promos offered on the main site are available to app users. In fact, some operators offer special in-app only promos to users. Make sure to look for these when using the app.