Best Betting Sites in Canada

MyBetting Canada brings you reviews of the top Canadian sportsbooks available today. We visit, use and bet with each provider to give you the information you need to know to select from the best sports betting sites. 

Best Canadian Betting Sites


Best Canadian Sportsbooks

  • Sports Interaction - 100% Canadian
  • Bet99 - Prop Bet Heavy
  • 888sport - Wide range of betting markets
  • Betway - Top betting markets for Canadian players
  • Bodog - Wide range of sporting events offered
  • Fezbet - Extensive Promotions
  • Powbet - Tons of Banking Options
  • TonyBet - Cryptocurrency Deposits
  • LeoVegas - High Value Odds
  • Betsafe - Tons of Sports and Betting Options

Why Trust MyBetting Canada?

MyBetting Canada is a hub for everything you need to know about sports betting and the many Canadian sportsbooks that are currently dominating the industry. We hope to be sports bettors' ultimate source for betting tips and guides so that they can access all the knowledge they need in one place. So what makes us qualified to share with you all this sports betting information?

For starters, we are an unbiased source of information without any skin in the game. We are avid sports bettors and fans ourselves, and it is our mission to provide user-friendly recommendations that help bettors get the most out of their gambling experience.

We have a team of different gambling experts that have collective decades of sports betting experience. Our team uses this experience to help bettors explore an ever-evolving Canadian sports betting market, using their knowledge of gambling, law, and sports to work on your behalf. 

What separates us from our competitors? there are several things:

  • As we mentioned, we are unbiased and user-centric.
  • We are specifically focused on the Canadian market, reviewing the top Canadian bookmakers and explaining changes in the Canadian industry.
  • We also cover a diverse array of topics, including everything from payments and bonuses to sports coverage and odds.
  • Our goal is purely to benefit bettors and make the online Canadian sports betting industry easier to grasp for bettors of all experience levels. 

At MyBetting, we are a team of gambling experts that leverages our industry knowledge to provide high-quality, up-to-date, informative information covering everything you need to know about Canadian sports betting.

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Meet Our Experts

Cameron Kozinets

Cameron Kozinets is one of MyBetting’s gambling experts and writers. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California's Journalism program and an avid sports fan and bettor.

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Kahfeel Buchanan

Kahfeel Buchanan was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Buchanan became a journalist because he is a lifelong sports fanatic and loves telling interesting stories.

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Alex Murray

Alex Murray is a lifelong sports fan who has worked writing sports news, betting guides, predictions, and much more for several years at various publications including FantasyPros and FanSided.

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Allan Asava

Allan Asava is an avid sports fan and a skilled bettor with extensive experience in the online gaming industry.  Allan is a specialist in betting techniques and is ready to provide you with valuable tips, and strategies.

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Sports Betting In Canada

Canada sports betting sites offer a wide range of sports to bet on, including hockey, basketball, football, and soccer, among others. Below you can find the top sports betting sites for each sport. 


NBA Betting Sites


NFL Betting Sites


NHL Betting Sites


UFC Betting Sites


CFL Betting Sites

Formula 1

F1 Betting Sites


Esports Betting Sites


Soccer Betting Sites


Tennis Betting Sites

What Can You Find on MyBetting Canada?

MyBetting Canada is a reliable and unbiased source for Canadian bettors. Our experts provide comprehensive sportsbook reviews, guides, and insights into various aspects such as bonus offerings, deposit methods, mobile betting apps, and much more.

Betting Sites Reviews

There are more sports betting websites available to Canadians than ever before, and the number continues to climb. As operators arrive in the country, Canadians may have questions about which betting sites are the best and which can be skipped. That is what we are here for. At MyBetting Canada, we do deep dives into Canadian sportsbooks, old and new, to try and get to the bottom of which ones have the most to offer.

We dive deep into just about all the Canadian bookmakers you can name, looking over every aspect of their website, from their sports betting apps to their user interface. We do everything from signing up and depositing to placing bets with these betting bookmakers and gain a first-hand understanding of what they bring to the table. We then provide the information we learn back to you, so you can learn more about the many bookmakers in Canada.

We compare and contrast every aspect of the bookmaker as our team of industry experts highlights how they stack up to their competitors. These reviews are neatly organized category by category, so you can jump to the information that matters to you, whether that is sports coverage or sports betting bonus offers.

Ultimately, our reviews provide helpful insights on many of the top sportsbooks on the market, allowing you to determine which sportsbooks to use and which you can pass on.

Betting Apps & Mobile Betting

The world of sports betting has changed significantly over the past several years. While laws and companies have had a big impact on changing the industry, one of the biggest shifts is the trend toward mobile technology. People spend more time than ever on their mobile devices, doing everything from shopping and working to gambling on their phones. Sports betting websites have identified the fact that they now need to accommodate their mobile users, and nearly all the bookmakers in Canada now have mobile options.

Betting on the go is a blast, but like the rest of gambling, there can be some confusing bumps in the road along the way. There are several things to consider when using the best betting websites' mobile options.

Important terms and phrases like mobile-optimized websites, betting apps, and mobile betting offers can confuse, and at MyBetting Canada, we are here to help explain everything you need to know about betting from your phone.

We provide bettors with informative deep dives into the world of mobile gambling, explaining what it is, how to do it, and where to do it. We will provide you with strategies and insights, so you can get started on your mobile gaming journey today.

Our end goal is to show you the value mobile betting offers and introduce you to this trend that is taking the world of gambling by storm.

Sports Betting Guides

Sports betting is a complicated thing, with so much to know. Becoming an effective bettor requires experience and information. Whether you are an experienced bettor or just starting your betting journey, there is a lot to learn. At MyBetting Canada, we have dedicated ourselves to helping gamblers get the best results possible by providing important insights into several of the most crucial betting topics there are.

In these guides, we break down details of things like gambling laws, strategies, and ways of betting with an emphasis on the Canadian market.

For bettors to get the most out of the top Canadian sportsbooks, they need to understand the intricacies of sports betting. That is what our betting guides are here for. We are hoping to help gamblers break down some of the often-confusing aspects of this industry in a way that is easy to understand and informative

Our guides cover a range of useful topics. We offer insights into the new betting sites that have arrived in Canada, explaining what they are and whether you can trust new betting sites.
We dive into live betting, explaining what it is, how to best use it, and what live betting sites offer a thrilling real-time experience.

We also explore the legality of sports betting in Canada, breaking down key laws and covering the top legal betting sites in Canada.
With the help of our guides, you can learn vital information on some of the most intriguing sports betting topics.

Payment Methods Guides

Whether you are placing bets on old or new sportsbooks, NBA betting sites, or cricket-oriented operators, there is one major thing you're going to need to do before you can lay down a bet. On all of the betting websites for sports, you are going to need to deposit before you begin.

This is something many balk at because the thought of providing a sportsbook with payment details can be intimidating. We understand that the payment process is a pivotal moment for a lot of bettors, and that is why it's our goal to help explain it, so it is as straightforward and seamless as possible.

Payment with betting bookmakers is a process that depends on both the sportsbook and the user. Most operators will provide anywhere from five to ten payment options for deposits and withdrawals, each with small differences like a maximum or minimum deposit/withdrawal amount. We know this sounds a little complicated, so our MyBetting guides are here to simplify it all for you.

MyBetting Canada provides a look at some of the most common payment methods available to gamblers, as well as some intriguing new options. We cover Interac, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Neteller betting and explain to you how they work and what you need to know before you get started.

There are a huge number of payment methods sportsbooks accommodate, and bettors should understand the key differences.

Click below to browse deep dives into some of the top payment options available to bettors.

👉 Interac Betting

👉 Bitcoin Betting

👉 Ethereum Betting

👉 Neteller Betting

Sports & Leagues

The biggest reason most of us get started with sports betting is that we love sports, and we want to get in on the action and excitement of the games we watch. Betting websites are made to accommodate the passion of the fans that use them, with odds on an array of sports. The top Canadian sportsbooks provide coverage of a huge number of sports, including the ones that are most popular with the average Canadian. At MyBetting Canada, we are sports lovers first and foremost, and we are here to help you explore the different sports betting options available to you.

We help our readers by providing extensive guides to each of the most popular sports to bet on for Canadians. These include basketball, NCAA basketball, NBA, Football, Hockey, and Soccer. For each of these sports and leagues, we go into significant detail.

We explore things like the top betting sites that cover the sport, the most important markets to be aware of for each sport, and the different strategies that bettors can use to achieve success for that specific sport. Instead of looking at it generally, we use our sports knowledge to dive deep into each sport, and everything bettors needs to know about betting on them.

With our guides, you can learn more about how you can win big by betting on your favorite sports. Whether you are seeking out soccer betting tips or want to find the best NBA betting sites for Canadians, our guides have you covered.

Bonuses & Promotions

One of the biggest draws to sports betting for many people is the bonuses and promotions that betting websites offer. Just about all the bookmakers in Canada use bonuses and promotions to appeal to users. These are incentives that reward bettors for taking certain actions and encompass a huge range of things. But bonuses and promotions are complicated things, and there is often a lot of fine print involved.

We at MyBetting Canada know how exciting promotions can be, but we also want to make sure bettors get the most out of them. That is why we provide deep dives into sports betting bonus offers. We break down what they are, how to use them, and some important precautions we recommend you take before ever registering for a bonus.

These guides can position you to win big with promotional offerings and avoid bonuses that won't add to your account.

There is a diverse array of promotions offered to the average bettor, and our guides match that diversity. We cover everything you need to know pertaining to many different kinds of promos. Our guides cover an intro to different betting bonuses, the best sports betting offers, exploring free bet offers, and a breakdown of what welcome bonuses are and how they work.

The world of bonuses and promotions is an exciting one, and there are some big winnings to be made. Click below to read our guides and start benefitting from the top bonus offers for Canadians.

👉 Betting Offers

👉 Free Bets Offers

👉 Welcome Bonuses

How We Choose the Best Betting Sites?

How We Choose Canadian Betting Sites

Why does MyBetting Canada recommend the sites we list here? Simple. We’ve visited them. We’ve joined them. We’ve bet with them. We know what we want and what we expect to get from a great bookmaker. Only by fully immersing ourselves in a sportsbook can our experts really tell you which outlet delivers the goods for its players.

Some of the options we examine and compare for our sportsbook reviews online include:

Betting Markets

The more options for bettors to engage with, the better. That is why we look at and compare the betting markets that sportsbooks provide. Markets are the unique outcomes within a game or league that bettors are placing bets on to either occur or not occur.

Every sport, game, and league has different markets, ranging from simplistic ones, like Moneyline bets, to complicated ones, like Game Props. We look at the options sportsbooks provide for their markets, comparing them to other operators. We compare sportsbooks' markets for the same game or league to see which operator provides the best selection to their users.

We then relay that information back to you. Ultimately, the more markets a sportsbook has, the more choices users can make and the more fun they'll have.


Odds are the lines that indicate the projected likelihood of an event in the eyes of oddsmakers, and they also show users how much they will make by making a bet. One thing that bettors need to be aware of is that every sportsbook has different odds. While these odds typically only differ slightly, some sportsbooks have more favorable odds to bettors than others.

Our team of sports betting experts compares the odds for each of the sports betting websites we review. We look at how their odds compare to competitors, whether they are up-to-date and reflect real-time changes, and if they are fair to bettors.

We help users decide if they can find improved odds on other sites or if the sportsbook provides competitive offerings. 

Betting Features

Each sportsbook is different. That is what makes picking one so hard, as the unique offerings each provides lead to confusion and difficult choices. Features are, essentially, what sets a sportsbook apart. They are the engrained aspects of its identity, the ways they allow a user to enjoy their website. Typically, all the best betting sites will have different features that set them apart.

It is our job to look at these features and compare them to the other major operators available. Does the sportsbook have live betting options? Is there a dynamic Bet Builder available? How about daily Odds Boosts? We look the sportsbook over from top to bottom and see exactly what features they have engrained.

The more betting features a sportsbook has, the better, and the top sports betting websites will have plenty of high-quality, in-depth features. 

Bonuses & Promotions

One thing that plays a massive role in determining whether an operator is a top betting website in Canada is the bonuses and promotions that they provide. Bonus and promotions are the rewards bettors get for using a website, fun offers that can lead to huge winnings or reduced risk.

While nearly all sportsbooks have bonuses of some kind, we look deeply at this aspect of a website to determine if it is worth it for users. We’ll start with their welcome bonus. Are they one of the best sign-up bonus betting sites? Do they have a huge offer? How strict are the terms and conditions?

After this, we look into their additional bonus offerings. How many bonuses do they have? How do they stack up to other operators? Ultimately, we use our comparison to decide whether the sportsbook exceeds competitors with a diverse range of exciting offers or falls short of expectations. 

Banking & Payment Methods

Before bettors can start engaging with markets, enjoying the features, or utilizing the promotions, they’re going to need to go through the banking process.
Every sportsbook has different payment methods they accept, different limitations to these payment methods, and different transaction times.

The best bookmakers accept an array of payment options, from standard ones like credit and debit to more innovative options like cryptocurrency. They also provide a seamless deposit process and a withdrawal process that isn't marred by long weight times.

Our betting experts have gone through their fair share of banking processes and will sign up and deposit with the operators we review. We compare these experiences with other operators, with the best sportsbooks providing a straightforward, painless banking process. 

Mobile Experience

The mobile experience has become all the more important in recent years as people do more and more every day on their smartphones. Naturally, Canadian bookmakers must address the needs of their users by providing a seamless and fun mobile experience for them.

To determine which Canadian sportsbooks are top betting sites, we analyze their mobile offerings. We look at whether they provide an app, and if they do, whether it is available for both Android and iOS. If there's an app, we download it and see how intuitive and fun it is. If there is no app, we will look at their mobile website.

Ultimately, we are trying to see first-hand how easy and enjoyable it is to use different betting sites from your phone. The best betting sites have mobile offerings that are specifically designed to help bettors gamble on the go. 

Customer Service

Sportsbooks are imperfect, and if you use one for long enough, there’s a chance you can run into some difficulty. Even the best bookmakers in Canada have flaws. That’s what makes customer support crucial.

Customer service features can cover a range of things, and we look over the different support options and use them ourselves to see how they stack up.

Important things we look for with the best betting sites include whether there’s an FAQ page, whether they have a live chat or phone line, and how long it typically takes to hear back from a representative. The best customer support sportsbooks will have many different customer service options, all of which respond promptly and in an informative and friendly way.

This is why we do our due diligence and visit all of Canada’s top sportsbooks. We want to know the truth about the betting experience at each site, and we’re certain you expect nothing less than that.

Best Sports Betting Sites in Canada

Below is a quick breakdown of some of the top Canadian sportsbooks. Many of these sportsbooks also have online casino sections and are hubs for bettors of all kinds. We also have in-depth reviews of each operator, so you can do a deep dive if you want more details.

Below is a quick breakdown of some of the top Canadian sportsbooks. Many of these sportsbooks also have online casino sections and are hubs for bettors of all kinds. We also have in-depth reviews of each operator, so you can do a deep dive if you want more details.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is an iconic Canadian sportsbook that has been providing fun experiences for bettors for years. It is a fully-licensed operator that has a deep sportsbook that covers leagues and sports from around the world. It also has a strong mobile-optimized website and a huge welcome offer. The user experience stands out, as it is easy to navigate and has an immaculate web design.

Date of Establishment: 1997Outstanding Features: Live Betting, Weekly Pick’Ems
Likes: User Experience, Deep SportsbookDislikes: Live chat doesn’t always work, Empty space on the website
Markets: Player Props, Teasers, SpreadsPromotions: Big Welcome Offer but limited additional bonuses.



Betway is one of the biggest sportsbooks on the planet. It is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise that has carved out a massive share of the Canadian market. They rely on their excellent betting apps, exciting promotional offerings, and unmatched user experience to get bettors aboard. Betway has huge sports coverage and is iGaming licensed, so it is fully legal to use across Canada. Their smooth website design and fun betting options make them a favorite.

Date of Establishment: 2006Outstanding Features: Betway Boosts, Bet Builder
Likes: User Experience, Mobile OfferingsDislikes: No Crypto Transactions
Markets: Player Props, Game Props, MLPromotions: Welcome Offer, You Lead, You Win



Bet99 is one of the top Canadian bookmakers, a sportsbook made specifically for Canadian bettors. It is a recent addition to the Canadian market but a great one, with an absolutely stacked sportsbook and tons of exciting features. If you are looking for a great user experience, Bet99 definitely has that in spades as well. Bet99 is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, meaning it is legal for Canadians. Bet99 takes a lot of transaction methods and includes a diverse and fun collection of markets.

Date of Establishment: 2019Outstanding Features: Live Betting, Boosted Odds
Likes: Payment Options, Deep CoverageDislikes: Slow Withdrawals
Markets: Player Props, Game Props, SpreadsPromotions: Welcome Offer, Free Bets.



Bodog is one of the oldest online sportsbooks that continues to thrive to this day. It is a massive and unique operator that has always done things a little differently, whether that is with its crypto transactions or its prop builder feature. Bodog’s user experience is simple but effective. Bodog is licensed in Antigua and Barbuda and can operate across Canada. Bodog is a unique operator that has one of the deepest sportsbooks you’ll find and unique features.

Date of Establishment: 1994Outstanding Features: Crypto Transactions, Live Betting
Likes: Deep Sports Coverage, Prop BuilderDislikes: No Mobile App
Markets: Player Props, Spreads, FuturesPromotions: Big Welcome Offer, Limited Additional Bonuses



Fezbet is a new sportsbook that doesn't have the years of experience other operators on this list do but makes up for it with plenty of fun. Fezbet has an immaculately designed website that really stands out, tons of fun promotions for bettors to engage with, and takes cryptocurrency transactions. Fezbet is licensed by the Curacao government, meaning they are legal to use, and it is a new sportsbook to keep an eye on.

Date of Establishment: 2020Outstanding Features: Payment Options, Super Jackpots
Likes: Promotional Offerings, Sports CoverageDislikes: No Phone Line
Markets: Player Props, Spreads, Over/UnderPromotions: Welcome Offer, Free Bet Bonuses



888Sport is one of the top global operators, a massive sportsbook that has taken the betting world by storm. 888Sport is known for its distinctive design, which makes it really stand out, and its incredibly fun features. They have procured an official iGaming license, so they are legal across Canada. 888Sport also has an excellent mobile app and fun promotions that make them one of the most user-friendly operators available.

Date of Establishment: 2008Outstanding Features: Live Streaming, Boosted Odds
Likes: Excellent Design, Fun FeaturesDislikes: Average Customer Support
Markets: Player Props, Game Props, MLPromotions: Parlay Boosts, Free Bets



Bettors all want something different, and Betsafe will meet the needs of many that crave a fun and fast-paced website. This is a big sportsbook that covers general and niche sports and includes fun features like a bet builder. Betsafe has a mobile app available for both Android and iPhone users and is licensed by several authorities in Europe, making it legal for Canadians. Betsafe has a solid website design and is a standout option in a crowded market.

Date of Establishment: 2006Outstanding Features: Bet Builder, Live Betting
Likes: Live Streaming, Mobile AppDislikes: Neglecting Mobile App
Markets: Player Props, Spreads, Over/UnderPromotions: Welcome Offer, Price Boost



Esports have risen onto the scene as a major entertainment option. GGBet is a sportsbook that covers everything but specializes in servicing the Esport market. They have the most in-depth Esport offerings and also have a sportsbook that covers a range of other options. GGBet is licensed by the Malta gaming authorities and is legal for Canadians to use. Their website design could be improved, but their deep sportsbook and fun bonuses make them a standout option. 

Date of Establishment: 2016Outstanding Features: Live Streaming, Cash Out
Likes: Esports Coverage, Payment OptionsDislikes: No Player Props
Markets: Moneyline, Spread, Over/UnderPromotions: Big Welcome Offer, Bet Insurance



Every sportsbook specializes in something, and Powbet is where you should head if you love bonuses and promotions. This new addition to the Canadian betting market has a huge list of promo offers, from bet insurance to parlay boosts. It also has an excellent user interface and is legal in Canada due to its Curacao license. Powbet has a deep sportsbook, accepts a range of payment options, and has fun features that make them one of the great new gambling websites Canada.

Date of Establishment: 2021Outstanding Features: Live Betting, Crypto Transactions
Likes: Promotional Offerings, Payment OptionsDislikes: No Mobile App
Markets: Player Props, Game Props, SpreadsPromotions: Welcome Offer, Parlay Boosts



BetVictor is a historic sportsbook that started long before the internet and has pivoted to become a staple of the online sports betting world. They use fun features like an excellent bet builder and boosted odds options to provide bettors with constant excitement. BetVictor has procured an iGaming Ontario license, and it is legal to use for Canadians. The user experience is solid, as everything looks great on the sportsbook, although adding more player props and mobile options would go a long way.

Date of Establishment: 1946Outstanding Features: Boosted Odds, Bet Builder
Likes: Quick Payouts, Fun FeaturesDislikes: Lack of Mobile Options
Markets: Game Props, Spreads, FuturesPromotions: Welcome Offer, Sports Loyalty Club is becoming a sportsbook that appeals to Canadians in large part due to its distinctive offerings. It has fun and unique features like a cashout control and bet configurator, which give bettors elevated control over their betting. There is also an excellent mobile app. is licensed in Malta and legal for Canadians. The website design for is solid but could be improved upon, but the other aspects of the sportsbook more than make up for it. 

Date of Establishment: 2018Outstanding Features: Cashout Control, Bet Configurator
Likes: Unique Features, Mobile AppDislikes: Lack of Player Props
Markets: Game Props, ML, SpreadPromotions: Welcome Bonus, Refer-a-Friend Bonus



TonyBet is an entrenched global sportsbook that has carved out a big reputation in Canada. It is known for its deep sportsbook offerings, which include a massive number of sports. They also have a huge number of payment methods bettors can use. TonyBet’s user experience is mixed, as they have fun features but a middling web design. They are an Estonian-licensed sportsbook and come with strong customer support options that make them stand out.

Date of Establishment: 2011Outstanding Features: Live Betting, Crypto Transactions
Likes: Deposit Options, Sports CoverageDislikes: No Mobile App
Markets: Player Props, Game Props, MLPromotions: Welcome Offer, VIP Program

As you can probably tell from the name, is a website built for Canadians. They are licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, meaning they are fully safe and legal for Canadians, and they bring a lot of fun features to the table. The live betting is top-notch with, with hundreds of markets available for a single game, as well as full and partial cash-out. covers all the Canadian sports a typical bettor would seek out. It has a smooth and simple web design that gamblers will surely enjoy.

Date of Establishment: 2021Outstanding Features: Full and Partial Cash-Out, Fun Promotions
Likes: Live Experience, Breadth of MarketsDislikes: No Mobile App
Markets: Player Props, Game Props, Over/UnderPromotions: Welcome Bonus



PowerPlay may be a relatively new addition to the Canadian sports betting market, but it sure has made an impact. This rising sportsbook has an easy-to-navigate user interface and is one of the deepest sportsbooks you'll find. They are also one of the unique operators that will accept cryptocurrency transactions. PowerPlay is licensed in Curacao and legal for Canadians to use. It is a fun sportsbook with some standout features.

Date of Establishment: 2018Outstanding Features: Virtual Sports, Crypto Betting
Likes: Payment Options, Deep SportsbookDislikes: No Mobile App
Markets: Player Props, Game Props, SpreadsPromotions: Massive Welcome Offer, Parlay Boosts



Thrillsy is a sportsbook that has just burst into the mainstream in Canada. What separates Thrillsy from other operators is its deep sportsbook, which includes huge coverage of leagues across Canada and the world, as well as fun markets. Their If bets market is a unique form of parlay betting, and Thrillsy has excellent promos. Thrillsy is licensed in Curacao and, therefore, legal to use. The website design for this sportsbook is clear and easy to navigate.

Date of Establishment: 2021Outstanding Features: Crypto Transactions, Live Betting
Likes: Fun Markets, Deep SportsbookDislikes: No Betting App
Markets: If Bets, Player Props, Game PropsPromotions: Welcome Offer, Free Bet Offers.



20Bet is a new addition but has quickly climbed the list of the top bookmakers in Canada. It is an operator that brings unique features, like forecasts, where bettors predict upcoming events and plenty of payment options. 20Bet is a blast and is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, meaning it is legal for Canadians. Its user experience is hampered by a mediocre design, but everything outside of that is top-of-the-line, including the great mobile apps.

Date of Establishment: 2020Outstanding Features: Forecasts, Mobile App
Likes: Mobile Experience, Payment OptionsDislikes: Simplistic Website Design
Markets: Player Props, Game Props, SpreadsPromotions: Welcome Offer, Tournaments



ShangriLa has emerged as one of the rising sportsbooks for Canadians. It is an operator with a lot to offer. It is licensed in Curacao, so bettors can use it throughout Canada. Shangri La has some interesting aspects to it, like accepting crypto transactions and providing fun features. The user experience is solid, as the design is straightforward and easy to navigate. It is a growing operator that stands out for its ease of use and payment options. 

Date of Establishment: 2016Outstanding Features: Crypto Transactions, Bet Builder
Likes: Payment Options, Android AppDislikes: Could Improve Customer Support
Markets: ML, Spread, Over/UnderPromotions: Welcome Offer, Odds Boosts

New Betting Sites

New Betting Sites

The world of sports betting is rapidly expanding, particularly as new laws make it possible for sportsbooks from other countries to set up in Canada. At MyBetting, we keep a close eye on the industry and the new sportsbooks that are becoming available to Canadians. We review, rate, and recommend these new operators, so bettors can see what the hype is all about.  

Below is our list of the top new sports betting websites for Canadians.

🥇 is a new sportsbook that was designed specifically for Canadians. This sportsbook, which is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, was launched in the summer of 2021 and has quickly become a popular option for Canadian bettors.  

Because Truenorth is intended for Canadians, they do an excellent job of covering Canadian leagues and appealing to Canadian bettors. You can find some of the best hockey betting Canada options here, as well as a range of other sports Canadians seek out. They also have an expansive e-sports section.  

There are a lot of things to really like about this operator that has emerged as one of the top Canadian sportsbooks. Truenorth has a huge list of sports and leagues it covers that range from hockey and basketball to futsal and sumo. It has some of the best sports coverage of any of the Canadian bookmakers. They have fun bonus offers, including a matched first deposit welcome offer of $250 in free bets. 

Naturally, Truenorth isn’t perfect. There are areas where improvement is necessary. They could add a mobile app and more payment options to really stand out. Still, it is overall an exceptional sportsbook with a lot for bettors to enjoy. Review
100% Matched First Deposit Offer Up To $250 In Free Bets

🥉 Neobet

Neobet is not as new as some of the other operators on this list, as it first launched in 2018. However, it has grown significantly since its launch. This sportsbook, which is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gambling Authority, brings unique features to bettors looking to get the most out of their gambling experience. 

Neobet has a big welcome bonus that gives bettors matched deposits on their first several deposits, which helps make them stand out. They also have unique features, like a bet configurator, which is a comprehensive bet builder feature, and cashout control, which allows bettors to have heightened control over their live bets. The sports coverage is excellent, with both popular and niche sports. 

Like every sportsbook, there is room for improvement. There aren’t a ton of player prop options, so bettors that love this method of betting will be let down. Neobet could also stand to add to its simple web design. 

Overall, Neobet is a betting website Canada with a lot to offer. They have a deep sportsbook and unique features bettors will love. 

NeoBet Review
Welcome Package $400 Bonus

🏅 Fezbet

Fezbet review

Fezbet is an operator that launched in 2020 with a sleek website design and tons of standout aspects, which has helped it find immediate success. This bookmaker, which is licensed by the Curacao government, has found a large market in part due to its excellent promotional offering that includes free bets, you lead, you win offers, and more. 

There are many things bettors love about Fezbet, not just its promotional offers. You can pay with cryptocurrency when using Fezbet, which is a modern feature bettors like. Fezbet’s coverage is excellent. In particular, their player props are a standout, and they also cover all the sports and leagues necessary to be a successful Canadian sportsbook.  

However, there are some small aspects of Fezbet that bettors won’t like. The welcome bonus is a small offer that comes with extensive terms and conditions. There is no mobile app either, but their mobile website is still solid.  

Fezbet has had a big debut in Canada because it is unique, includes a well-designed homepage, and is a ton of fun.

Fezbet Review
100% Up To C$150

🏅 Powbet

Powbet is another sportsbook that has arrived in Canada with much acclaim from bettors. This Curacao-licensed operator first launched in Canada in 2021, which means most bettors will be unfamiliar with it. Still, Powbet will immediately stand out for its excellent website design, with cool graphics and fun features. 

Powbet has surged in popularity because it stands out for big promotions and amazing betting variety. Powbet has a solid, if unspectacular welcome offer, but their other promotions sign. They have plenty of contests and a VIP program. The betting experience is solid on both desktop and their mobile-optimized website. 

Every rose has its thorns, and there are areas of potential improvement that Powbet needs to consider. Adding a mobile app would augment the mobile experience, and they could add a fun feature like boosted odds or bet builder to really stand out. 

Still, Powbet has had an excellent entrance into the Canadian betting market. They are one of the sports betting websites with the best designs, and they also accept crypto transactions. 

Powbet Review
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Can I Trust a New Betting Site? 

Many people assume that new betting sites pose more of a risk because they have been available for less time. But this is certainly not the case, as long as the sportsbook is licensed and regulated by a reputable authority. 

The truth is, there are plenty of new betting sites that you can certainly trust to provide you with a safe and legal place for your hockey, football, baseball, or basketball online betting. The crucial thing you must do is evaluate the website independently and assess whether it can be trusted. 

The first thing you should do when considering whether to use a new betting site is look at its licensing. This shows you whether they are legal or illegal and who regulates their sportsbook. If a sportsbook has a license from a reputable regulator, that means you can typically trust them. If you don’t see a license, then avoid engaging with that operator. 

What is fun about new betting sites is that they are often created to address an existing hole in the market. There are new websites created that specialize in a specific thing, like e-sports or live streaming. They typically try to have a unique selling point to try and win over users from competitors. One way they do this is by offering huge bonuses, so bettors can really see some incredible offers. 

Trying new betting sites if a lot of fun because there is so much out there to be explored. Many of these new betting sites bring bettors fun features, unique deposit methods, or massive bonus offers. Bettors that only stick with old, long-established bookmakers will be missing out on boatloads of fun. 

Like all other kinds of betting sites, research and diligence are important. With new betting sites, there might not be as much information available to bettors as in older ones. However, every sportsbook worth using will have a license and information on their security, even if they are new. With that said, if you can access these details, you can verify that the new betting site is safe and secure. Many new betting sites use top-of-the-line security to keep bettors safe. 

Is Online Gambling Safe?

We’ve given you a lot to think about so far, covering everything from the top betting bookmakers to what we look for in a website. But before we proceed, there is an important question we need to answer. That question is, is online gambling safe? 

Before you even think about signing up and depositing with the top Canadian sportsbooks, we need to break down some crucial information on the safety of sports betting. 

To say all online sports betting is safe is a blanket statement. The truth is a little more complicated than that. The safety of sports betting websites is largely dependent on their license and cybersecurity.  

The license a sportsbook receives comes from a gaming commission or gambling authority. These licenses are verifications from regulatory bodies that a sportsbook has lived up to certain standards, typically standards centered around fairness and safety. There are many different qualified gaming commissions or gambling authorities, including ones based in Canada, like iGaming Ontario and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.  

If a sportsbook has received a license from a verified regulator, you can be confident that it is safe. All the operators we review and discuss are licensed sportsbooks. If a betting website doesn’t have a license, we would heavily recommend you not use it. 

Cybersecurity similarly defines safety. Hackers pose a risk on every website there is, especially one where bettors input their personal and payment information. But most of the top bookmakers in Canada have high levels of cybersecurity to keep bettors safe. This can include things like Secure Socket Layer data encryption or third-party security checks.  

Overall, sports betting online is completely safe if you use the right operators. The biggest betting websites in Canada are all typically operators you can trust. These are sportsbooks with licenses from regulators and high cybersecurity rankings. 

Gaming Commissions and Gambling Authorities 

Every gaming commission and gambling authority has different criteria they use to analyze sportsbooks. Let’s look at the criteria iGaming Ontario uses to get a sense of what a typical regulator will analyze. 

  • Ensure Games are Independent Testing Laboratory certified
  • Make Sure Sportsbooks are Connected to Secure Data and Information Communication Channels
  • Complete Anti-Money Laundering Information
  • Set Up to Report Regulatory Info and Partake in Data Readiness Cycle
  • Provide Technology Compliance Confirmation 

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How are the Laws Regulated?

As we’ve mentioned, most sports betting laws are enforced by the licensing parties and regulators that the sportsbooks register with. 

For a sportsbook to be considered legitimate, it needs a license. There are licensing agencies all around the world. In Canada, the two biggest are the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, a tribal gaming authority based in Quebec, and iGaming Ontario, the sports betting regulatory branch of Ontario’s government. But there are also regulators from Malta, Curacao, the United Kingdom, Estonia, and much more. Many sportsbooks that operate in Canada have licenses from these offshore regulators. 

So how does that process work? Essentially, the job of the regulator is to ensure that the sportsbook is living up to that country’s online sports betting laws. Every country has different rules surrounding online betting, but generally speaking, each country seeks to protect the user. 

These regulators protect the user by enforcing fairness, data protection, and financial security laws. Sportsbooks have to completely open themselves up to these regulators, who look everything over from top-to-bottom before giving away licenses. This ensures fairness and safety.

Ontario License

As we’ve mentioned, sports betting in Ontario is now fully legal and regulated by the Ontario government. The institution responsible for overseeing the industry and issuing licenses is iGaming Ontario. iGaming is the product of the Government of Ontario and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission, and it was specifically created to usher in the new era of online betting. 

When you see a sportsbook with an iGaming Ontario license, you can feel confident in the safety and security they provide. iGaming has a rigorous process sportsbooks must go through to secure licensing, and if you see a sportsbook licensed by iGaming, you know they have been specifically approved by the Ontario government. 

The addition of an Ontario license has led to a huge number of new sportsbooks entering the Ontario market. It brings tax dollars to the province and allows authorities to have heightened control over the industry, making it safer for bettors.

How do the Laws Affect Gambling Operators?

The laws impact gambling operators in several crucial ways. The first one is obvious. The laws dictate what they can and can’t do. If the Ontario government ruled that sportsbooks couldn’t accept spread bets, they wouldn’t be allowed to do so if they wanted to be iGaming licensed. 

The laws are designed to protect users and ensure the industry is fair and safe, and sportsbooks have no other choice but to comply. It also impacts operators because the revenue they make is taxed, so the government receives a slice of their earnings. 

If this sounds bad for operators, the upsides of this situation make up for it. Legal sports betting has legitimized the industry in a major way. Their betting volume has skyrocketed as more and more users feel comfortable joining up in this now fully legal industry. They can advertise and are able to better appeal to bettors. 


Is sports betting legal in Canada?

Yes. Though each province and territory have their own specific laws, as long as you are over the age of eighteen (18) it is legal to bet on sports. 

Is it safe to bet online?

Yes. All of the sports betting sites we highlight are licensed, safe and secure, and protect your privacy. 

Are all sports betting sites based outside of Canada?

If I win, will I get my money?

Yes. While many offshore sports books were known to be sketchy, with major corporations now backing legal sports gambling, you can rest assured that if you win, you will be paid. 

Are the bonuses legitimate?

Yes. There are terms and conditions attached to most bonuses, but if you meet those, you will receive your full bonus.