Calgary Flames Odds

Betting on the NHL and the Calgary Flames is like anything else. You need to build a solid knowledge base and keep yourself informed on the subject to have any fun or success.

To that end, we’ve meticulously researched and constructed these betting guidelines to help you find success with your Flames betting.

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Calgary Flames OddsSports Interaction reviewbet99

Flames odds to win Stanley Cup+2115+3000
Flames odds to win Western Conference+1139+1350

How to Bet on Calgary Flames?

Calgary Flames Betting

To give you a helping hand in finding success with your Calgary Flames betting and NHL betting in general, we’ve broken down all of the most crucial aspects of sports betting in this day and age.

We’ll cover everything from the different types of bets you can make, what Calgary Flames betting odds are and how they work, different betting strategies, as well as a little bit more about the NHL and the Calgary Flames specifically.

Calgary Flames Betting Markets

It seems like sportsbooks are adding to their betting market arsenals on a daily basis because the betting options nowadays are overflowing. To help you wade through all of the different types and markets, we’ve broken down the most popular bets you can make on the Calgary Flames that you should understand.

  • Moneyline → If you’re just learning how to bet on Flames games, this is the market to go with to start. This is the simplest, most basic kind of bet you can make as you’re simply looking at the Flames game and either betting on them or their opponent to win. That kind of bet generally includes overtime unless it is otherwise stated.

    However, because there is so much overtime in hockey, you can also bet on the 60-minute moneyline, which means you’re betting on the outcome at the end of regulation regardless of whether or not there will be overtime. This type of moneyline bet generally offers more lucrative odds for each team to win because there’s also the possibility of betting on a tie.
  • Puckline → Similar to the point spread in basketball and football or the run line in baseball, the puckline is a bet on the margin of victory and how many goals a team will win or lose by. Because scoring is not as common as in other sports, the puckline is set at 1.5 for every game.

    For example, if the Flames are favored in a game against the Montreal Canadiens, they would be -1.5 goal favorites while the Canadiens would be +1.5 underdogs. This means that a Flames bet only wins if they win the game by two or more goals while a Canadiens bet wins if they win straight up or if they lose by only one goal

    Puckline bets are common when the moneyline odds are prohibitively low on a favorite or when a bettor wants some extra insurance on an underdog bet.

  • Totals → This is a bet on how many goals will be scored in a given game. The sportsbook will handicap a number and the bettor's job is to predict whether the total goals will be over or under that number.

    For example, if the total for a Flames-Canadiens matchup is set at 5.5, a bet on the over would need the teams to combine for 6+ goals to win while a bet on the under would need the teams to combine for 5 goals or fewer to win.

  • Player Props → This type of bet is focused on the performance of one player rather than the result of the actual contest. You can bet over/under on how many shots a player will take, how many shots on target, how many points a player will have, how many penalty minutes they serve, or how many saves a goalie might make.

    You can also bet on yes/no propositions like whether or not a player will score in a game, whether or not they’ll take a shot, or whether or not they’ll record an assist.

  • Futures → This betting market is focused on long-term propositions. The futures bet can be made at any point before or during the season on things that won’t be decided until around the end of the season. These things could include who will win the Stanley Cup, who will make it to the Finals, who will make the postseason, who will win the various player and team awards, over/unders on how many points a team will have in a season, who will win a series, and much more.

    Because these are such long-term propositions, the earlier you make your futures bet, the better your odds will be simply because of how much can happen and change duringan NHL season.

  • Parlays → This is a bet where several plays are rolled into one. Betting on parlays is dangerous because the lucrative odds are very enticing, but the odds of you winning a parlay are usually very low, which is why sportsbooks love to advertise them. For example, if you combine, say, seven bets into one parlay and you hit on six of the seven, you still lose your bet.

Calgary Flames Odds & Lines Explained

The most important part of sports betting is the odds or lines. These numbers basically dictate both how much money you can win on a bet as well as the likelihood that your bet will cash. There are three different ways that odds are generally displayed: decimal, fractional, and American.

Decimal odds are most common in continental Europe. Next to each betting market you’ll see a decimal number, and the higher that number, the less likely that bet is of hitting but the more money you stand to make if it does. For example, if you bet $10 on the Flames to win a game at 2.2 odds, you stand to win ($10 x 2.2) $22.

Fractional odds are the most common type of odds in the UK but are rarely found in North America. Each bet has a fraction next to it where the second number of the fraction represents your stake and the first represents your payout. For example, if you bet on the Flames to win a game at 5/2 odds, you’d be winning $5 off a $2 bet or $10 off a $4 bet, or $20 off an $8 bet.

The most common form of odds in North America, however, are American odds. Odds are represented by a number and either a positive (+) or a negative (-) sign. The higher the number next to a (+) sign, the higher payout and the lower your likelihood of winning, the higher the number next to a (-) sign, the lower the payout and the higher your likelihood of winning.

The number next to the (+) refers to how much money you would win from a $100 bet (though you don’t have to bet $100). The (-) refers to how much money you need to stake to win $100. A (+) sign means there’s potential for a bigger win at more risk. A (-) sign usually means you have a safer bet on which you need to invest more money to get a big payday. But sometimes, teamsplaying against one another will both have a (-) sign next to their odds. This means both teams have a great shot at winning the game and neither will offer a huge payout.

Odds change fast, if the Flames odds to win the Stanley Cup before the season are at +500, a $100 bet on them would net you $500 in winnings, so a $50 bet would net you $250. If you don’tpull the trigger and the Flames have a great season, the Flames odds could drop down to something like -150. Now you’d have to bet $150 just to win $100.

When betting on the moneyline or puckline, the (-) sign refers to the favourite that’s more likely to win. The (+) sign denotes an underdog team that is less likely to win. For example, if you have a game where the Flames odds are -150 on the moneyline and +150 on a -1.5 puckline, that means that while the Flames are the favorites, oddsmakers think it’s more likely they’ll win by one goal than multiple.

Calgary Flames OddsSports Interaction reviewbet99

Flames odds to win Stanley Cup+2115+3000
Flames odds to win Western Conference+1139+1350

Calgary Flames 2023 Trophy Watch

One of the most popular ways to bet on Flames odds and the NHL is with futures, the most common of which are centered on who will win the trophies and awards at the end of the season at the NHL Awards show on June 26th.

The Flames had a disappointing season in 2023, finishing just outside the playoffs after winning the Pacific Division the year before, they weren’t really in the mix for many of the individual awards either unfortunately.

  • Hart Trophy → The Hart Trophy is the NHL’s name for the Most Valuable Player award. This year’s award went to Edmonton Oilers forward Connor McDavid, who had a historic season. If the Flames were going to have any shot at winning this award in 2023,it would be with Tyler Toffoli, who led the team in both points and goals.

  • Vezina Trophy → The Vezina Trophy is the award bestowed on the best goalie in theNHL during that season. The Flames odds of winning this one were basically nil considering their top netminder, Jacob Markstrom, did not put up impressive numbers in the win, goals against average (GAA), or save percentage departments.

  • Norris Trophy → This award is given to the player judged to have been the best defenseman in the league over the course of the regular season. This is another award where the Flames odds were not very promising. Their top defenseman pairing of Rasmus Andersson and Noah Hanifin had solid seasons, but didn’t perform to a level where they were in the conversation for this award.

  • Jack Adams Award → This award is won by the man who is judged to have done thebest coaching job during that season. Flames coach Darryl Sutter actually won this award in 2022 after turning a poor Flames team into the best in the Pacific Division, but this season was a big letdown as they missed the playoffs, and on May 1st, Sutter was relieved of his duties. You don’t see a guy get the Jack Adams award and get fired in thenext season very often.

  • Rocket Richard Trophy → Unlike the other awards we’ve discussed which are voted on by media members, this award is simply given to the player who scored the most goals in the regular season. Toffoli’s 34 goals were solid, but McDavid almost doubled that with his insane 64-goal campaign.

Calgary Flames Betting Strategies

You won’t have success with your Flames betting if you don’t come into it with a plan or a strategy. To help set you off on the right foot, we’ve shared some insights on some of our favourite Flames and NHL betting strategies that have been successful in the past.

  • Go Shopping → We recommend joining up with more than one sportsbook so that you can take advantage of more bonuses and promotions for the NHL and Flames games. Line shopping is another reason it’s great to sign up with more than one sportsbook.

    This means choosing a betting market, and then comparing the odds on that market at different sportsbooks to see which one is offering the most value on your selection. Some sportsbooks offer higher payouts for the same betting market on another sportsbook.

  • Stay Locked In For Situational Bets → Successful betting is all about research. If you have more information or better information earlier than the guy’s setting the lines, you’re likely to find a ton of value.

    For example, you can look for revenge games where a player is playing his old team, you can look at rest disadvantages, or you could look at bounce back performances for elite players.

  • Bet Against Backup Goalies → Stay abreast of all personnel and roster developments on a daily basis. Try to keep an eye on morning skates and other training so you can pounce when a starting goalie is announced to be missing a game, allowing you to bet on that team’s opponent before the market is able to adjust.

NHL Format Explained

The NHL is the highest level of professional hockey in the world. It contains 32 teams across theUS and Canada divided into two conferences of 16 teams, the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Both conferences are further split into two eight-team divisions. The Calgary Flames are part of the Western Conference’s Pacific Division along with the Vegas Golden Knights, the Edmonton Oilers, the Vancouver Canucks, the Los Angeles Kings, the Seattle Kraken, the San Jose Sharks, and the Anaheim Ducks.

The standings are decided based on a points system that awards teams two points for a win, one point for an overtime loss, and zero points for a regulation loss. These points are all added up after the full 82-game season has been played to create the league’s playoff hierarchy.

NHL Playoffs Format Explained

After the 82-game regular season is over, it’s time for the postseason. The top three teams fromeach division make the playoffs, and the playoff bracket is filled out by two wild cards (the two best remaining teams regardless of division) from each conference. This results in an eight-team playoff tournament in each conference which pits the best team in each conference against the weakest playoff team in that conference, the second-best team against the second-weakest, and the number two and three teams from each division face off.

Teams determine playoff advancement through seven-game playoff series where it’s essentiallya battle to be the first to four wins. The first round features 16 teams, the second round has eight, and the Conference Finals feature the two remaining teams in each conference duking it out for conference supremacy. The winners of the Conference Finals then meet in the Stanley Cup Finals where they compete in another seven-game series. The winner of the finals will be the Stanley Cup champions.

Top Sportsbooks to Bet on Calgary Flames

It’s all well and good to know everything about Flames odds and NHL betting, but at the end of the day that knowledge is moot if you don’t have a sportsbook account to put that information into action.

Deciding on which sportsbooks are ideal for you is one of the first things you should be doing onyour Flames betting journey. We’ve given a quick breakdown of our nine favourite sportsbooks so you can decide which one fits your preferences the best.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction

A locally operated sportsbook that offers no fee banking for deposits and withdrawals, Sports Interaction is our favorite sportsbook on the market right now. They have an app available for iOS and Android users, though their mobile site is impressive in its own right.

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Bet99 Review

If you want a sportsbook that’s all in on Canada, Bet99 is the one for you. They count Georges St-Pierre and Auston Matthews as ambassadors and offer some of the best Flames odds on the market as well as a wide variety of NHL betting options.

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Betway Canada

With one of the best mobile apps in the game, Betway is always a good option for Flames betting. They’ve got a thick library of player props for every NHL game and their platform is one of the most well-designed both practically and aesthetically.

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BetMGM Ontario

One of the oldest names in North American gambling, BetMGM has now spread into the online sportsbook space with a great sports betting app. They offer same game parlays and also make depositing very painless.

✓ Wide range of betting markets ✓ Competitive odds and features


BetRivers Ontario

Supported by Interac and PayPal, this is definitely one of the most user-friendly and easy to use platforms on the market. If you’re a Flames betting newcomer, BetRivers sportsbook and its seemingly endless lineup of betting options is for you.

✓ Many sports betting markets ✓ Intuitive sportsbook features


888sport review

People want things as soon as possible these days, and that’s true of betting as well. A lot of bettors want to bet live and they want to live stream. 888Sport is at the top of the game when it comes to live betting and streaming.

100% Bonus Up To $300



Another sportsbook with a ton of live streaming options is LeoVegas. LeoVegas operates an award-winning mobile app and also offers their services in English and French which means they’re reaching a larger portion of the Canadian population.

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BetVictor Canada

There is no sportsbook available to Canadians that offers a better range of Flames betting options than BetVictor. They’ve got great live betting features as well, including PGA live streaming.

100% Matched Free Bet Up to $300


Bodog Canada

While it has yet to be regulated in the US, Bodog is here for Canadian bettors. They have a strong lineup of prop bets and their platform is one of the more stylish you’ll come across in yoursportsbook search.

Get Your $400 Welcome Bonus

Important Betting Features

There are a lot of different aspects and features that make a sportsbook good or bad. To help you navigate the sportsbook landscape and streamline your search for a good betting site, we’ve broken down some of the most important sportsbook features.

  • Early Cashout → This feature allows bettors to cashout a portion of their bet before the event is finished if they either want to cut their losses on a bet that looks like it’s losing or ensure they win at least something on a bet that they’re losing confidence in.

  • Live Betting → If you want to bet during the game, ensure that your preferred sportsbook has this feature. This allows you to bet on a limited number of markets after the event has already started. This is a great tool to use for people who can watch sports shrewdly and deduce how the game will progress.

  • Same Game Parlays → This is not a feature that most sportsbooks offer, but it’s becoming more and more popular by the week. Parlays allow you to combine several markets from one event into a single parlay. For example, you can parlay the moneyline with the over/under and a player prop.

  • Bonuses & Promotions → This is always something to consider when joining a new sportsbook because the best bonuses usually come in the form of sign-up bonuses.The best sportsbooks will also offer free bets and odds boosts on a regular basis.

  • Banking → Different sportsbooks offer varying banking methods for deposits and withdrawals, so be sure to check this feature out before joining a sportsbook because if you can’t get any money in or out of your account, what’s the point?

What are our Ranking Criteria?

If you’re wondering how we differentiate what a bad betting site is compared to a good one, we’ll explain it right here. Obviously, the five features we mentioned above will be important markers for us when deciding which sportsbook we want to join. It’s nice to have different betting options, so the wider variety of bets and ways to bet that a sportsbook has, the better it is.

The banking methods also weigh heavily in our decision because if you use your account a lot, it can be pretty annoying and/or costly to bet with a sportsbook that has poor banking options. You also want to make sure your preferred banking method is not only accepted at this sportsbook, but that it’s also not one that the sportsbook charges fees for.

You also want to make sure you’re placing your bets with a reputable sportsbook that’s registered with the proper authorities. You don’t want to win a big bet only to realize that the sportsbook is run by scammers that end up stealing your money. Also, if the sportsbook is discovered by the authorities, you don’t want to lose your whole bankroll there.

Apart from that, the most important thing here is how dedicated they are to providing a good Flames betting and NHL betting experience. We look at how many betting options they have for Flames games, whether the odds are offering value to the bettor, and if they have any bonuses or promotions for the NHL and Flames.

How Can I Open A Betting Account?

Now that you know basically everything you need to research and place bets successfully, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of actually opening up an account with a sportsbook.

  • Identify which sportsbook you want to bet with and ensure you do your research on them.
  • Create an account with that sportsbook by providing them with your personal info such as name, phone number, email, etc.
  • Deposit money into your account so that you can start betting. Make sure you are ready to lose however much you put in your account because sports betting can be unpredictable.
  • Surf the sportsbook for the markets that are offering the most value based on your research and choose where you’re going to invest your money.
  • Decide on how much you want a unit to be and bet consistently using that amount so you can keep track of your betting progress and refrain from overbetting or chasing losses.

About the Calgary Flames

The Calgary Flames are one of seven Canadian teams in the NHL. They were founded in 1972, reaching their first Stanley Cup Finals in 1986 and winning their first and only title in 1989. Their most famous draft pick and likely their best player of all-time was forward Jarome Iginla, who holds the franchise records for points and goals and played for Calgary for nearly 18 years.

The Flames made the playoffs 25 times in their 50 year existence, including five times in the last nine years. They’ve also finished atop the Pacific Division in two of the last five seasons but were unable to make any noise in the postseason despite those strong regular season performances.

Who Are the Flames Top Current Players?

The Calgary Flames fell just two points short of the 2023 NHL playoffs with a team that was led by winger Tyler Toffoli, who paced the team with 73 points and 34 goals during the campaign.

All four of their centers, Elias Lindholm, Nazem Kadri, Mikael Backlund, and Jonathan Huberdeau, also finished with 55+ points. Top goalie Jacob Markstrom didn’t have the best season, winning 23 of 59 games and putting up mediocre GAA (2.92) and save percentage (.892) stats.

Calgary Flames Betting FAQs

We’ve covered everything you need to know for successful betting, but to make sure we hammer the important points home, we’ve put together this list of commonly posed questions on the topic of Flames betting, and NHL betting in general.

Is it legal to bet on the NHL in Canada?

Yes, it is legal to bet on most sports in Canada, hockey and the NHL included. The only caveat here is that there are a lot of scammers online so be sure you’re signing up and getting your Calgary Flames betting odds from a reputable sportsbook that is licensed and registered with the relevant authorities.

Who has the best Calgary Flames betting odds?

There are almost an unlimited number of Canadian betting sites (the best of which are the ones we’ve listed here in our guidelines) where you can find Flames odds to win a series, and everything in between.

They generally have pretty similar Flames betting odds, but you’ll find slight changes from one sportsbook to the next. Be sure to have a look at a few different sportsbook options before locking in a bet to ensure you get the best value on your bet.

Have the Calgary Flames ever won the Stanley Cup?

The Flames weren’t an Original Six team, joining the NHL in 1972, so they don’t have quite as storied a history as some of the other Canadian teams. They made their first Stanley Cup Finals in 1986 but lost, then in 1989 they got over the hump and won their first and only Stanley Cup Trophy. They returned to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2004 but lost once again.

Is it easy for a beginner to bet on the Calgary Flames?

Yes, it is quite easy for prospective bettors to get wagers in on any sport, including the Calgary Flames and the NHL. All of the sportsbooks we’ve broken down on this page have Calgary Flames betting odds and tons of betting markets for every game.

Can I bet on the Calgary Flames to win the Stanley Cup?

You can bet on any team that hasn’t been eliminated from playoff contention, including the Calgary Flames, to win the Stanley Cup every year from the day the odds are released until thatteam has been eliminated from contention.

Who is the Calgary Flames all-time leading scorer?

Forward Jarome Iginla played for the Flames from 1995 to 2012 and put in a franchise record 1,095 points over that time. Iginla also holds the franchise record for goals with 525. Theoren Fleury’s 830 points are second, and Al MacInnis is third with 822.

Who are the Calgary Flames biggest rivals?

Any Canadian team can be considered a rival for the Flames, but more specifically their fellow Alberta-based team, the Edmonton Oilers, are by far their biggest rival of them all. The Winnipeg Jets and Vancouver Canucks are also considered rivals since they all come from the Western Canadian provinces.

Where do the Calgary Flames play?

The Calgary Flames play their hockey at the Scotiabank Saddledome, which has been their home since it was built in 1983. The arena also served as the location for various ice skating events during the 1988 Calgary Olympics.