CFL Grey Cup Odds: Top Sportsbooks & How to Bet

The Grey Cup is the long-awaited championship game of the Canadian Football League (CFL). It is also the trophy given to the team that wins the Grey Cup championship contested between CFL's east and west divisional playoffs.

Our guide explores everything you need to know about betting on CFL grey cup. We cover the games, markets, odds, how to bet, where to bet, tips & strategies, and more.

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The first Grey Cup was held in 1901, and the event has only grown into a global sensation, drawing millions of fans from Canada and other regions. Fans and punters both take part in the annual showdown.

Grey Cup betting is common in Canada, especially now that Ontario has a regulated sports betting market.
All top-rated sportsbooks feature opportunities to bet on the Grey Cup showdown and the matches leading up to the championship and playoff.

CFL Grey Cup Odds

The 2023 CFL Grey Cup odds are available in some bookmakers, even though the showdown is scheduled for Sunday, November 19. Like every CLF Grey Cup season, the teams go through rounds of regular-season division events, culminating in the semifinals and finals. Winners of each division will then compete for the ultimate trophy. The odds to win the 2023 Grey Cup is the most popular futures available at all leading sportsbook. Here's an overview of each team's chances:

Toronto Argonauts won the 109th Grey Cup in 2022, beating Winnipeg Blue Bombers 24-23. The win gave the Argonauts their 18th for Toronto, but the runner-up came close to winning their third consecutive Grey Cup. Most bookies tip the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to win the 2023 Grey Cup, even though it’s a long way to go. Participants must win the CFL Championship divisions after 21 weeks of regular season matches. Winners of both divisions face off in the year’s biggest event.

CFL Grey Cup Structure

Betting on the CFL Grey Cup is easy because most sportsbooks offer such opportunities. All you need is a gambling account with a reputable bookmaker. Understanding the league’s structure, divisions, and matches makes predicting who will win the final event easier.

The Canadian Football League has a simple structure involving an Eastern and Western Division. The teams participate in the regular CFL season, which involves 21 weeks of matches. After the season ends, the top teams play semifinals and finals to determine who has won each division. Winners of each division then head into the final event to determine who gets the Grey Cup trophy.

The Eastern Division

This division currently features four active teams; the Toronto Argonauts, Montreal Alouettes, Hamilton Tigercats, and Ottawa RedBacks.

The Western Division

This division features five active teams; the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, British Columbia Lions, Calgary Stampeders, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and Edmonton Elks.

Playoff Events

When the season ends, the leader of each division automatically qualifies for the semifinals of the playoffs. The next two best teams in the division face off in a quarterfinals match.

The winner meets the leader of the division in a semifinal match. Winners of the semifinals are considered the respective winners of the CFL Championship in their divisions and proceed to the Grey Cup finals.

How to Bet on the Grey Cup?

Grey Cup betting is the same as regular betting. You may find a few more markets, but the traditional lines (moneyline, spread, totals) will always be available. Simply choose a market, compare odds, and place a bet with your favourite bookmaker.

Markets, Betting Types & Odds 

The betting markets and odds are everything when it comes to betting. CFL grey cup odds exist on various betting lines, including the moneyline, spread, total, props, and futures. Here’s a look at each:

  • Moneyline: Involves betting on who wins a CFL match. You can back the favourite or the underdog to win the event. An example of a moneyline is Toronto Argonauts +155, Montreal Alouettes +200. You can win $155 when you bet $100 on Toronto or back Montreal to win $250.
  • Spread: The spread involves betting on the score variation of an event. An example is Toronto Argonauts +5 (-110), Winnipeg Blue Bombers -5 (-110). Winnipeg must score at least 5 points more than Toronto to cover the spread. Meanwhile, Toronto can win or avoid losing by not more than 5 points to win the bet against the spread.
  • Total: The total (over/under) bet involves betting on the combined number of points. An example is Over 47 (-110) Under 47 (-110). In the example, you can win $100 if you bet $110 on the match to produce more than 47 goals, like in a 25-23 score. You'll win with the under bet if the game ends in less than 47 goals, like in a 23-21 score.
  • Props: The prop bet involves betting on minor outcomes of an event. You'll find player props like how many yards a player will rush. Team props include how many touchdowns or points a team will score for the full, half, or quarter game. You can also find game props, like how many touchdowns the game will yield.
  • Futures: This market involves betting on future outcomes, like who will win Grey Cup in 2023. All bets on future events, including moneyline, point spread, and totals, are technically futures.

Where to Bet on CFL Grey Cup

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is one of the long-serving bookmakers with CFL Grey Cup odds and thousands of football markets. You can bet on all popular lines, including the moneyline, spread, totals, props, parlays, and more. The site also offers live bets, live streaming, Android and iOS betting apps, early cash-out, and more.

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888sport is an award-winning bookmaker offering CFL betting in Canada. The sportsbook is legal in Canada and offers real money markets on football events worldwide, including the CFL. You can find dozens of markets for each CFL Grey Cup football match. The bookmaker also offers bonuses, top betting features, excellent support, and a user-friendly experience.

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BetVictor offers competitive Grey Cup betting odds and real money betting opportunities on many other football matches. You can bet on all CFL season events, playoffs, and the Grey Cup Final. The sportsbook is secure, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate. You'll also encounter reliable betting services, including instant banking and round-the-clock customer service.

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Punters on Bet99 can explore markets and odds across all their Grey Cup favourites, including the CFL season events, playoffs, and the big showdown. The sportsbook features hundreds of betting markets across all football events in Canada and North America. You can bet on traditional markets, props, futures, live and pre-match, parlays, singles, and more.

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Betway sportsbook


Betway is another top-rated bookmaker known for its first-class services, top markets, and competitive odds. You can also enjoy the experience of sleek sports betting apps for Android and iOS. The bookmaker hosts all football betting markets, so you can explore everything from regular season opportunities to the CFL Grey Cup odds.

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Bodog is an exciting gambling website with odds on football betting markets. You can find CFL events, including the regular weekly matches, playoff quarters, semis, finals, and the Grey Cup finals. The bookmaker has competitive odds, dozens of markets, generous bonuses and promotions, reliable support and banking, and excellent security features.

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CFL Grey Cup Betting Tips and Strategies

Betting on the CFL Grey Cup is as simple as signing up for an account with a trustworthy bookmaker, funding your account, finding matches, and selecting your markets. Here are some tips and strategies you can deploy to make betting easier and increase your odds of profiting:

  • Always Shop for the Best Odds

Betting is about predicting an outcome, and bookmakers offer different prices for their markets. If one sportsbook offers a dollar more on the same outcome, you can take advantage of that to win bigger payouts. Find out which bookmaker pays the highest for your selected lines before betting.

  • Research the Teams

All CFL teams have a history, and some are strong favourites to win specific matches. However, shockers and upsets aren't novel. Last year all bookmakers tipped Winnipeg Blue Bombers to win a third consecutive Grey Cup, but Toronto won it narrowly by a single point. You should research each team, player, form, dressing room, injuries, atmosphere, illness, and more to make informed predictions.

  • Leverage Bonuses

Nearly all bookmakers offer bonuses and promotions that you can spend on football markets. Review each deal and determine whether you can use it to bet on CFL and Grey Cup events. Some bookmakers have free bets and no-deposit offers that come with zero risk. Consider strategies like matched bets to make the most of your free perks.

  • Bet Responsibly

Don’t bet money you don’t have. Set aside gambling funds from other finances and choose credible licensed sportsbooks. Stick to your budget, set loss and deposit limits if possible and take some cool-off time if betting is causing you issues. The goal is to bet responsibly and enjoy CFL Grey Cup events with other fans. When betting, choose the best bookmakers and learn how to leverage the feature set.

Who are the Favourites to Win 2024 Grey Cup?

The 2023 CFL Grey Cup season has been drafted, and the dates leading to the showdown in November are out. Like in recent years, most bookmakers back Winnipeg Blue Bombers to win the West Division and Grey Cup finals.

The team was tipped to win last year but missed it narrowly to serial winners Toronto Argonauts.The Blue Bombers won the 2021 and 2019 Grey Cup titles. The 2020 championship was called off due to the Pandemic.

In 2023, bookmakers are backing the Blue Bombers at +200 to win the football’s most prestigious trophy in Canada. Winnipeg Blue Bombers finished last season on a high after winning franchise-high 15 games. They won’t let the disappointments of the final get in their way and are undoubtedly among the top two teams expected to advance to the 2023 Grey Cup finals.

Recent Grey Cup Winners

The CFL Grey Cup odds at the start of the season haven’t always panned out. The competition will be heading into its 110th iteration, with teams knowing they all have a chance. In the last ten seasons, the Grey Cup has been won by six different teams. Here's an overview of the winners, odds and runners-up of the last ten competitions:






Toronto Argonauts


Winnipeg Blue Bombers


Winnipeg Blue Bombers


Hamilton Tiger-Cats






Winnipeg Blue Bombers


Hamilton Tiger-Cats


Calgary Stampeders


Ottawa Redblacks


Toronto Argonauts


Calgary Stampeders


Ottawa Redblacks


Calgary Stampeders


Edmonton Eskimos


Ottawa Redblacks


Calgary Stampeders


Hamilton Tiger-Cats


Saskatchewan Roughriders


Hamilton Tiger-Cats


Toronto Argonauts


Calgary Stampeders

CFL Grey Cup Trends

CFL Grey Cup odds have always existed since the competition's inception. The annual showdown has also evolved from its rudimentary structure to the current most-merger era. Here are some noteworthy trends and facts about the Grey Cup:

  • Edmonton has won 14 titles, with 11 coming after the post-merger era, the most of any club. The team last won in 2015.
  • Toronto Argonauts have won more Grey Cups (18) than any other team. They’re followed from a distance by Edmonton Eskimos (14) and Winnipeg Blue Bombers (12).
  • The Grey Cup trophy, like the Stanley Cup, is reused every year and awarded to the winning team.
  • Only ten instances exist where the winner of the Grey Cup has retained it after winning it a second time in a row.
  • The CFL odds to win Grey Cup may change throughout a season, leading up to the finals.

CFL Grey Cup Betting FAQs

What is the Grey Cup?

The CFL Grey Cup is the most prestigious trophy awarded to the Canadian Football League Championship winner. Teams have a chance to win the trophy each year. First, they must top their respective divisions or make it at least to the quarterfinals of the playoffs. Teams that win their respective divisions (East and West) meet in the Grey Cup season finale, equivalent to the NFL Super Bowl. 

When is the 2023 Grey Cup?

The 2023 CFL Grey Cup will be held on November 19, which will be a Sunday. Before that, teams must compete in the CFL divisions' semifinals held on November 4 and finals on November 11. Even further before the playoffs, the teams will participate in respective divisions over 21 weeks. The season opens on June 8 and will be played until October 28, followed by the playoffs.

Who will win the 2023 Grey Cup?

It’s hard to tell who will win the 110th Grey Cup because the season has yet to kick off. Most bookmakers tip Winnipeg Blue Bombers to win the cup at +200, which is the smallest payout of all futures. Toronto Argonauts are also favourites, especially after clinching the title last year. The champions also hold the record for the most Grey Cup titles. Other favourites include the British Columbia Lions and Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who’ve come close to winning in recent years.

How do I bet on the CFL Grey Cup?

Betting on the Grey Cup finals or other matches leading up to the main event is easy. All you need is a trustworthy sportsbook offering the usual football markets and CFL Grey Cup odds. You can bet on who will win the cup and other markets, like the moneyline, spread, total, and props. To bet, sign up for an account with any of the top sportsbooks we recommend on our list. You can then deposit and bet.

Which is the best sportsbook for Grey Cup betting?

No single sportsbook is the best for everyone. People have different preferences. Some want to bet with cryptocurrencies, while others fancy free bets, instant withdrawals, or same-game parlay builders. Nonetheless, you should choose a sportsbook with a legitimate gambling license from Canada, the UK or the USA and the latest security measures. Other highlights of top sportsbooks include generous bonuses, 24/7 customer service, convenient banking methods, a clean track record, and comprehensive sports coverage. 

Can I bet on my mobile phone?

Yes. CFL Grey Cup odds are provided by licensed bookmakers with online betting platforms. Some bookmakers have dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. You can install the app or play directly on your phone browser. The mobile-friendly sportsbooks run efficiently across modern smartphones, tablets, and iPads. You can bet using any preferred platform, but apps aren't always available. Some sites don't offer features like live streaming on mobile, so review the mobile betting experience first.