Live Betting Guide: What is In-Play Betting & How It Works

Live betting has become the top feature of Canadian sportsbooks. In this guide, we’ll give you the top live betting sites in Canada and all the information you need to know to start betting in-game now.

Top Sites for In-Play Betting

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What Is Live Betting?

Live betting Canada

With live betting, the action doesn’t stop when the game starts, it’s only just beginning. This popular feature allows you to continue to bet in all the major markets while the game is in progress. On top of that, other betting options only become available once the game is in play. 

During the course of a game, the point spread and totals will change along with their associated odds. Also, more prop bets will be offered, including such plays as which team will score the next goal, whether the next basket scored is a two or three pointer, or which will be the first team to score three runs in the game. All of this and more is available with live betting.

How Does Live Betting Work?

Live betting is just like betting on an event pre-game. The best live betting sites will continue to offer odds on the moneyline, totals, and point spread once the game begins. The only difference is that both the odds and the numbers will change as the game progresses. You can bet into these markets at any point in time you like. 

You can find the live betting options at most sportsbooks in one of two ways. Either locate the game you are looking for in the main menu of sports offered, or many sportsbooks now have a dedicated “Live” section which will show all the games in play in which you can bet. In each case, select the game of interest and all of the live betting options will be shown. 

There’s more to bet on than just the outcome of the game with live betting. You can bet on the results of each quarter, half or period as well as on individual event outcomes such as which team will score next. With all of these options available throughout the course of each game, you’ll quickly see how fun live betting can be.

Sports Interaction
Best Live Betting Sportsbook
Place Live Bets with SIA

Live Betting Markets & Sports

One of the best parts about live betting is that it isn’t just offered in one sport, every sport has a live betting market available. Just some of the sports and bets available include: 

🏒 Hockey: In the thrilling world of NHL betting, the opportunities to place your live bets are as dynamic as the sport itself. Once the puck drops, you can bet on which team (if any) will be the next to score. You can bet on under/overs for the period, whether a goal will be scored during a particular interval (first 10 minutes of each period), and more.

🏈 American Football: Oddsmakers will post under/overs for each quarter and half. They’ll also offer point spreads for both as well. With live betting, you can also wager on the outcome of each drive, and in some cases, whether a first down will be made on a team’s next possession - adding yet another layer of excitement to NFL betting.

🏀 Basketball: Here, too, you can bet on the point spread and totals for each quarter and half. You can also bet on whether the next basket scored will be a 2- or 3-pointer. The action in a basketball game will keep you on your toes if you’re live betting.

⚾ Baseball: Depending on the MLB betting site, you can sometimes bet on each pitch and whether it will be a ball or strike. Beyond that, you can bet on each at-bats’ outcome (out/hit), and which team will be the first to score three or four or five runs. Baseball is an excellent live betting sport.

⚽ Soccer: Live betting allows you to bet on the totals as well as the moneyline and point spread on each half. Other in-game events such as penalties, penalty kicks, corner kicks and more can be wagered upon with live betting. Virtually anything that can occur within a match can be wagered upon.

Live Betting Restrictions

For the most part, there is little difference between making a bet pre-game and one made through live betting. In fact, the process of making a bet in either case is the same. Select the game, the market, the side and then input the amount you want to wager in your bet slip and place the bet. 

With live betting, however, there can be some restrictions. For one, not every market will always be available. At some point in every game, certain bets will not be accepted. Often times, this will be indicted on the site with a “lock” or some other symbol indicating the wager is no longer offered. Also, because the odds constantly fluctuate during a match, you may try to make a bet at one number, and by the time you fill out your betting slip, that number is no longer being offered. These are the risks of moving too slow in a fast-paced market. 

Other restrictions or rules may apply depending on the sports book, but these minor differences shouldn’t impede on enjoying your live betting experience.

Live Betting Apps

Not all Canadian sports betting sites offer players an app. Many are just “mobile friendly.” But those that do have Android or iOS betting app will also offer live betting on your mobile device. 

Live betting works just as well, if not better, through an app as it does on a desktop site. In most cases, you can find all of the live betting options under the apps “Live” heading or button.

Once there, you can select the game you are interested in and see all of the live betting options available. Then you simply place your bet as you normally would to get in on the action.

Top Live Betting Apps

Getting the Full Live Betting Experience

There’s more to live betting than first meets the eye. Other features offered at Canada's sports betting sites fully round out the live experience. 

Live Streaming

Often when you are betting on a live event, you want to see what is happening. Depending on your circumstances, this isn’t always possible.

Many sportsbooks now offer live streaming of matches, including soccer, tennis, esports and more. Being able to simultaneously watch and bet increases the excitement so check to see what’s available to live stream at your favorite sportsbook. 

Cash Out

If you are watching the game and fear that you might lose your bet to a “bad beat,” take advantage of a sportsbook’s cash out feature. With cash out, you can settle your bet at a lower pay-out prior to a game ending. This way you can salvage a winning play before it turns into a loser. Look to see if this feature is available. 

Prop Bets

This is what live betting was made for. Prop bets are those fun bets that often have little to do with the outcome of the game. Betting on individual player performances and other off-beat in-game events comes to life with live betting. Seek out these bets and have fun without worrying about which team wins or loses.

Live Betting Tips and Strategies

When engaging in live betting, there are a few things you need to keep an eye on as the action moves fast. Watching these items will keep you ahead of the pack.

  • Odds/Point Changes: In live betting, the point spreads and odds are constantly in flux. Carefully watch the numbers offered because sometimes a great number will appear only to be gone in a flash. Jump on it when you see it offered!
  • Game Flow: Obviously the odds change as the score changes. But by paying attention to the action in the game, you may see windows of opportunity appear before the bookmakers’ shift their odds. You may also see things not going in your favorite, and if that happens, use the cash out feature to save your bet.
  • Accuracy & Timing: Live betting is all about seizing the moment because once it’s passed, it’s gone. You can perhaps make the best bet on a game while it is being played, but only if you’re on your toes and ready. Don’t just bet into a bad number because you want to be involved. Stay sharp and only bet when you see value at hand.
  • Sometimes, Don’t Bet: Just because live betting is offered and you’re watching the game, doesn’t mean you have to make a bet. Only engage in live betting if it makes sense to do so. Then, you’ll be happy you did.

Live Betting Canada: Top Sportsbooks for Live Betting

Let's take a closer look at the best live betting sites in Canada. These top sportsbooks provide an unmatched live betting experience.

Sports Interaction Live Betting

Sports Interaction

With a dedicated Live Betting tab at the top of their page, Sports Interaction delivers plenty of live betting options to players. Nearly all of the sports are represented with multiple markets from which to choose.

Whether it’s the NHL, NFL or some offbeat table tennis tournament, Sports Interaction delivers fun features to make each match exciting.

The Sports Interaction app makes live betting fast and simple, while their early cash out and match tracking features aid in maximizing your wagers.

125% Welcome Bonus up to $250

Betway Live Betting

Betway sportsbook

Betway is geared towards its live betting options. With both an “in-play” tab as well as a “live” highlight on each sport with games in play, Betway makes sure you see which games feature live betting.

With an incredibly wide expanse of sports and leagues available, if there’s a game being played you want to bet on, you’d better believe Betway offers odds on it.

With a well-designed app which also allows live betting and early cash outs and a great welcome bonus, Betway is a live betting paradise.

100% Deposit Bonus Up To $300

888sport Live Betting


Featuring a top-notch mobile app for both iOS and Android users, 888Sport live betting feature is always available to its players. Their “Live Now” tab brings you all of the current games in play.

Here, this can range from the NFL and NHL to esports and volleyball. All betting markets are well-represented, and within each major live event, a multitude of props and alternative odds are available.

With a “BetFeed” to track every bet made at the site along with a cash out and bet builder, 888Sport could be your new home for live betting.

100% Bonus Up To $500 + $10 Casino Bonus

Live Betting FAQs

Do all Canadian sportsbooks offer live betting?

Most sportsbooks in Canada do offer live betting to some extent. Check with your favorite to see if they offer live betting on the sports you most closely follow.

Are live betting odds always offered?

There will come a time in every game when live betting ceases to be offered. When that is depends on the sports book and the nature of the game being played.

What sport is the best for live betting?

We like baseball the best for live betting, but since most every sport has some form of live betting offered on it, whichever sport you like best is the choice for you.

How often do the odds change in in-play betting?

Constantly. The odds and numbers offered change more frequently than you would think. So, be on top of your game to make the best bet.

Is live betting offered via an app?

Yes. Live betting websites offer this feature both through their desktop sites and mobile apps. You may find that one updates faster than the other, however.