Copa América 2024 Betting Guide

Copa America 2024 BettingWelcome to the electrifying world of Copa America 2024! As the sun kisses the emerald pitches, nations collide, and legends are etched into the annals of football history. From the high Andes to the sultry Amazon rainforests, this tournament transcends borders, uniting fans under a single banner: passion for the beautiful game.

16 teams each fueled by dreams, will battle fiercely for supremacy. Will Messi’s magic help defend Argentina’s throne? Can Neymar help ignite Brazil’s resurgence? Or will an underdog rise, leaving us breathless in their wake?

With the 2024 Copa America tournament just around the corner, we’re here to break down everything you need to bet on the coveted tournament with confidence. From the top Copa America betting sites to expert strategies and tournament predictions, join us as we dive deep into one of soccer’s most prestigious tournaments.

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How to Bet on Copa America 2024

Wagering on a tournament as big as the Copa America entails more than just blindly placing your faith in teams at random. From deciphering odds to exploring the intricacies of each individual market, every aspect requires meticulous consideration and strategy.

Let's delve into the comprehensive guide on how to bet on Copa America 2024, encompassing everything from analyzing odds to maximizing bonuses and promotions.

Copa America Betting Odds Explained

Whether you're eyeing Copa America betting or any other sports event, understanding odds is the cornerstone of successful betting as they reflect the implied probability of a specific outcome.

Not only do they indicate the probability but also determine your potential winnings based on the amount you wager. These odds are provided by sports betting sites and serve as your guiding compass in the vast sea of betting choices. Within the realm of betting odds, there are 3 distinct types of formats:

  • American Odds (Moneyline) - These odds are expressed as positive or negative numbers. A positive number indicates the potential profit on a $100 bet, while a negative number signifies the amount you need to bet to win $100.
  • Fractional Odds - Written in the form of fractions, these odds represent the potential profit (numerator) relative to the stake (denominator). For instance, 3/1 means you win $3 for every $1 wagered.
  • Decimal Odds - Presented as decimal numbers, these odds encompass both profit and stake in their total payout. For example, 2.50 means you win $2.50 for every $1 bet.

To make informed betting decisions for the Copa America 2024 tournament, you must:

  • Identify Value Bets - Compare the implied probability with your own assessment to spot value bets.
  • Conduct Research and Context - Delve into team/player form, injuries, historical performance, and other pertinent factors.
  • Shop for the Best Odds - Different sportsbooks offer slightly varied odds, so comparing across platforms can help you find the best value.

Most Popular Copa America Betting Markets

Copa America offers a plethora of betting options to cater to both seasoned bettors and newcomers alike. Let's explore some of the most popular markets and why you might want to consider them:

  • Three-Way Moneyline - This classic market allows you to bet on the home team, the away team, or whether the game will end in a draw. It's straightforward and ideal for those seeking simplicity in their bets. If you're confident in a team's victory or foresee a stalemate, this market offers enticing opportunities.
  • Goal Line - Think of this as a soccer-specific version of the point spread. The goal line adjusts the betting line to give the underdog team an advantage. For instance, if the line is set at -1.5 goals, the favorite needs to win by at least two goals for your bet to succeed. It's perfect for those who enjoy analyzing team strengths and predicting match outcomes with precision.
  • Over/Under (Totals) - Predict whether the total score will go over or under the sportsbook's specified number. It's a versatile market that adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. If you have a strong intuition about the pace of the match or the teams' offensive capabilities, this market offers ample room for strategic bets.
  • Parlays - Parlays combine multiple bets, or legs, into one, requiring all selections to win for the parlay to pay out. While riskier than single-game bets, parlays offer the potential for substantial payouts. Imagine correctly predicting the outcomes of several matches - a thrilling prospect for those seeking high rewards.
  • Props Bet - Prop bets focus on specific instances or elements of the game, offering a diverse range of wagering options. Whether it's predicting a player's performance or a particular event during the match, prop bets add excitement and depth to your betting experience. They're perfect for those who enjoy analyzing individual player dynamics and in-game scenarios.
  • Futures (Outrights) - These long-term bets yield outcomes at the end of the tournament. For example, most soccer betting sites will probably have Lionel Messi as one of the favourites to win the Golden Boot in 2024 Copa America, as he did in the previous tournament. If you capitalize on these odds early enough, it allows you to invest in the tournament’s top performer, offering an enticing market for avid fans looking to flex their insights and predictions.

Team vs Team Betting

Betting on the prestigious Copa America tournament is an exhilarating experience, offering a thrilling journey leading up to the final match. But instead of focusing solely on long-term outcomes, you can also engage in the excitement of individual match betting, with each game presenting exciting opportunities for soccer fans.

For instance, now that Canada has edged its way past Trinidad and Tobago on March 23, cementing its place in Copa America 2024, it will face off against Argentina on opening day. Here are some popular betting options available for the match:

  • Full-Time Result (Three-Way Moneyline) - Wager on either Canada to win, Argentina to win, or a Tie.
  • Total Goals (Over/Under) - Predict whether the total goals scored by both teams will be over or under a specified number, such as 2.5, 3.5, or 4.5.
  • Draw No Bet - Bet on a team to win after 90 minutes of play, with the stake refunded if the match ends in a draw.
  • Double Chance - Combine two of the three possible match outcomes into one bet for added flexibility.
  • Both Teams to Score - Predict whether both teams will score during the match.

Outside of these, there are several other enticing markets on hand for every Copa America game, including 1st Half Result, 2nd Half Result, Correct Score, Score in Both Halves, Win Both Halves, Highest Scoring Half, Clean Sheet, and various team-specific bets.

To place bets on Copa America 2024 matches, follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a Sportsbook - Select a reputable online sportsbook offering Copa America betting with competitive odds and a user-friendly interface.
  • Sign Up - Create an account on the chosen sportsbook, providing the necessary details and verifying your identity.
  • Deposit Funds - Add funds to your account using available payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets or bank transfers.
  • Navigate to Soccer Betting - Find the Copa America section or search for specific matches within the sportsbook platform.
  • Explore Betting Markets - Browse through various betting options, including match winner, over/under goals, correct score, player props, and more.
  • Place Your Bets - Select your desired bets, enter the stake amount, and confirm your selections. 

Copa America 2024 Betting Tips & Strategies

Crafting a successful betting strategy for Copa America requires a combination of knowledge, attention to detail, and an understanding of various factors that can influence match outcomes. Here are some key strategies and tips to help you make informed decisions:

  • Know the Wager Rules - Understanding the rules of each bet is crucial. Different Copa America betting sites may have varying rules, especially regarding player props and how bets are graded. Pay attention to details like whether a player needs to start the match for the bet to be valid or if extra time is included in the wager outcome.
  • Monitor Injuries and Lineups - Injuries and lineup changes can significantly impact match dynamics and odds. Stay informed about team news, injuries, and potential rotations, especially in tournaments like the Copa America where matches are played in quick succession. Lineups often influence betting odds, so being ahead of the curve can give you an edge.
  • Assess Team Motivation - Understanding the motivation of each team is crucial for identifying value bets as teams may approach certain matches differently depending on their position and objectives. For example, when Columbia plays their opening game against Paraguay on June 24th, they aren’t going to be as aggressive as they will be in the third match against Brazil, since Brazil is the more talented team and that final game will likely determine the winner of the group. So, consider factors such as whether a team needs a win to advance or if they might prioritize resting key players for certain matches.
  • Analyze Tactical Approaches - Delve into the tactical nuances of each team to identify strengths, weaknesses, and preferred playing styles. Pay attention to how teams set up defensively and offensively, as well as their strategies for creating scoring opportunities. Understanding tactical matchups can help you identify betting opportunities, such as predicting goal scorers or corner totals.
  • Shop Around for the Best Odds - Comparing odds across different Copa America betting sites is essential for maximizing potential returns. Take the time to explore multiple betting platforms and compare odds for the same markets. Even small differences in odds can translate to significant variations in potential profits. By shopping around, you can ensure that you're getting the best possible value for your bets.

Copa America Promotions

As a globally recognized tournament, Copa America betting sites are gearing up to entice soccer fans with enticing promotions. From welcoming newcomers to rewarding loyal users, these promotions add an extra layer of excitement to the tournament.

Let's explore the array of offerings eagerly awaiting bettors as the tournament unfolds:

  • Welcome Bonus - New users receive a bonus matching a percentage of their initial deposit, enticing them to start betting with extra funds.
  • Risk-Free Bet - Offers a safety net for the first bet; if it loses, Copa America betting sites will refund the stake in free bets, providing a risk-free opportunity to test betting strategies.
  • Deposit Match Bonus - Similar to the welcome bonus, this promotion matches the user's deposit with bonus funds, effectively doubling their initial deposit.
  • Reload Bonus - Existing users receive a bonus when they top up their accounts, encouraging continued betting activity with extra funds.
  • Free Bets - Allows users to wager without risking their own money, providing an opportunity to explore new markets or strategies without financial risk.
  • Enhanced Odds - Boosts the potential payout for specific bets, offering higher returns on selected events or outcomes.
  • Cashback Offers - Refunds a portion of net losses, providing a safety net during losing streaks and mitigating potential losses.
  • Refer-a-Friend Bonus - Rewards users for referring friends to the platform, incentivizing them to grow the user base while receiving bonuses for successful referrals.

Copa America 2024 Betting: Unveiling the Top 5 Sportsbooks

Choosing the right sportsbook for Copa America 2024 is crucial for an optimal betting experience. Let's delve into why Sports Interaction, BetPlays, Betway, 888Sport, and BetAndYou are our top picks.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction

As a pioneer in the industry since 1997, Sports Interaction (SIA) has established itself as a go-to choice for Canadians. With its recent upgrade to Sports Interaction 2.0, offering enhanced user experience and market improvements, SIA stands out for its comprehensive sports coverage, secure banking, and professional support.

Specifically tailored for Canadians, it provides convenient banking and a top-rated mobile app, but its generous promotions and sharp lines specifically make it a top choice for soccer fans seeking thrilling action during Copa America 2024.

125% Welcome Bonus up to $250



With a strong focus on the European market, BetPlays presents a diverse selection of gambling choices, especially for soccer and global competitions like Copa America. Its emphasis on live betting, also known as in-play betting, further enhances engagement by allowing users to place bets on ongoing Copa America matches.

Offering competitive odds, comprehensive soccer coverage, and a user-friendly interface, BetPlays caters to diverse preferences and ensures an immersive betting experience for Copa America fans in 2024.

370% Sports Bonus, 56% Free Bet, 70% Cashback


Betway sportsbook

Betway emerges as a powerhouse in the betting world, providing a sleek and user-friendly interface since its inception in 2006. Renowned worldwide for its bonuses, competitive lines, and special boosts, Betway offers an extensive range of Copa America betting markets, ensuring soccer fans are never short of exhilarating options.

With its seamless betting experience, in-play betting section, and live streaming options, Betway provides Copa America bettors with unrivaled excitement and engagement during the 2024 tournament.

100% Deposit Bonus Up To $300



Prepare for an extraordinary adventure with 888Sport, where thrilling soccer betting opportunities await. With its diverse selection of markets, competitive odds, and impressive track record, 888Sport ensures Copa America fans are left with ample opportunities all tournament long.

As the official online sportsbook from the award-winning, it offers a wide range of bonuses, promotions, and live betting options, making it a reliable choice for Canadians seeking a first-class betting experience during Copa America 2024.

100% Bonus Up To $500 + $10 Casino Bonus


BetAndYou sportsbook

Despite its recent expansion into international markets, BetAndYou hosts an incredible variety of sports and betting options, making it a recommended option for Copa America 2024 betting.

With its intuitive website design, competitive odds, and comprehensive sports coverage, BetAndYou ensures an immersive betting experience for soccer fans. While it lacks a native mobile app, its diverse betting options and commitment to user satisfaction make it a formidable contender in the betting arena, especially for the 2024 Copa America tournament.

First Deposit Up To C$162

2024 Copa America Sportsbook Features

Copa America betting sites offer a plethora of features tailored to enhance your wagering experience during the tournament. From dynamic in-game betting to strategic cash-out options, these features provide avenues for smarter, more engaging bets Here's how each feature can be utilized:

  • Live Betting - Experience the thrill of wagering in real-time as the action unfolds on the pitch. With fluctuating odds and dynamic gameplay, live betting allows you to capitalize on emerging opportunities, such as predicting the next goal scorer or the final match outcome, all while immersing yourself in the excitement of Copa America 2024.
  • Cash Out - Gain control over your bets with the cash-out feature, which enables you to close your wager before the match concludes. Whether you want to lock in profits or minimize potential losses, cash out provides flexibility and strategic advantage, allowing you to adapt to changing game dynamics and secure returns on your Copa America bets.
  • Live Streaming - Enhance your Copa America betting and viewing experience with live streaming, granting you access to real-time match coverage directly through your sportsbook. While major leagues may not offer free streaming, you can still enjoy live action from international tournaments like 2024 Copa America, enabling you to make informed betting decisions and stay engaged with the tournament's unfolding drama.
  • Same Game Parlays - Elevate the excitement of Copa America matches with same-game parlays, allowing you to combine multiple bets into a single wager for enhanced payouts. Whether you're predicting the final score, individual goal scorers, or match outcomes, same-game parlays offer increased entertainment value and the opportunity to win big on your favourite teams and matchups.

Copa America 2024 Futures/Outright Betting

Futures betting, also known as outright betting, involves placing wagers on the outcome of an entire competition rather than individual matches. So, in this instance, it means predicting which team will emerge as the overall Copa America winner of the tournament.

In addition to the Copa America winner, you can also bet on specific group winners as well as teams to qualify from groups (make it through the knockout rounds). These bets are typically made well in advance, often before the tournament begins, and the odds can change as the event progresses.

Copa America 2024 Winner Odds


Sports Interaction











































Past Copa America Winners

  • 2021: Argentina def. Brazil
  • 2019: Brazil def. Peru
  • 2016: Chile def. Argentina
  • 2015: Chile def. Argentina
  • 2011: Uruguay def. Paraguay
  • 2007: Brazil def. Argentina
  • 2004: Brazil def. Argentina
  • 2001: Colombia def. Mexico
  • 1999: Brazil def. Uruguay
  • 1997: Brazil def. Bolivia

Copa America 2024 Top Goal Scorer Odds





Lionel Messi (Argentina)




Lautaro Martinez (Argentina)




Gabriel Jesus (Brazil)




Vinicius Junior (Brazil)




Julian Alvarez (Argentina)




Luis Suárez (Uruguay)




Darwin Nuñez (Uruguay)




Rodrygo (Brazil)




Folarin Balogun (United States)




Jonathan David (Canada)




Last Copa America Top Goal Scorers

  • 2021: Lionel Messi (Argentina), Luis DIaz (Columbia) - 4
  • 2019: Everton (Brazil); Paulo Guerrero (Peru) - 3
  • 2016: Eduardo Vargas (Chile) - 6
  • 2015:  Eduardo Vargas (Chile), Paulo Guerrero (Peru) - 4
  • 2011: Paulo Guerrero (Peru) - 5
  • 2007: Robinho (Brazil) - 6
  • 2004: Adriano (Brazil) - 7
  • 2001: Víctor Aristizábal (Colombia) - 6
  • 1999: Rivaldo (Brazil), Ronaldo (Brazil) - 5

2024 Copa America Tournament Structure

The 2024 Copa America is set to ignite the soccer world with an electrifying format promising non-stop action over the course of a month. This prestigious football championship gathers national teams not only from South America but also from Concacaf nations, marking a thrilling return to its diverse roots.

Unfolding across 14 vibrant cities scattered throughout the United States, mark your calendars for June 20th, 2024, the beginning of the Copa America tournament. Following the opening match of Argentina vs. Canada in Atlanta, Georgia, the tournament will run through to July 14th.

Copa America Tournament

A total of 16 teams are gearing up to battle it out for glory in the Copa America. These teams are divided into four groups - Group A, B, C, and D - each consisting of four formidable squads.

The group stage promises a flurry of matches from June 20 to July 2, setting the stage for the ultimate showdown. Notable opening matches include:

  • Peru vs. Chile in Arlington, Texas on June 21
  • Colombia vs. Paraguay in Houston, Texas on June 24
  • Argentina vs. Peru in Miami Gardens, Florida on June 29
  • United States vs. Uruguay in Kansas City, Missouri on July 1
  • Brazil vs. Colombia in Santa Clara, California in July 2

The Copa America Playoffs

After the dust settles in the group stage, the top two teams from each group advance to the knockout rounds, where the stakes soar even higher.

The playoffs kick off with the quarterfinals on July 4, extending through July 6, as teams battle fiercely for a shot at the ultimate prize. Following the quarterfinals, the semifinal matches will be played on July 9th and 10th followed by the third-place game on July 13th leading up to the ultimate showdown on July 14th to determine the Copa America winner.

Groups Competing in Copa America 2024

With each team bringing their own strengths and aspirations to the table, Copa America 2024 promises to be a thrilling showcase of top-class football and fierce competition. Here's a complete breakdown of the groups and teams competing in the tournament.

Group A

  • Argentina - The defending champions and led by the legendary Lionel Messi, Argentina enters as the top contender, aiming to continue their recent success and secure another title.
  • Peru - With a history of strong performances in Copa America, Peru brings a mix of experience and determination, hoping to make a mark in the tournament once again.
  • Chile - Former champions Chile boast a talented squad including experienced players like Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal, aiming to reclaim the trophy after their previous successes.
  • Canada - With a fresh squad and the tactical acumen of interim head coach Mauro Biello,  Canada’s chances in Copa 2024 hinge on their ability to capitalize on high-profile matches and showcase their renewed vigour on the international stage.

Group B

  • Mexico - A powerhouse in Concacaf, Mexico brings a rich footballing history and a squad full of talent, hoping to make a strong statement in Copa America.
  • Ecuador - A dark horse in the tournament, Ecuador is always competitive and hopes to make a deep run in the tournament with the backing of their passionate fans.
  • Venezuela - Known for its resilience and fighting spirit, Venezuela will look to challenge the favourites and exceed expectations in Copa America 2024.
  • Jamaica - The underdogs of the group, Jamaica enters with a determination to prove themselves on the international stage and cause some upsets along the way.

Group C

  • United States - As the host nation, the USA faces high expectations and will rely on their home support to propel them through a tough group and into the knockout stages.
  • Uruguay - With a rich footballing history and a tradition of success in Copa America, Uruguay brings a blend of skill and tenacity, aiming to add another title to their illustrious record.
  • Panama - The underdogs of the group, Panama will look to defy expectations and showcase their potential in Copa America, aiming to surprise their opponents.
  • Bolivia - Known for their passionate fanbase and fighting spirit, Bolivia enters the tournament with hopes of making their mark and causing some upsets along the way.

Group D

  • Brazil - The tournament favourites and 2021 runners-up, Brazil boasts a star-studded lineup led by Neymar, Richarlison, and Casemiro aiming to continue their dominance and secure another Copa America title.
  • Colombia - With a mix of experienced veterans and emerging talents, Colombia brings flair and excitement to the tournament, hoping to challenge Brazil for the top spot in the group.
  • Paraguay - Known for their organized and disciplined style of play, Paraguay will look to frustrate their opponents and capitalize on any opportunities that come their way.
  • Costa Rica - Costa Rica’s resilient spirit and strategic gameplay, honed under the guidance of Gustavo Alfaro, position them as a formidable contender, ready to challenge and potentially upset stronger teams in Group D2.

Important Dates and Times for 2024 Copa America

Get ready to set your alarms, because the 2024 Copa America is gearing up for a whirlwind of soccer excitement. Here's a rundown of the key dates and times you need to know:

Group Stage

  • Thursday, June 20: The action kicks off with a bang as Argentina takes on Canada in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Friday, June 21: Peru faces off against Chile in Arlington, Texas, setting the stage for an intense battle.
  • Saturday, June 22: Mexico goes head-to-head with Jamaica in Houston, Texas, while Ecuador clashes with Venezuela in Santa Clara, California.
  • Sunday, June 23: Uruguay meets Panama in Miami Gardens, Florida, and the United States takes on Bolivia in Arlington, Texas.
  • Monday, June 24: Colombia squares off against Paraguay in Houston, Texas, while Brazil challenges Costa Rica in Inglewood, California.

And the action doesn't stop there! With matches heating up across the country, fans are in for a soccer extravaganza like never before. The playoff matchups and locations are as follows:


  • Thursday, July 4 - Match 25: Group A winner vs. Group B runner-up (Houston, Texas)
  • Friday, July 5 - Match 26: Group B winner vs. Group A runner-up (Arlington, Texas)
  • Saturday, July 6 - Match 28: Group D winner vs. Group C runner-up (Glendale, Arizona), Match 27: Group C winner vs. Group D runner-up (Las Vegas, Nevada)


  • Tuesday, July 9 - Match 25 winner vs. Match 26 winner (East Rutherford, New Jersey)
  • Wednesday, July 10 - Match 27 winner vs. Match 28 winner (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Third-place game

  • Saturday, July 13 - Semifinal loser 1 vs. Semifinal loser 2 (Charlotte, North Carolina) 


  • Get ready as the winners of the semifinals go head-to-head in the Copa America final at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida on July 14. This iconic venue promises to set the stage for a historic battle as teams vie for soccer supremacy.

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What Makes the 2024 Copa America Tournament Different

Several elements will help to make the 2024 Copa America the ultimate celebration of soccer passion, unity, and excellence, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the annals of the beautiful game. Here’s an overview of the various details that will make this tournament special.

Host and Venues

The stage is set across the vibrant landscapes of the United States, with 14 iconic stadiums in various American cities playing host to the tournament's electrifying matches, including:

  • Allegiant Stadium - Las Vegas, Nevada
  • AT&T Stadium - Arlington, Texas
  • Bank of America Stadium - Charlotte, North Carolia
  • Children's Mercy Park - Kansas City, Kansas
  • Exploria Stadium - Orlando, Florida
  • GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, Missouri
  • Hard Rock Stadium - Miami Gardens, Florida
  • Levi's Stadium - Santa Clara, California
  • Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Atlanta, Georgia
  • MetLife Stadium - East Rutherford, New Jersey
  • NRG Stadium - Houston, Texas
  • Q2 Stadium - Austin, Texas
  • SoFi Stadium - Inglewood, California
  • State Farm Stadium - Glendale, Arizona

Participating Teams

The tournament features 16 nations from across the Americas that will converge to battle it out for glory:

  • 10 from South America (CONMEBOL) - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Bolivia.
  • 6 qualifiers from North America (CONCACAF) - United States, Mexico, Jamaica, Panama, Canada, and Costa Rica.

Prize Money

The stakes are high, with a total prize pool of $20 million up for grabs. The Copa America winner will receive a total of $6.5 million along with the Gold Cup, while the runner-up will take home a handsome $3.5 million. On top of that, the third-place and fourth-place teams will receive $3 million and $2.5 million, respectively. Quarterfinalists get $1.5 million, and all qualified teams each receive $2 million.

Records and Stats

  • CONCACAF nations will join the fray for the first time in 6 years.
  • Argentina, the defending champions, will kick off the tournament against a yet-to-be-determined opponent at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.
  • Uruguay is tied with Argentina for the most Copa America titles with 15 but hasn't won in over a decade (2011).
  • Bolivia holds the longest championship drought having last won the tournament back in 1963.
  • Canada, the United States, and Mexico have never won the tournament.
  • Argentina has hosted the tournament a record 9 times.

The Ball and The Mascot

Adding to the tournament's charm, the official mascot, Capitán, an eagle symbolizing strength and excellence, promises to capture the hearts of fans across the Americas. Meanwhile, the Puma Cumbre, unveiled during the group stage draw, serves as the tournament's official match ball, marking a new era in Copa America's partnership with Puma after a two-decade alliance with Nike.

Copa America 2024 Fun Facts

Here are some captivating insights into the 2024 Copa América:

  • Host and Co-Organizers:
    • The tournament is set to unfold in the United States and is co-organized by CONCACAF.
    • This marks the second time the United States is hosting the Copa América, with the previous event being the Copa América Centenario in 2016.
    • Additionally, this tournament serves as a precursor to the 2026 FIFA World Cup, where the United States is a joint host alongside Canada and Mexico.
  • Tournament Details:
    • The 48th edition of the Copa América, managed by CONMEBOL, will feature 16 national teams.
    • Six of these teams will be CONCACAF invitees, ensuring a continental competition.
    • The Copa América winner will later engage in the 2025 CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions against the UEFA Euro 2024 winner.
  • Defending Champions:
    • Argentina holds the title as the defending champions.
    • If Argentina wins the tournament again, they will hold the record for the most Copa America wins of all time.
  • Venues:
    • The opening showdown will take place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, while the grand finale is set for Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.
    • Across the United States, there will be 14 host cities, featuring prominent venues in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and more.
  • Betano First-Ever Sportsbook Partner:
    • Brazilian betting firm Betano has sealed a groundbreaking deal with South American soccer governing body CONMEBOL, becoming the inaugural sportsbook partner for the next two editions of the Copa America.
    • Betano's partnership extends to both the 2024 and 2028 editions of the prestigious tournament.
    • Known for its involvement in top-tier competitions like the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championships, Betano's collaboration with the Copa América highlights the increasing synergy between sports betting and soccer across the Americas.

Copa America Predictions: Who Will Reign Supreme?

With Argentina entering the tournament as reigning world champions, the spotlight is on them to secure another triumph. However, Brazil, boasting an arsenal of talent including Ederson, Marquinhos, Neymar Jr., Casemiro, Vinícius Júnior, and Rodrygo, remains a force to be reckoned with.

Despite Argentina’s historic success in the Copa America, Brazil’s dynamic style of play and individual brilliance suggest they could snatch victory yet again. As the battle unfolds, all eyes will be on these giants of South American football, each vying to etch their name in history once more.

Copa America 2024 FAQs

How long will the Copa América 2024 tournament last?

The Copa América 2024 tournament is scheduled to last for approximately 25 days, starting from June 20 and concluding on July 14, 2024. During this period, teams will compete in group stage matches, followed by knockout rounds leading up to the final.

Who is hosting the Copa América 2024 tournament?

The Copa América 2024 tournament is being hosted by the United States in collaboration with CONMEBOL (South American Football Confederation). The United States previously hosted the Copa América Centenario in 2016 and will once again provide the venues for the tournament matches.

What are the top betting sites for Copa América 2024?

Some of the top betting sites for Copa América 2024 include Sports Interaction, BetPlays, Betway, 888sport, and BetAndYou. These platforms offer a wide range of betting markets, competitive odds, and special promotions tailored for soccer fans during the tournament.

Can I bet on the Copa América winner before the tournament starts?

Yes, many Copa America betting sites offer futures betting markets where punters can wager on the eventual winner of the Copa América before the tournament starts. Betting on the tournament winner in advance allows fans to lock in favourable odds and potentially secure lucrative payouts if their chosen team emerges victorious.

Is live betting available during Copa América 2024 matches?

Yes, many reputable Copa America betting sites offer live betting options for matches. Live betting allows bettors to place wagers on various outcomes during the course of a match, providing an interactive and dynamic betting experience.

Can I bet on the outcome of penalty shootouts during Copa América matches?

Some Copa America betting sites may offer the option to bet on the outcome of penalty shootouts during the games. This type of bet allows punters to predict which team will emerge victorious in a penalty shootout, providing additional excitement and betting opportunities.

Can I bet on the exact group standings at the end of the group stage?

Yes, certain Copa America betting sites may offer the option to bet on the exact group standings at the end of the group stages. Punters can wager on the precise order in which teams will finish within their respective groups, adding another layer of strategy to their betting experience.

What happens if a match in Copa América 2024 is postponed or canceled?

If a match in Copa América 2024 is postponed or canceled due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather or other emergencies, the tournament organizers will reschedule the match if possible. In the event that a match cannot be rescheduled, relevant Copa America betting sites may refund bets or settle them according to their specific terms and conditions.