NBA Finals Betting: Odds to Win NBA Championship

The NBA finals are basketball's biggest event. After the regular NBA season ends, eight teams progress to the playoff, in which the winner of the NBA Championship is determined.

Punters in Canada can bet on the NBA finals, playoffs, play-in games and regular season events. In this guide, we discuss everything you should know about NBA finals betting, including what to expect. Let’s dive in!

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NBA Championship Odds

The NBA Championship finals are among the most popular futures in basketball betting. You can stake on who will win the NBA Finals 2023 at the start of the season or anytime during the season, play-in games, playoffs, and the final event. Here’s a table of the NBA finals betting odds:

NBA Finals Betting Guide

Betting on the NBA finals isn't any different from betting on other NBA or basketball events. You'll find traditional betting markets like the moneyline, spread, totals, props, parlays, etc. The odds also differ at each sportsbook, so you can shop for the best payouts. Here's what encapsulates NBA finals betting:

NBA Finals Betting Markets

Basketball betting offers traditional markets like the moneyline (outright winner), points spread, and totals (over/under). You can also find prop bets or combine multiple outcomes in a parlay bet. We discuss the classic betting lines below:

  • Moneyline: The moneyline is the most popular as it involves betting on the outright winner of the event. You can back the favourite or underdog to win the event.

    Here's an example of a moneyline bet of the 2022 NBA finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics:

    Warriors +210Celtics -260

    In this example, you can win $210 when you bet $100 on the Warriors. You can also win $100 if you bet $260 on the Celtics. The moneyline bet on the Warriors won.

  • Spread: A spread bet involves betting on the points variation between the two teams. The NBA finals are played over seven matches but can end with six matches if one team has an obvious advantage.

    Such was the case in 2022 when the Warriors won 4-2 after six matches with the Celtics. Punters can bet on each game. Game one of the finals ended 120-108 in favour of the Celtics.

    Here’s an example of a spread bet:

    Warriors +6.5 (-110)Celtics -6.5 (-100)

    In this example, the Celtics must score at least 7 points more than the Celtics to cover the spread. This was the case in the first match, where they scored 12 points more (120-108).

    You could also bet against the spread, in which the Warriors needed to avoid losing by more than 6 points. The -110 represents the vig or the amount you must bet to win $100

  • Total: The total bet, also known as the over/under bet, involves wagering on the combined score of both teams.

    For instance, the first game in the NBA finals ended at 120-108, which is a combined score of 228. Here's an example of a total bet: Over 241.5 (-110), Under 241.5 (-110).

    In this example, you can win $100 if you bet $110 on the game to end in less than 241.5 points, which was the case in the first match.

NBA Finals Prop Bets

Leading NBA betting sites often feature prop bets, which involve lines on small outcomes within a game. You can find player props, team props, and game props.

An example of player prop bets is how many 3-pointers a player will score in the match. A team prop could be how many rebounds the team will accumulate, while a match prop can be how many games the team will win in the 7-match finals.

Player props are the most common, so you can back your favourite player to score specific points and rebounds. Most props feature an aspect of the totals.

NBA Finals MVP

The NBA finals betting odds are incomplete without the MVP futures. An MVP is the tournament's most valuable player, and bookmakers offer punters a chance to back one player for the title.

Golden State's Stephen Curry was named the 2022 NBA Finals MVP for the first time in his carrier. Nearly all bookies provide odds for who will win the MVP, alongside the NBA title odds.

Here's an example of the MVP odds format: Stephen Curry (+1400).

In this example, you can win $1,400 if you bet $100 on Stephen Curry to be named the NBA finals MVP.

Betting Odds

The odds to win NBA finals are usually available from the start to the end of the tournament. Some teams fall off the race, and their odds disappear.

The odds also change as things unfold in the regular season, playoffs, and finals. NBA finals betting odds are provided in unique formats, depending on the market.

You'll find distinct odds for the moneyline, spread, over/under, and props. Canadian betting sites offer different odds, so you can shop for the best deal. Higher odds mean more payout for the same outcome.

NBA Finals Betting Tips and Strategies

Betting on the NBA finals is effortless once you find a reliable bookmaker. All you need to do is register for an account, fund it, select a game and bet on your favourite markets. Below are tips and strategies for betting on the NBA Finals 2023:

  • Choose A Credible Bookmaker

The first thing to do before considering NBA championship odds and markets is to find a reliable bookmaker. You need a legitimate platform with extensive sports coverage, competitive odds, advanced security features, generous bonuses, 24/7 customer support, and convenient banking methods. Some sites also offer sleek mobile apps for Android and iOS.

  • Shop for the Best Odds

NBA finals betting opportunities exist in nearly all leading sportsbooks. Some bookmakers have the best moneyline odds, while others offer the best props and parlay boosts. Before you place your bet, find out if other betting apps and websites have better odds. The goal is to attract the highest payout for your selection.

  • Understand Your Betting Markets

If you’re new to NBA betting, you should start with the traditional markets like the moneyline, spread, and total. These markets are easier to understand. Stick to single bets for a while before progressing to parlays and combos. Understanding your markets allows you to find the best events for your bet slip.

  • Keep Tabs on NBA News

A lot of things change during an NBA season. The favourites to win the finals at the beginning of the season might not even make it to the playoffs. Keeping tabs on unfolding events allows you to identify and back the strongest teams and most likely outcomes.

  • Leverage NBA Finals Bonuses

The odds to win NBA championship might be great on one bookmaker. Even better, the sportsbook might feature free bets, odds boost, cashback, or other promotions around the NBA finals. You should review the bonuses and promotions to find opportunities for free betting. Make sure you examine the bonus terms and wagering requirements.

  • Utilize Betting Features

Whether you fancy NBA playoff betting or simply want to back the winner of the finals, you should learn how to use sportsbook features. Leading sportsbooks offer many features, including live streaming, live betting, early partial cashout, odds boosts, free bets, and more. Learn to use these features to improve your betting experience.

Best Sportsbooks to Bet on the NBA Finals

There are many betting sites available for Canadian punters. You can find Sportsbooks in Ontario, thanks to the fully regulated market. Other bookmakers have licenses from Malta, Kahnawake, the USA, the UK, Curacao, and more. Here's an overview of the best sportsbooks you can join to bet on the NBA finals:

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction

Launched in 1997, Sports Interaction is one of the best bookmakers for NBA finals betting. The sportsbook offers extensive sports coverage featuring basketball matches and leagues from all over the world.

You can bet on season events, play-in games, playoffs, and the NBA finals. The site also features dozens of markets, including the moneyline, points spread, over/under, props, futures, parlays, and more.

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This is another reputable sportsbook offering betting markets and odds on basketball events, including the NBA finals. The Bet99 sportsbook is licensed in Kahnawake and regultaed by the AGCO of Ontario. You can bet on popular markets, including who will win the NBA Finals 2023 and the MVP of the tournament.

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888sport is a leading bookmaker with a license from the UK and New Jersey and advanced security features. Punters can stake on a wide variety of sports, including basketball.

The sportsbook also features Android and iOS apps. You can bet on the NBA finals, playoffs, and division matches throughout the season. The bookmaker offers competitive odds and generous bonuses, including free bets and odds boosts.

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Betway is another long-serving bookmaker with a global reputation. The sportsbook is known for its sleek design, seamless navigation, mobile-friendly experience and exceptional customer support.

Punters can also explore NBA finals odds and markets on other basketball events in Canada, the US, and worldwide. Betway is legitimate, secure, and user-friendly. The bookmaker also offers mobile apps and convenient payment options.

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Bodog Canada


Bettors on Bodog can enjoy a memorable experience betting on basketball events like the NBA finals. The sportsbook has a license from Ontario and offers markets across all major sports. You can bet on NBA winner odds or explore other markets like the spread, total, and props. The Bodog sportsbook has exciting features, including cashout, bet builders, live stream, live betting, and more.

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Who Is Favourite to Win the 2023 NBA Championship?

The Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, and Philadelphia 76ers were tipped among the top five to win the NBA championship. However, some of these teams are no longer in the tournament.

It's still early to predict who will win the finals, but the odds are high that it might be a team from the Eastern Conference. Check out the odds below to find out the current favourite:

History of the NBA Finals

The 2023 NBA Finals will be the 77th iteration of the competition, which started back in 1947. Philadelphia Warriors was the first team to win the championships after beating Chicago Stags.

Since then, many teams from the Eastern and Western conferences have won the championship. The finals have been won 36 times by teams from the West and 40 times by teams from the East. LA Lakers and Boston Celtics have the joint record for most championships won at 17 each, but the Lakers edge them on finals appearances (32 against 22).

Punters have always had a chance to bet on the NBA odds to win championship, but such opportunities have expanded tremendously in the past few years. Sports betting is legal in various jurisdictions, including Canada, and the NBA championship odds are among the most popular. The finals are the last event of the basketball season and determine the ultimate winner across all divisions.

Past NBA Championship Winners

With more than 76 titles won, the NBA has seen some fantastic nights. Twenty different teams have won the championship, and some have failed at the last huddle a couple of times. Punters who fancy NBA finals betting have another opportunity to back their favourite teams. Here’s an overview of 10 past winners of the NBA finals:




Golden State Warriors

Boston Celtics


Milwaukee Bucks

Phoenix Suns


Los Angeles Lakers

Miami Heat


Toronto Raptors

Golden State Warriors


Golden State Warriors

Cleveland Cavaliers


Golden Warrior State

Cleveland Cavaliers


Cleveland Cavaliers

Golden State Warriors


Golden State Warriors

Cleveland Cavaliers


San Antonio Spurs

Miami Heat


Miami Heat

San Antonio Spurs


NBA Teams With the Most Championships

Although 20 teams have won the NBA Championship, the majority of titles have fallen to a few teams. The Los Angeles Lakers hold the record for most titles (17) and runner-up positions (15). Some teams, like the Toronto Raptors, hold the record as the only Canadian outfit to win the title. Here's a list of five teams with the most championships:

NBA Winners

Championships Won

Los Angeles Lakers


Boston Celtics


Golden State Warriors


Chicago Bulls


San Antonio Spurs


NBA Teams That Have Never Won a Championship

Many teams have made it far into the playoffs, even to the finals, but failed to win it. Phoenix Suns have the record for the most NBA finals (3), all of which ended in them in the runner-up position. Here are five teams that have never won the championship but have appeared in the finals:

NBA Runner-ups

Finals Attempts

Phoenix Suns


Utah Jazz


Brooklyn Nets


Orlando Magic


Indiana Pacers


Past NBA Finals MVP Winners

The NBA awards various MVP awards each year. You'll find MVPs from both divisions, Finals MVPs, and All-Season MVPs. For instance, Stephen Curry won the 2022 Finals MVP and All-Star MVP award, while Nikola Jokic won the season's MVP. Here's an overview of the past 10 NBA Finals MVPs:

NBA Finals MVP

Year Won

Stephen Curry


Giannis Antetokounmpo


LeBron James


Kahwi Leonard


Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant


LeBron James


Andre Iguodala


Kahwi Leonard


LeBron James


About the NBA Finals

The NBA finals effectively end the basketball season, as it is the ultimate match of the calendar. Everything starts at the beginning of the season, with 15 teams in the Eastern Conference and 15 more in the Western Conference.

The regular season features 82 matches culminating in a two-month playoff. The top 8 teams in each conference are seeded in the playoffs. Teams 1 through 6 get automatic qualification, while the 7th and 8th seeds are determined after a round of play-in games.

Once all eight teams from each division are decided, the playoffs begin. The team seeded at No. 1 plays the one-seeded at No. 8. Teams seeded 2nd, 3rd, and 4th meet with the team seeded 7th, 6th, and 5th, respectively. 

The match winner between 1 and 8 meets the winner between 4 and 5. The winner of the 2-7 match meets that of the 3-6 match in the conference semifinals.

The winners meet in the conference finals to determine who becomes the NBA Champion in their respective divisions. Champions from the Eastern and Western divisions then meet in the NBA Finals to determine the ultimate champion.

Punters have various opportunities for NBA finals betting because all rounds, from the playoff to the finals, are best of seven. This means the teams meet their opponents seven times if their tie goes that far.

If one team wins four matches out of the first four meetings, they qualify without the remaining three matches because it wouldn't make a difference.

NBA Finals Betting FAQs

How many matches are in the NBA Finals?

The NBA finals feature seven matches between the teams that win the Eastern and Western conferences. However, everything could be decided in four matches if one team wins them all.

Some finals end after 4, 5, or 6 matches, while others require the full 7 matches. The NBA team with the best record wins the finals. For instance, the Warriors won the 2022 NBA finals after six matches against the Celtics, winning four and losing two.

Which NBA team has the record for the most NBA championships?

The Los Angeles Lakers have the record for winning the most NBA Finals. The team has won 17 titles, with the last coming in 2020.

The Lakers have also been named runner-up a record 15 times, making them the team with the most appearances in the finals. Boston Celtics has also won 17 NBA Finals but has only been named runner-up five times. In Canada, Toronto is the only team to have won the finals, which came recently in 2019.

Can I bet on the NBA Finals?

Yes. NBA finals betting offers opportunities to back your favourite team and win some cash in the process. You can wager on who will make it to the playoffs, win the conference, and win the finals. Simply register for a betting account with a trustworthy bookmaker. You can then fund your account then find matches to bet on. There are several markets to choose from, and you can also make parlays.

Which NBA team is the favourite to win the 2023 NBA Finals?

The Boston Celtics are currently favoured to win the 2023 NBA Finals, but they must get past the Philadelphia 76ers if they make it to the conference semifinals.

The 76ers have already qualified for the next round of the playoffs after winning 4-0 in the first round. Boston Celtics is favourite to make it to the semifinals with their 3-1 record. All they need is one more win. LA Lakers are also still in the tournament, as are the Golden State Warriors and many other teams.

When are NBA Finals odds released?

The NBA finals betting odds are usually released as early as the preseason. Bookmakers can offer odds on who will top the conferences, make it to the playoff, and win the ultimate championship before the season's first game is played.

These are known as futures and are released whenever the bookmaker decides. Most sportsbooks offer NBA finals betting odds at the start of the season, once the transfers and preseason friendlies have been played.

Where do you bet on NBA Finals odds?

You can choose any of the sportsbooks we recommend above. Sports Interaction, 888sport, Bet99, and Betway are among the top sports betting sites available for punters in Canada. All these sites offer NBA finals betting opportunities and are licensed in Canada. They're also secure, mobile-optimized, and user-friendly. You can enjoy convenient banking methods, 24/7 customer support, and competitive basketball betting odds. The sites also offer generous bonuses and promotions.