Where is BetRivers Legal in Canada?

Where is BetRivers Legal in Canada?
Where is BetRivers Legal in Canada?

BetRivers is a legitimate betting platform licensed in various states in North America, including Canada.

The operator provides comprehensive sports coverage and allows punters in Canada to bet on the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS, ATP, UFC, and more. In this guide, we cover the legality and legitimacy of BetRivers in Canadian provinces, including all places where it is licensed.

Where Is BetRivers Legal to Operate As A Sportsbook?

The BetRivers license was issued in 2022 by the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Ontario is the only Canadian province with a legal framework for licensing third-party sportsbooks and casinos.

Other provinces don't offer licenses to operators but have local websites where punters can explore sports betting and casino games. They also allow offshore betting sites, so you can explore BetRivers and many other gambling destinations.

As such, BetRivers is legal to operate as a sportsbook in Ontario, where it is licensed. Punters from other provinces must travel to Ontario to place bets using the operator.

✓ Many sports betting markets ✓ Intuitive sportsbook features

Where Is BetRivers Legal to Operate As A Casino?

BetRivers received its Ontario iGO license in April 2022 and has since been a legal casino in Canada. Its Ontario license allows it to operate legally in the province and throughout Canada. You can’t join the BetRivers Casino from Alberta, Nunavut, British Columbia, Yukon, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Saskatchewan, or Yukon.

The casino isn't licensed in these provinces, but it's one of the brands in line to apply for licensing as soon as there's a legal framework. In the meantime, punters from provinces other than Ontario must be physically present in Ontario join BetRivers.

Where Is BetRivers Legal In Canada?

The short answer is yes, BetRivers is legal in Canada but only in Ontario at the moment. Canada leaves it to individual provinces to determine their gambling laws. Currently, no law prohibits punters from using offshore gambling websites in the country.

However, provinces may impose restrictions, and legitimate sportsbooks tend to operate only where they're welcome. Here’s an overview of where BetRivers is available in Canada:

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Is BetRivers Legal In Ontario?

Yes. BetRivers is legal in Ontario. The operator received a valid gambling license from the Ontario AGCO in April 2022 when the province opened its doors to third-party brands. BetRivers was among the first operators who received the first wave of legal betting licenses.

This means BetRivers Ontario can actively market its sports betting and casino products to local punters. You can enjoy real money bonuses and betting opportunities without any issues.

Is BetRivers Legal In British Columbia?

No. BetRivers is not legal in British Columbia, meaning punters cannot sign up and bet while physically present in BC. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation BCLC regulates all gambling operations in the region. PlayNow is the only regulated platform where punters can bet on sports and casino games.

However, like most Canadian provinces, BC doesn't prohibit punters from joining legitimate offshore platforms. BetRivers simply imposes restrictions on punters from regions where it doesn’t have a legal license to operate in. As such, you must be physically present in Ontario to bet.

Is BetRivers Legal In Quebec?

No. Punters in Quebec can’t join BetRivers and explore its real money products. BetRivers isn’t licensed in Quebec because the province is yet to open its doors to third-party brands. Instead, players use the locally-governed Mise-o-jeu, which offers single and parlay bets on select sports.

Quebec residents are also free to use offshore brands licensed outside the province. BetRivers Quebec is not a viable option, and you can only use the platform when you travel to Ontario.

Is BetRivers Legal In Manitoba?

No. Punters in Manitoba can’t bet on BetRivers sports and casino games. Gambling in the province is regulated by Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries (MBLL), which provides PlayNow as the only regulated betting platform.

No third-party brand has a license from the province, but Manitoba allows residents of the legal gambling age to join offshore sites. BetRivers is not present in countries or provinces where it has no license, meaning you can only play when in Ontario.

Is BetRivers Legal In Alberta?

No. BetRivers is not legal in Alberta, which is another state without a framework for licensing third-party operators. As such, BetRivers Alberta won’t be available until the province starts accepting foreign gambling brands.

Alberta currently offers local betting options via PlayAlberta, the province's only regulated gambling website. Punters of legal age can join offshore gambling sites like Betway and Sports Interaction, which don’t have restrictions. BetRivers only accepts punters in Ontario and other US jurisdictions where it has a license to operate in.

About BetRivers Sportsbook and Casino

BetRivers is an online sportsbook and casino betting platform owned and operated by Rush Street Interactive (RSI). RSI was founded in 2012 by industry leaders in Chicago and began providing real money bets in brick-and-mortar hubs under the Rivers Casino brand. The company later launched the BetRivers brand to explore the online space and has grown into a respected brand, winning several awards for customer service and superior iGaming experience. RSI has also been recognized multiple times as the Gambling Operator of the Year. 

In 2022, BetRivers entered the Canadian market through the Ontario license. It was among the first betting sites and casinos to receive the Ontario license and has become a reliable destination for Canadian punters. The site offers a simple design with a premium theme, sleep features, and crisp colours. Punters can also explore fantastic betting features, including live streaming, live betting, early cash-out, bet builders, parlay builders, 24/7 customer service, instant payouts, and more. BetRivers also has popular gambling verticals, including sports betting, casino games, and live dealer shows.

Is BetRivers Legit?

Yes. BetRivers is a legit betting site with a sportsbook, casino, and live casino section. The operator received a license from the Ontario AGCO in April 2022 and has since been legal in Canada.

BetRivers provides comprehensive sports betting markets and a decent selection of casino and live dealer games, making it an all-round betting platform. It welcomes Canadian punters seeking real money betting opportunities and has a secure website, sleek mobile apps, and first-class gambling services.

BetRivers Timeline

BetRivers is officially legal in Ontario and has been since 2022. However, the gambling brand has roots in 2012 when the parent company, Rush Street Interactive, was founded. Since then, a lot has occurred, leading to the current space where it is one of the trusted brands for sports betting and casino gambling in North America.

BetRivers is today one of the most popular Canadian betting sites, offering sports, casino and live casino gambling opportunities. Here’s an overview of the brand’s timeline and entry into the Canadian market:

2012: Parent Company Foundation

BetRiver’s parent company is Rush Street Interactive (RSI), founded in 2012 by a group of gambling legends in Chicago. The company is still headquartered in Chicago but has many outlets throughout the United States. RSI was founded to offer land-based gambling opportunities and opened various brick-and-mortar hubs under the Rivers Casino moniker. The name was later used to create BetRivers for online betting platforms.

2018: Online Sportsbook Launching

BetRivers officially became an online gambling destination in 2018 when the brand was launched into the digital space. The brand first entered US markets and is currently available as a sportsbook and casino in various states. Soon after launching, RSI obtained betting licenses from different US jurisdictions and only focused on sports betting. After the PASPA laws, many states started to legalize online gambling, and BetRivers was among the first brands to enter new markets.

2019: Mobile Betting Application

In 2019, BetRivers launched a mobile betting app, which faced many issues initially. These issues would later be fixed through updates and patches that have turned the BetRivers app into one of the most reliable options. However, the current quality isn’t reflected in the average ratings on Google Play and App Store because of the initial low ratings it received. The mobile app offers on-the-go betting opportunities and has a user-friendly design with fast-loading features.

2022: Ontario Betting License

BetRivers became legal in Canada officially in April 2022. It’s the same time Ontario opened its doors to third-party gambling operators. BetRivers was among the brands to receive a valid iGO license along with operators like Betway, Sports Interaction, Bet365, etc. The brand has since promoted its products actively to Ontarians and welcomes all punters of legal age. Players from other provinces must be physicially present in Ontario to use BetRivers.

BetRivers Outlook

BetRivers is a legal sportsbook and casino in Ontario and the rest of Canada. The brand only has a license from Ontario (in Canada) because other provinces are yet to open their doors to third-party operators. However, it is available in all provinces in Canada and also has licenses from various states in the USA. We can foresee BetRivers obtaining gambling licenses from other Canadian provinces as soon as that option is available.

How to Start Using BetRivers In Canada?

Using BetRivers is easy and takes a few minutes to set up. You'll need a verified gambling account with the operator and some funds in your balance. Once you have betting funds and a valid account, you can find your favourite sports, casino games, or live dealer shows to place real money wagers on. Here's an overview of how to use BetRivers Canada:

Register & Verify Your Free Account

To start betting on BetRivers, you must have a verified gambling account. Getting an account involves a simple sign-up process where you provide basic personal information like your name, email, date-of-birth, phone number, and address.

Once you sign up, you'll need to verify your account to prove you're a real human user and the authentic owner of the new account. Follow these steps to sign up:

  • Use any of our buttons above to visit the official BetRivers website
  • Click the orange “Join now” button to launch the registration form
  • Enter your details, which include your province, screen name/alias, email, password, etc.
  • Complete the three steps to enter all required information, then submit the sign-up
  • Click the link on the email BetRivers sends to verify your account

Deposit Funds & Claim A Bonus

Once you have a verified account, you can proceed to the next step, which involves depositing funds and claiming your bonus. BetRivers offers a welcome bonus, free bets, no-deposit deals, and more.

Before you deposit, check out the bonuses available for new players. Click the terms and conditions to determine the bonus requirements, like minimum deposit, promo codes, and more.

Next, navigate to the cashier section under your profile and choose your preferred deposit method. Follow the prompts to make your first deposit. Here are the full steps:

  • Log into your BetRivers account.
  • Click on Cashier right next to your account profile and bonus
  • Select a payment method like Online Banking, PayNearMe, Visa, etc.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit and enter a Bonus Code if you have one.
  • Confirm the amount to be deposited, then click the blue "Deposit" button 

Place A Bet On Your Favourite Games

Now that you have a verified account and some money to bet, you can explore BetRivers Sportsbook markets and casino games. Simply click on Sportsbook or Casino from the topmost tab.

The Sportsbook tab will launch the different sports options, so you can find a discipline (football, tennis, golf, soccer, darts, basketball, UFC, etc.). To bet, choose a sport like tennis, and you'll see available games at the centre of the display. The left side features the sports, while the right side has the bet slip.

Select an event and choose a market like the moneyline, spread, or total. The bet slip will be created on the right. You can make other selections if you want to place a parlay bet, which involves multiple outcomes on the same slip. You can also use a bet builder, which allows you to create robust multi-bets with higher odds. Confirm your selections, set the stake/bet, and submit your slip.


Is BetRivers legal in Canada?

Yes. BetRivers Sportsbook and Casino are legal in Canada. The operator was among those who received an Ontario license in 2022 and has since been active in Canada. With the iGO License, BetRivers can operate legally in Ontario.

Punters in other provinces can join BetRivers only if they’re physically present in Ontario, which is the only province with a legal framework to issue licenses to third-party casinos and sportsbooks.

Can I win real money from BetRivers?

Yes. BetRivers is a real money gambling website that accepts real money bets and pays out cash to winners. You can also claim real money bonuses. To win cash, you must first deposit or claim a free bet or no deposit bonus.

Next, choose a game to bet on, which can be sports markets or casino games like slots and table games. If you make correct predictions, BetRivers will issue a payout.

Is BetRivers a reliable brand?

Yes. BetRivers is a legitimate gambling platform with all the features you’ll find in top sportsbooks and casinos. The site is licensed and features top-notch security features. It's also legal in Canada and offers comprehensive sports coverage and casino games.

You can register for an account, claim bonuses, place bets, win, and withdraw cash to your preferred bank option. The site also offers exceptional customer support and works efficiently on mobile devices.

Which sports can I bet on using BetRivers?

BetRivers supports various sports, including baseball, tennis, soccer, darts, basketball, UFC, motorsport, boxing, table tennis, cricket, football, Formula 1, and eSports. You can also bet on athletics, boxing, cycling, cricket, handball, lacrosse, rugby, snooker, volleyball, water polo, pool, and more.

The sportsbook features popular leagues, so you can find events from the MLB, ATP/WTA, NFL, NBA, MLS, etc. You’ll find events from North America, Europe, Asia, and worldwide.

Is BetRivers safe?

Yes. BetRivers is a safe place to bet on real money sportsbook markets and casino games. The operator implements various safety mechanisms, including a valid gambling license and advanced SSL Certificates that encrypt all data packets shared with the sportsbook's servers.

Other safety features include the latest antivirus software to sweep for malware, trojans, and obsolete codes. BetRivers also has strict privacy policies that protect user data from unauthorized access and sharing.

How do I claim the BetRivers bonus?

To claim the BetRivers bonus, click the terms and conditions link next to the bonus. You'll find all the necessary information required to claim the deal. For the welcome bonus, go to the cashier section to deposit funds and use the promo code provided in the terms and conditions.

Make sure you deposit at least the minimum amount required. Each bonus has a unique claiming process and requirements expressed in the T&Cs.

Can I bet on BetRivers for free?

Yes. You can find opportunities to bet on BetRivers for free. Such opportunities don't come too often but are available. The site features information about free bets and no-deposit bonuses, which are your best choices for free betting experiences.

You can check the promo section or leverage promo codes for free bonuses. The operator also features slot games, which have free demo options. Note that demos don't offer real money payouts as they're for practice.