NFL: San Francisco 49ers favoured against the Philadelphia Eagles week 13 preview

NFL: San Francisco 49ers favoured against the Philadelphia Eagles week 13 preview

If the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers are not the best teams in the NFC, they are at least two of the best three or four teams in the conference without question right now. Each team has given us reasons to believe they might be the best team in the league during this regular season. The 49ers looked almost unbeatable at the start of the season, and the Eagles almost have a perfect record. These teams might meet again in the playoffs, but thankfully we will not have to wait. This game is crucial for both teams because the Eagles put themselves in a great position to claim home field advantage throughout the playoffs while the 49ers can keep themselves in the mix with a win.

Quick Take

  • San Francisco 49ers the betting favourites
  • The Eagles are 10-1
  • Over/Under 46.5 points

Game Details

The Philadelphia Eagles will play against the San Francisco 49ers on December 3 in Philadelphia. This is a week 13 game between two of the best teams in the NFC. The 49ers are the betting favourites heading into this game on NFL betting sites despite having two more losses than the Eagles. The 49ers have -160 odds  to win the game on Bodog and have an 8-3 record so far this year. The Eagles are the underdogs at the moment. They have +135 odds on Bodog.

The spread is three points. The 49ers at -3, and the Eagles at +3. The over/under total for the game is 46.5 points. These are two of the highest scoring teams in the NFL currently. The Eagles and 49ers are tied for third in points per game at 28.2 ppg.

The San Francisco 49ers

At times, the 49ers look like the most complete and best overall team in the NFL. They have one of the best rosters in the league, one of the five best offenses in the league, and are allowing the fewest points per game this season. To put it simply, it looks like quarterback Brock Purdy’s play is the ultimate deciding factor for the 49ers.

When Purdy does not have a terrible game, the 49ers win. When Purdy had an off game or struggled, the 49ers lost to the Cleveland Browns, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Purdy threw a combined five interceptions over those three games. The Eagles defense is middle of the pack in regards to points per game allowed, so Purdy will have a good shot to manage this game and avoid the interceptions. If Purdy has a bad game, the Eagles will probably win. Another concern is whether or not Purdy can handle the pressure if he is in a close ball game against one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

The rolling Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are about as good as it gets in the NFL right now. This year they defeated the Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, and Dallas Cowboys. Those are four of the best teams in the league. Quarterback Jalen Hurts is having an MVP season and looks like a top three to five player in the league. The Eagles being underdogs in this game is a bit surprising considering they are at home.

There are a few reasons to bet against the Eagles here. First, the Eagles have already beat almost all the other best teams in the league, so one would expect them to have a bad game against at least one of the top teams in the league, and the 49ers are that without a doubt. The Eagles could be a little beat up also because all of those games have come after week six. Another reason to bet against the Eagles here is because the 49ers are playing for home field advantage, and the Eagles have room to lose a game or two. This should be a close ball game, and it could go either way.