NFL: New York Jets vs Dallas Cowboys week 2 betting preview

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NFL: New York Jets vs Dallas Cowboys week 2 betting preview

The Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets were two of the biggest stories in week one. The Jets will not have quarterback Aaron Rodgers for the rest of the season because of a torn Achilles. Rodgers tore his Achilles during their first drive of the game. The Cowboys made headlines for their 40-0 victory over the New York Giants. 

Quick Take

  • Jets turn to Zach Wilson after Aaron Rodgers out for the season with torn Achilles
  • Dallas Cowboys the betting favourites
  • New York Jets +9 underdogs on the spread

Game details 

The Jets will play against the Cowboys on September 17 in Dallas. Both teams are 1-0 after the Jets defeated the Buffalo Bills 22-16 in overtime, and the Cowboys defeated the New York Giants 40-0. The Cowboys will head into the game as the betting favourites on NFL betting sites. They have -440 odds to win the game on Bodog. The Jets are the underdogs with +330 odds to win the game. Both teams are coming into this game with momentum and should feel good about their chances in this game.

The Cowboys are -9 favourites on the spread at the moment. Both teams have good defenses and would like to run the ball, so +9 for the Jets looks like a solid bet. One of the biggest concerns is whether or not the Jets offense will be able to score enough points. The Cowboys might be held to 20 points in this game, but can the Jets get to 12 points?

The Jets turn to Zach Wilson after Aaron Rodgers injury

After losing Rodgers to a torn Achilles in the first quarter, the Jets went on to defeat one of the preseason Super Bowl favourites in the Bills despite only 140 passing yards from quarterback Zach Wilson. The Jets defense played a great game, intercepting Josh Allen three times and forcing him to fumble late in the game.  The Bills team that averaged 28.4 points per game last season was held to 16 points.The Jets defense is off to an auspicious start, they look like they will be one of the top defenses in the league again this year. 

They allowed the fourth fewest ppg last season with 18.6 points allowed per game. With Rodgers out for the season, whether or not Wilson can manage the game and limit turnovers will be one of the biggest questions moving forward. The Jets added a few receivers and running back Dalvin Cook to the roster this year, so the offense is not the same as last season. Dak Prescott led the league in interceptions last season. The Jets will have a good chance in this game if their defense plays like they did last week because the Bills and Allen are one of the best offenses that the NFL has to offer.

Cowboys look like a contender after 40-0 week 1 win over Giants

The Cowboys are coming off a 40-0 victory over their divisional rivals the Giants. Was that game more about the Giants or Cowboys? It is a tough call because 40-0 games do not happen every week in the NFL. Last season the Cowboys scored three points against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on opening night. They finished the season averaging 27.5 points which was good for fourth in the league, so the first game of the season is not always a great indication of what a team will be throughout the season.

But one thing we can take away from that game is the Cowboys have a lot of playmakers on defense. Wilson should have a tough time against the Cowboys defense, but Prescott should have a tough time against the Jets defense also. The game should be low scoring and close based on everything we know about the teams. Penalties and turnovers will be a huge deciding factor.