NFL: Caleb Williams a Lock to Go #1 In the 2024 NFL Draft

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NFL: Caleb Williams a Lock to Go #1 In the 2024 NFL Draft

Now that the NFL Scouting Combine is over, the 2024 NFL Draft is around the corner and approaching fast. It begins on April 25 and ends on April 27. The draft usually has a couple of surprises. Some players are picked a lot higher than expected. And the falls are always memorable. But this year it looks like there will be no surprises at the very top of the draft.

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  • USC Quarterback Caleb Williams a lock to be the first pick in the draft
  • 2024 NFL Draft Betting
  • What position will the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills use their first picks on?

Caleb Williams heavily favoured to be the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft

A month out from the 2024 NFL Draft, USC quarterback Caleb Williams is a lock to be the first pick in the draft on NFL betting sites. There was a lot of speculation around whether or not the Chicago Bears would trade the first pick heading into the offseason. Regardless if the Bears trade the pick or not, the sportsbooks expect Williams to be the first player selected in this year’s draft. Williams is currently a huge betting favourite. Williams has -1200 odds to be the number one pick on Bodog.

Two quarterbacks are behind Williams, but they are heavy underdogs. LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels and North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye have the second and third best odds to be the first pick in the draft. Daniels is second at +500. Maye is third at +800. Williams is recognized as the best quarterback in this draft class and a potential franchise Qb. You will have a tough time finding a mock draft that does not have Williams at the number one spot. He threw for 3,633 yards to go along with 30 touchdowns and five interceptions in his last season at USC. 

Will the Bears keep the #1 pick?

One of the biggest topics being discussed during this NFL offseason is whether or not the Bears will keep the number one pick in the 2024 draft or trade it. If the Bears keep the pick, they will almost certainly use the pick to select Williams. There is no logical reason to use the pick on another player because the Bears should be able to get a lot of compensation, whether picks or players, if they trade the pick. If you believe you know what the Bears will do with the pick, you can bet on which team will draft Williams on Bodog.

Right now, the Bears are heavily favoured to land Williams. The Bears have -1200 odds to pick Williams. The Washington Commanders and New England Patriots have the second and third best odds. The Commanders are at +350. The Patriots are at +1700. A few other teams might be in the mix. The Minnesota Vikings lost quarterback Kirk Cousins in free agency to the Atlanta Falcons. The Las Vegas Raiders released quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on Wednesday. The Denver Broncos need a Qb now that Russell Wilson is headed to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Vikings have +5000 odds to draft Williams. The Raiders are at +2000. And the Broncos are at +2500.

Tons of betting markets available for the 2024 NFL Draft

Bodog and other sportsbooks are taking bets for everything related to the 2024 NFL Draft, not just the number one pick and Williams. Betting markets are available for the second, third, fourth, and fifth pick of the draft. You can also bet on where other players, like Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr., will end up on draft night. Harrison Jr. is favoured to be drafted by the Arizona Cardinals at the moment. The Cardinals have -235 odds to draft Harrison Jr. and the fourth pick in the draft. The Bears at +275 have the second best odds.

Fans of the Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills, and a few other teams in the league can bet on which position their team will draft first in the draft. From quarterback to kicker/punter/long snapper, every position can be bet on. The Lions are currently favoured to pick a cornerback with their first pick in the draft, the 29th pick right now. The Bills are currently favoured to pick a wide receiver with their first pick, pick number 28 in the first round at the moment. A trade might give one of these teams an earlier pick. Another interesting bet you can place is on which player will be drafted first for some positions. That betting market is available for quarterback, wide receiver, offensive line, non-Qb, and defence.