NFL: Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs betting details & preview

NFL: Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs betting details & preview

If the Buffalo Bills’ season is not already over. It will most likely be over with a loss this week. This week they head to Kansas City to play against the defending Super Bowl champions and Patrick Mahomes. Although the Chiefs are not in danger of missing the playoffs, they need this victory to help them pick up the number one seed in the conference. A loss here will put the Chiefs in a tough spot if they are hoping to claim the top seed in their conference, but a loss for the Bills could put an end to their playoff hopes.

Quick Take

  • Buffalo Bills’ season on the line
  • Kansas City Chiefs are the betting favourites
  • Over/Under 47.5 points

Game Details

The Buffalo Bills will play against the Kansas City Chiefs on December 10 in Kansas City. The Chiefs are favoured by a small margin on NFL betting sites. They are -140 betting favourites ahead of this game on Bet99. The Bills are the underdogs in this one. They have +120 odds to win the game. This is a week 14 game. The Chiefs have an 8-4 record. The Bills are 6-6. The spread for the game is 2.5 points. The Chiefs are at -2.5, the Bills +2.5.

The over/under betting market is currently at 47.5 points, -110 odds for over or under. The Bills are tied for the fifth highest scoring team in the league with the Detroit Lions. The Bills are averaging 27.3 points per game. The Chiefs are currently tied for 11th most ppg with the Los Angeles Chargers. They are averaging 22.9 ppg. You can also bet on whether or not the game will head to overtime, +1000 odds for yes and -2500 for no.

The Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are having a disappointing year. Entering the season, this team was one of the favourites to win the Super Bowl and the AFC. At one point in the offseason, the Bills had the second best odds to win the championship on Bet99. They have the 9th best odds right now at +3500, one spot ahead of the Houston Texans. With a 6-6 record, the Bills will be lucky if they make the playoffs considering their upcoming schedule. They lost four of their last six games and have to play the Chiefs this week, Dallas Cowboys right after, and then the Miami Dolphins to finish the regular season.

On paper, the Bills have everything they need to beat the Chiefs. This team has one of the best offences and quarterbacks in the league. The problem is the Bills consistently find ways to lose games. Whether because of penalties, like having too many men on the field against the Denver Broncos, or costly mistakes. The Bills almost always find a way to compete and keep themselves in the game, but have found themselves on the losing end too often. Betting on the Bills in this game is a risk because they have not been able to close games. And if this team has lost any faith in themselves or have conceded the season, this game might be a blowout.

The Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are again one of the top teams in the AFC and the league. They had a disappointing loss to the Green Bay Packers last week, losing 27-19 to the Packers. On paper, the Chiefs look like a struggling team because they lost three of their last fives games. There are not a lot of reasons to be concerned about that though because they could have easily won two of those games and the Broncos have turned around their season, so that loss does not look nearly as bad considering the Bills also lost to the Broncos.

This game should come down to whether or not the Bills can stop Patrick Mahomes. If the Bills can force Mahomes to turn the ball over a couple of times or sack him a few times, the Bills will have a great shot in this game and probably win. If they can not make Mahomes turn the ball over, the Chiefs should win this game. The Bills offence has not been close to perfect and often makes mistakes, regardless of their ranking. This is not a recipe for success against the Chiefs because Mahomes is probably the best quarterback in the league and his defence is allowing the third fewest points per game. To make matters worse, the Chiefs are still playing for the number one seed and will not take this game lightly. There are not a lot of reasons to bet against the Chiefs here.