NBA: Start betting on the Toronto Raptors’ Off-season Moves Now

NBA: Start betting on the Toronto Raptors’ Off-season Moves Now

You don’t have to wait until the season is over to start betting on the Raptors again.

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  • Toronto Raptors betting is back
  • Bet on the Raptors’ off-season moves and more
  • Can Scottie Barnes win MVP?

Toronto Raptors off-season betting available now

The Toronto Raptors made huge changes to their roster during the season, trading away some of their core players in Pascal Siakam and O.G. Anunoby to a couple of contenders and rivals in the east. The Raptors received forward Bruce Brown and draft picks in the Siakam trade and received RJ Barret and Emmanuel Quickley in the Anunoby trade, but ultimately the trade was a disaster for Raptors bettors who bet on the team before the season started. The Raptors finished the season with a 25-57 record and weren’t close to making the playoffs.

A few months later, Siakam and Anunoby are on teams that won a playoff series while the Raptors are at home getting ready for next season. But just like the team, Raptors bettors can start looking forward to next season now with a few Raptors off-season specials that are available on Bodog. Most NBA betting sites are only taking bets on the NBA playoffs right now, but Bodog has a few betting markets available for Raptors bettors right now.

Bet on a player to get signed by the Raptors this off-season

Masai Ujiri and the Raptors will probably need to make a couple of moves if they want to compete for a playoff spot and in the Eastern Conference next season. Do you believe that you know which direction Ujiri and the Raptors will go in free agency? Bodog is taking bets for the Raptors’ new signings as part of their NBA specials. You can bet on the Raptors to sign DeMar DeRozan, James Harden, LeBron James, Anunoby, Siakam, Paul George, or Tyrese Maxey.

Bodog is giving DeRozan, a former Raptor, the best odds to sign with the team this year. DeRozan has +500 odds to return. The two other former Raptors have the second and third best odds to sign with the team. Siakam has the second best odds at +1200. Anunoby is third at the moment with +1800 odds. James, George, and Harden are tied at +4500. For a bet to cash, the player must be signed before game one of the regular season. Maxey has +2500 odds to sign with the team.

Raptors on the move?

There has been a lot of speculation around whether or not the Raptors will trade newly acquired forward Bruce Brown anytime soon. Brown was a big contributor for the Denver Nuggets’ championship run last season, averaging 12 points, four rebounds, a little over one steal per game, and 26.6 minutes in the playoffs. Bodog is taking bets on which team Brown will play for when next season begins. The Raptors are decent favourites to keep Brown right now. The Raptors have -180 odds to start the season with Brown on the roster.

The New York Knicks have the second best odds. The Knicks are at +325. The Los Angeles Lakers are third at +750. The Philadelphia 76ers, Dallas Mavericks, and Oklahoma City Thunder are right behind at +850. Like Brown, you can also bet on which team Raptors guard Gary Trent Jr. will play for at the start of the next season. Trent Jr. had his worst scoring season with the Raptors since joining the team via trade in 2021, averaging 13.7 points per game. The Raptors are heavily favoured to start the season with Trent Jr. on the roster with -150 odds. The Lakers are the next closest team at +800. The San Antonio Spurs, Knicks, and Nets are tied for third at +850.

More Bodog specials

Center Jakob Poeltl is another Raptor who could potentially be on the move. The odds are +550 for Poeltl to be traded and -1000 for the Raptors to keep Poeltl on the roster. But there are also a few other specials available on Bodog that aren’t related to the Raptors’ off-season moves. A long shot, you can bet on Scottie Barnes or RJ Barrett to win league MVP for the 2024/2025 season at +10000. At +17500, bet on just Barrett to win the MVP. At +15000, bet on just Barnes to win the MVP.

Raptors bettors might want to stay away from this bet because Bodog will only allow bettors to place money on them to win the award and isn’t taking bets for the no side. Barnes and Barrett would need a miracle for one of them to win the MVP award next season. Looking for more? Where will Donovan Mitchell play? Where will Darius Garland play? Where will Brandon Ingram play? Where will former Raptor Jonas Valanciunas play?