NBA: Sportsbooks are offering NBA regular season promotionsmy

NBA: Sportsbooks are offering NBA regular season promotions

Sportsbooks are finally releasing promotions for the NBA regular season. The NBA is back, so right now is a great time to look for some useful promos. If you find the right one, you can get a lot more value out of your NBA bets with a good promo. And if none of them look appealing, you can wait until more promotions are released later on in the season. Sportsbooks often release new promotions throughout the season and before the playoffs start. Here are a list of some available for the 2023-2024 regular season.

Quick Take

  • NBA promotions are available
  • Sports interaction is offering to increase your winnings up to 100%
  • BetRivers has two promos available for the NBA

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is offering to increase your winnings by up to 100% when you bet on an NBA game on Thursday while this promo is available. This is the Big Day Pay Day: Basketball promo. This is how it works. Opt in and place a money line bet on an NBA team on a Thursday before the promo expires. To have your winnings increased, the team you bet on must win the game and score enough points. For your winnings to be increased by 25%, your team must score at least 120 points. For your winnings to be increased by 50%, your team must score at least 130 points. And for your winnings to be increased by 100%, your team must score at least 160 points.

Only money line bets will count towards the promo. If you bet on more than one game on Thursday, all will qualify as there is no limit per day. But the limit on how much your winnings can be increased is $500 per game. Live bets will not count, but a Thursday money line NBA bet in your parlay will. “If the parlay as a whole loses but the Thursday NBA team wins scoring 120 or more points the associated bonus amount will still be paid as if the bet wasn’t part of a parlay.” Cashed out bets will not count. Bonus winnings are given as a Sports Bonus and arrive within 72 hours. This promo is available until November 30.


BetRivers is giving bettors a 25% profit boost for NBA bets. This is the NBA Prop Central Bet & Get promo. To get the 25% profit boost, place a $25 or more parlay bet using NBA player props selected from prop central. For your parlay to qualify, the final odds must be at +100 or greater. If the bet meets the requirements, your profit boost will be loaded each Friday while the offer is active. Some of the player props available in the prop central are for points, assists, rebounds, blocks, steals, triple-doubles, and more.

This promo can be claimed twice per week, once on Tuesday and once on Thursday. The maximum amount of additional winnings you can receive from the profit boost is $250. The profit boost expires seven days after you receive it and can be used on an NBA bet with odds -200 or greater. This promotion is available until April 14.

Another BetRivers promo

BetRivers is offering to give bettors their money back up to $25 when their parlay with four or more legs loses by one bet. This is the NBA Parlay Insurance promo. To use this promo, place an NBA parlay bet with at least four legs. The odds for each leg of the parlay needs to be at -500 or greater, and the final odds for the parlay needs to be at least +100. If the bet loses by one leg, BetRivers will give you the money that was wagered in bonus bet tokens.

Parlays that lose by two legs will not qualify, and the parlay must still have three winning legs if one of the selections becomes void. For VIP members, you can receive up to $200 back. Accounts with loyalty level 7 can get up to $50, $100 for level 8, $150 for level 9, and $200 for level 10. Bonus bets should reach your account on Monday and expire seven days after that. “Only the first qualifying parlay will be eligible” for the promo. This promotion expires on April 14. If you are still unsure how any of these promotions work or need more information, check out the terms and conditions. You can also reach out to the sportsbook for help.