NBA: Playoff Betting Markets Available for a Limited Time

NBA: Playoff Betting Markets Available for a Limited Time

Lower seeded teams that go down 0-2 in a playoff series lose that series nine times out of ten. After every higher seeded team won the first game of their series over the weekend, the lower seeds are in serious danger of being sent home fast. But there is still a ton to bet on for the playoffs, regardless if the first round is full of short series.

Quick Take

  • NBA betting is here
  • First-round betting markets available for a limited time
  • Bet on a team to get swept

Home teams dominate the first games of the NBA playoffs

After Sunday’s playoff games, every team with home-court advantage is up 1-0 in their series, so a few of these series could be over sooner than later. The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Orlando Magic 97-83. The Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the Phoenix Suns 120-95. The New York Knicks defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 111-104. The Denver Nuggets defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 114-103. The Boston Celtics defeated the Miami Heat 114-94. The Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Dallas Mavericks 109-97. The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Indiana Pacers 109-94. The Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the New Orleans Pelicans 94-92.

Most NBA betting sites are taking bets for the winner of each series. You can also bet on each individual game throughout the playoffs. Right now, it looks like at least a couple of teams will lose their series in four or five games. Every team with home-court advantage won their first game, so it looks like a couple of the lower seeds will be sent home soon based on the first playoff games. According to ESPN, home teams that win the first two games of an NBA playoff series go on to win that series more than 90% of the time. And no team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit in NBA history. There will be less games to bet on if a few of these series end quickly, but there are also a few other betting markets available for the first round that look like they were made for a short series.

Bet on a team to get swept

Bet99 and a few of the other top sportsbooks are offering a lot of betting markets for the first round other than for the winner of each series. If you were impressed by the performance of the Nuggets in game one. You can bet on them to sweep the Lakers at +300. Bet99 is taking bets for when each series will end. The odds are at +300 for the Nuggets vs Lakers series to end in four games, the Nuggets are up 1-0. You can also bet on the series to go five games at +170, six games at +325, and seven games at +290. This betting market is available for almost every series.

There is another way to bet on a team to get swept also. Bet99 is taking bets for over/under total games in a series. The odds for the Lakers vs Nuggets series to go over 5.5 games are +110. The odds for the series to go under 5.5 games are -150. Game two of this series is on April 22. At -650, the Nuggets are heavily favoured to win this series. The Lakers have +450 odds to win the series.

Bet on the correct score after games 3 and 4. Or bet on the series leader after games 3 and 4

These are a few more betting markets that you can place bets on for a short series. Bet99 is taking bets on these markets for a few series. The Lakers vs Nuggets series is one of them. For Lakers vs Nuggets, the odds are +300 for the Nuggets to win the series 4-0 after four games. If you think the Lakers will turn things around fast, you can bet on the Lakers to be up 3-1 at +1400. You can also bet on a tie, 2-2-, at +220 or the Nuggets to be up 3-1 at +110.

The series leader after games three and four betting market is a lot more simple. Bettors only need to pick which team will lead the series after the selected amount of games, tie is also an option for four games. The Nuggets are -1000 betting favourites right now to lead the series after three games. The Lakers are +600 underdogs. The Nuggets are -225 favourites to lead after four games. The Lakers are +1400 underdogs. The odds are +220 for a tie.