LoL: Betting favourites for the 2023 League of Legends World Championship

LoL: Betting favourites for the 2023 League of Legends World Championship

Right now you can bet on the biggest League of Legends tournament of the year, the League of Legends World Championship. This is the last major League of Legends event of the year. Not every sportsbook has eSports betting options, but you can bet on this year’s World Championship with BetRivers. There are also a few more LoL betting sites that you can check out. Here are the latest betting details for the tournament.

Quick Take

  • JD Gaming are the betting favourites
  • Gen G has the best odds of any LCK team
  • SKT T1 has the 5th best odds to win the tournament

JDG the betting faovurites

The LPL’s JD Gaming are the betting favourites to win the 2023 League of Legends World Championship. They have +100 odds on BetRivers. JD Gaming has had a strong 2023 so far. They won this year’s Mid-Season Invitational tournament, defeating Bilibili Gaming in the finals 3-1. They also won the LPL’s Summer Split by defeating LNG 3-2. LNG gave JDG a run for their money and exposed, despite a 14-2 record during the Summer Split in the LPL, some of the flaws in JDG’s team.

In a couple of those games, LNG were able to make JDG look like a team that is more than capable of being defeated at Worlds. But JDG were victorious and picked up another trophy. With Jaehyeok “Ruler” Park, a roster of solid players, and proven success this year, there are a lot of reasons to back JDG.

Gen G

The LCK’s Gen G have the second best odds to win the tournament at +350. Gen G has been one of the top teams in the LCK and on the international stage for years now. This team won the LCK’s Summer Split by destroying SKT T1 3-0 in the final. This team will have a good shot at winning the championship this year. LCK teams are always competitive, especially the top LCK teams.

With stars like midlaner Jihun “Chovy” Jung and jungler Wangho “Peanut” Han on the roster, this team looks like it has the experience and talent to win this tournament. By defeating T1, they have shown they can compete with some of the best players in the world on the biggest stages. An LCK or LPL team almost always wins this tournament, so Gen G will have a great shot if they are at their best and with a little luck.


The LCK’s most famous team has the fifth best odds to win this year’s tournament. This roster is the same roster that lost in the 2022 World Championship final. As long as Faker is on the team, T1 always seems to have a shot at winning the World Championship. Last year this team proved that they can compete on the international stage and have success regardless of tournament expectations.

They did lose in the final, but not many players have near the amount of experience or accolades as Faker. The T1 bot lane is strong, and their top laner is no slouch. They might not be the favourites, but betting against T1 usually does not end well as long as they have Faker. This team should be tough to beat in a series.