Boxing: Jake Paul favoured to beat Nate Diaz after loss to Tommy Fury

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Boxing: Jake Paul favoured to beat Nate Diaz after loss to Tommy Fury

Jake Paul defeated a 47-year-old Anderson Silva, Ben Askren, and Tyron Woodley, and now has his sights set on another UFC star, Nate Diaz. On paper, Diaz should be a tougher fight than Askren, Silva or Woodley. Diaz is much younger, 38, than Silva was when he fought Paul, was a better striker than Woodley in the UFC, and there is almost no chance he will perform worse than Askren did against Paul. Paul is still heading into this fight as the betting favourite.

Quick Take

  • Jake Paul the betting favourite
  • Nate Diaz’s professional boxing debut
  • Paul’s fifth boxing match against a former UFC fighter

The Fight Details

Jake Paul will fight Nate Diaz in a boxing match on August 5 in Dallas, Texas. Jake Paul is the betting favourite on sports betting sites ahead of this fight. Paul has +350 odds to win the bout on 888Sport. Nate Diaz is the underdog. He has +350 odds to win the fight on 888Sport. This is Diaz’s first professional boxing match. The odds are at +1200 for the fight to end in a draw.

Jake “The Problem Child” Paul

Jake Paul is coming off a split decision loss to Tommy Fury in February. This is Paul’s fifth boxing match against a former UFC fighter. He defeated Ben Askren, Anderson Silva, and Tyron Woodley twice. His last victory was against former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. 

Paul has four wins by knockout. He knocked out former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in the sixth round. He defeated Woodley twice, the first time by split decision. Woodley was known for his wrestling in the UFC. Paul has made a quick leap from fighting a Youtuber and a former NBA player. He has shown power and the ability to box. Paul should win this fight if Diaz can not hurt Paul or knock him out.

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz is the underdog. He has +350 odds on 888sport. This fight will be his first professional boxing match. Diaz has a 22-13 record in MMA. Diaz is known for his striking and submissions in the UFC, this fight should be much different than Paul’s fights with Woodley because he is much more comfortable striking . Diaz is tough, but has not always been great at avoiding punches. Winning this fight will be tough for Diaz if his defense isn’t strong because Paul has proven that he has knockout power.

It is hard to predict how Diaz will perform in a boxing ring, but we know a few things. Diaz is a fighter who does not mind striking with the best, he is relentless and will not quit, and can take a punch. Diaz can win this fight if he keeps pressure on Paul throughout the fight and turns this boxing match into a fight.